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  1. Well i have seen this on some other threads so whais in YOUR nickname??? Why did you choose it or why was it bestowed upon you??? I'll get us started: My nickname as you can see is oobee007, my dad has always called me oobee and that was already taken on hotmail so i just added 007. Pretty simple but their is boundto be some good ones out their!
  2. Re: 'Forum Fun' Happenings... It's Official Mascherano prefers HAMBURGERS over HAM In a massive signing for the German side, Argentinian starlet Javier Mascherano has agreed to a 3 - year contract worth a more than 3 million dollars. His move to AOL Arena sees left midfielder Piotr Trochowski and a reported 7 million dollars head the other way.
  3. Important Warning to all members of this setup Although it may appear that Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munchen, Liverpool, Manchester United and Milan are managed they are all under application and a Craig is away these managers can not accept/reject the transfers so they are in fact UNMANAGED so please withdraw any bid you have made towards Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Bayern Munchen, Liverpool, Manchester United and Milan aswell as Fiorentina and Osasuna!
  4. Re: The Premiership - Decreases I agree with you socratys, i stayed up till 1 at a riens house to watch this game onthe other side of the world and was ashamed at the way that Sissoko seemed to give up the ball meekly, loose passes strange headers, i was thinking that rafa would have taken him off and saved hime the embarassment, but to his credit he did improve slight in the 2nd half but still was disapointing!
  5. Re: Paul's New Football Quiz! - What was the previous record? 617 - Who had it? Vladir Peres - Playing against who Rogerio beat it?
  6. diving in general yesterday i refereed my first game and was amazed at the toughness oif refereeing a u/12s game, the pressure was right in and was not helped by the pressure of fans/parents to penalise tripping when the child had dived/tripped on the ball straight reds should be implemented against diving.
  7. Re: Archie Thompson I am a great fan of Australian football but honestly any Australian player that wants to be rated over 85, must be playing for a European club. Archie Thompson is no where near worthy of a 89 ranking let alone a 92 ranking, i mean lets be serious. Are you telling me that he is better than Peter Crouch, Jermaine Defoe etc and as good as Robinho, or Dirk Kuyt??? I doubt he is as good as Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and he has a rating of 87. BE RESONABLE!!!
  8. Re: A-league Thread
  9. Re: Playray Pool League 2007 Nav 5 - me 2, first two frames i have won yeah
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... The humm - Rose coloured glass (www.myspace.com/thehumm)
  11. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup I agree the way he bowled Pietersen and Collingwood was amazing definately better than Giles, but then again aren't we all???
  12. Advertisments good/bad I find the adverrtsiments very annoying especialy seeing that i am working with a slow computer, but then i think what SM would do without the advertisments, it would not be free to manage a normal team, and i wouldn't have met all the wonderful people on the forum.
  13. SM Predict - Season 2 Week 13 Sat 10th Stoke City v Southampton 0-1 NAC v Heracles 0-0 brescia v juventus 0-2 Sun 11th Celtic v Rangers 2-1 Chelsea v Tottenham 2-0 Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 1-2 bayern munich v Werder bremen 3-1 Estudiantes V Boca juniors 0-2
  14. Re: RATE A FORUM MEMBER Miles - 92 nice guy and balances quoting bobo, smand looking aftera snake wow
  15. Re: SM Predict - Season 2 Week 12 SATURDAY 3RD MARCH Liverpool 2 V 1 Manchester United Newcastle 2 V 1 Middlesbrough West Brom 0 V 0 Sunderland Monaco 2 V 0 Bordeaux Sevilla 1 V 1 Barcelona SUNDAY 4TH MARCH West Ham 0 V 3 Tottenham Udinese 2 V 0 Empoli espanyol 0 v 2 villareal
  16. Re: Little Suggestion... I think that it would be a great idea, and i am all for it.
  17. bummer hey guys been pretty busy these last few weeks and forgot to post my tips, but i would still love to be in the competition
  18. oobee007

    Cricket World Cup

    Re: Cricket World Cup Nav: B Lee is not the world's quickest bowler, Shaun Tait recently clocked 160, Kenya r more experienced in further stages than any other 'minnow team' Australia will win but not as easily as first thought, nz and sa will be their main challenges Paul: SL scored 400+ against the Netherlands on a rarther small ground!
  19. ok here's my list: whole of the NSW squad at a game at bankstown oval, my dad played there for ages with steve, mark and dean waugh, scott prestwidge(queensland), Wayne Holdsworth (93 ashes tour.) Brett Lee in the SCG carpark, got his sig left handed (right was broken.) Steve Price (Bulldogs player) at the easter show. See Micheal Clakre's manager/coach every fortnight at my training My uncle is the Australian Soccer Referees NSW branches secretary
  20. yeah growns ups that are as young as thirteen
  21. my game against cally was labelled a draw on the website i would like to request thhat both cally and orgy and named victors
  22. Lee just wondering will we ever see them??? please repsond
  23. both are hillarous and provide tips for kids 1) sleeping is good 2) make sure u choose ur friends
  24. welcome back craig hope the little one is giving you lots of sleepless night has been a bit boring without u hope u find some more time
  25. I would love to say that sydney has a chance of winning the ACL, but i just can't see it happening. Australia is very good as a country as most of their players play in England and Europe. Whereas countries such as Korea and Japan pull most of their national players out of their national competition from teams like Urawa Reds etc;
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