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  1. Re: waassssuuuuuupppppppp and the gore bro's hope u have a good time on the forum
  2. oobee007


    This one is for LEE Australian Pizza company DOMINOS have recently released a PIZZA PIE, Pizza surronding a meat pie centre very delicious
  4. oobee007

    SM Poetry.

    My mate Lee There once was a boy called Lee Who hailed from Coventry He saw them loose So hopped on the booze And now he has to pee
  5. Youth cup??? Obvoy this would only happen in Custom setups but managers have the option at the begining of each season to enter a youth cup. Any thoughts???
  6. Re: fifa 07 Celebrations Risse and occasionally Aurelio ( only scored 3 scrochers) slide on their knees
  7. Re: For Leammy Steve. hey guys this is were were i was born just moved to other side of the railway 9 years ago, can work to were Grann Apples were created!!! GO THE WOODIES
  8. Re: SM Predict - Season 2 Week 17 Chelsea 2 v 2 Spurs Ipswich 3 v 1 Barnsley Arsenal 3 v 0 West Ham Linfield 2 v 0 Coleraine Milan 2 v 0 Empoli Mallorca 2 v 1 Getafe Clyde 1 v 0 Airdrie Utd RKC Waalwijk 0 v 3 Ajax
  9. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup
  10. RATINGS??? If this is about ratings it should have been in the rating section + provide some reasons should be moved soon enough
  11. Re: First Manager to ever win an SM honour I'd like to congratulate Dave on this great accomplishment BUT A LITTLE SLOW EHH DAVE???
  12. Re: boruc should be a 91!!! There is already 3 other threads http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=85147#post85147 http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=84817#post84817 http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=60674#post60674 that can be used to discuss Artur Boruc's rating! Please use the search button before posting!!!
  13. Re: SM Predict - Season 2 Week 15 Nationwide Conference - Exeter 1 Vs 2 York Scottish Division 3 - Elgin City 1 Vs 2 Arbroath Euro 2008 Qualifiers - Spain 2 Vs .0 Denmark Euro 2008 Qualifiers - Isreal 0 Vs 4 England Euro 2008 Qualifiers - Holland 3 Vs 0 Romania Sun 25th March League 1 - Brentford 2 Vs 1 Oldham League 2 - Darlington 2 Vs 1 Hartlepool United Scottish Division 1 - St Johnstone 1 Vs 2 Dundee
  14. Re: Make Matches In The Afternoon! I believe that the afternoon timeslot is the most easiest as when i get to school i could check the results quickly then go outside, this would alter the updating season time and yay all would be peachy down under
  15. Re: Updating Season (Better time frame?) I don't find it more convenient compared to 1-3 in the morning your time wouldn't that be alot easier???
  16. oobee007


    HEY Hey Kamil great to see you back around hear now we only need to find smudger and thelovebug
  17. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup Very contradicting story from the reports its a heart attack but he was vomiting before??? Maybe some poisoning of sorts but very tragic RIP BOB WOLMER
  18. I live in Australia and nomally use SM at 430 - 530 i the afternoon between school and sport/homework. This is 530 am onwards GMT, this unfourtunately, is when the season is updating and last for an hour or 2. My problem is that this is when most Australians and people in or area would be using SM surely a better time frame would be 2 am - 4 am GMT as all english area will be sleeping and all australians/ surronding area would be at work anythoughts
  19. Re: Matchday Icon Love your idea teb and Luke that is agreat idea and maybe you could have cars aswell ie 5th yellow or a red???
  20. Double Player the most likely is was that he was a double player and both Barcelona and yourself had him and he was, (unfourtunately) taken away from your side.
  21. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup Just an update on the Ireland Pakistan game: Ireland are 7-116 (KJ O'brien 7, DT Johnson 0) they need 12 runs of 60 balls with 3 wickets remaining go the irish!!! PS: I told my dad yesterday that i wouldn't be suprised if Bangladesh gave India a run for their money and they definately did more than that!
  22. Re: User titles (Junior/Senior etc) I like Byrne's idea but i can bring back the good old arguement of a new member of the forum see member x has 1220 posts and member y has 799, but unbeknowns to him member y has greater respect amongst fellow forumers.
  23. Re: SM Predict - Season 2 Week 14 Linfield 2 v 0 Lisburn Distillery Tottenham 2 v 0 watford Luton 1 v 1 Ipswich Rangers 3 v 1 Aberdeen Everton 1 v 3 Arsenal Falkirk 0 v 2 Celtic Glentoran 1 v 0 loughgall Southend 0 V 1 leeds[/b]
  24. FM 06 I recently recieved a copy of FM 06 and i am Liverpool. Being the fanatic i am i decided to create the real squad. HARD WORK! My current iunjury list includes Kewell, Gonzlez, Gerrard, Cisse, Morientes, Mellor, and others and this is without the likes of Kuyt, Bellamy, Agger and co
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