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  1. Re: Scum Fans.. Part 2 thats awful.I went football last season in wales and i wasin a riot and i woke up in the hotel with glass stuck in my head and our hotel room window smash
  2. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Plz l you make me a bolton sig with Elmander on one side badge in middle then davies on rite with a cool background,any willdo Thnx in advance
  3. Re: 10 future stars on European football sky Just made a Bid for HAZARD
  4. Re: Who Should Bolton Sign I dont thnks he going to be the replacement for anelka,I think he will be Dioufs becasue w cansurvive without Anelka but not Diouf Davo For England!!
  5. Re: David n Goliath Match Reports and Transfer Gossip Can I join?
  6. Re: Who Should Bolton Sign I think we should sign LA Galaxys Landon Donovan,because hes pure class
  7. Wo should Bolton sgn to Bolster the ranks?
  8. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff my Squad has SHOVKOVSKYI, Oleksandr - VILLAR, Justo - KAZIMIERCZAK, Przemyslk JAASKELAINEN - MIDENBRITT - GARDNER, Ricardo - SAMUEL, Jlloyd - BALLERI, David HUNT, nicky - MORRISON, Sean - FATY, Jacques - CID, Gerald MEITE, Abdoulaye - ANDERSON PICO, - RICHARDSON, Kieran JAMIESON, Scott BECKHAM, David AUGUSTO FERNANDEZ, Matías IRELAND, Stephen - SINCLAIR, James - PARDO, Pavel - MAKELELE, Leandro - SUNNY, Stephen Sunday - IVAN CAMPO, Ramos - RINI, Marco Martina - CLARKE, Shane NOLAN, Kevin - O'BRIEN, - PATAFTA, Kaz - SOSA, José ADU, Freddy - WAGSTAFF, Scott GIULY, Ludovic WILHELMSSON, Christian - TORRI, Omar - JOYCE, Ben - KLEIN-DAVIES, Josh - MOLINS, Guillermo - SOSA, Victor Ismael - ADRIANO, Leite - SMITH, Johann ANELKA, Nicolas DIOUF, El Hadji - SUNU, Gilles BOLI, Yannick
  9. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff how do you make quick money cos i got loads on my shortlist
  10. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff thanx it shud help...............................i hope
  11. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff I have a lot of players on my shortlist but i cant afford them any1 got a trick to make cash or summit
  12. Re: Danish SAS-Liga ratings and talents do you have any players from 100k to 1million quid that are good:confused:
  13. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff I told him i didnt like it so he didnt ban it as well as the fact he used to be a gold member lol
  14. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff my mum banned me from the tv and my dad bloked futy websites cos they claimed i was 'addicted'wot a freak lol
  15. Re: Hiring Scouts and Staff No I want a Full time scout or coach
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