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  1. Re: DOMÍNGUEZ, Julio César or SANTACROCE, Fabiano thank you for the advice
  2. Re: Adebayor For Mutu Adebayor will only get better and Mutu in the future will only go down it will be unlinkey he will go higher than 94 where as Adebayor could. http://http://www.soccermanager.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=31638
  3. Re: Future peruvian superstar?? Will his rating change in the peruvian rating or in dutch rating becuase he has signed a contract for PSV.
  4. They both play for the under 17 national spanish team. Keko plays for Club Atlético de Madrid and Canales plays for Real Racing Club de Santander but they havent made there debut for there clubs. But these in my opinion are the key players for there u -17 national team and they are ones for the future. I couldn't find much information about them so you find some please post it here.
  5. Name: Marcos Caicedo Club: Emelec Age: 16 Position: LM Rating: 74 SM Value: 390k This guy has jus been added to the database. He looks like a decent player. Here's a little bit about; Marco Caicedo (born November 10, 1991) is an Ecuadorian footballer who plays as a Midfielder for Emelec in the Ecuadorian Football League. He comes from Emelec´s youth system. He's played 4 games for Emelec. Can you help me out by telling me anything more about him.
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