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    Lana. got a reaction from Liam Mitchell in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I'd go for Dollarumma $$$
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    Lana. reacted to Der Chefscout in Worldwide Risers   
    Ibrahima KONATÉ 18  RB Leipzig added

    move from   Sochaux to Leipzig this Summer
    Victor JENSEN 17 Ajax Amsterdam added
    move this summer for 3,5 mio € from  Kopenhagen  to Ajax
    both for 520 k Good investment for the future
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    Lana. reacted to 1000dB in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    ... and did you:
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    Lana. reacted to Ignazio Barraco in Worldwide Risers   
    Serie B?mmmmm not now..35y 85
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    Lana. reacted to Rahul W in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Gimenez stay
    Azpi 93
    Fabinho 91
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    Lana. reacted to BrutBrutBrut in Worldwide Risers   
    ...say's the guy who is fantasising about kissing DYBALA.
    I am a facts fanboy. You know, reality...
    2016/17 season:
    AUB 36 goals, 3 assists...rise
    LACAZETTE 33 goals, 3 assists...rise
    BENZEMA, 15 goals, 4 assists...no rise, fall if anything
     It really isn't that difficult. Now go to sleep little boy.
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    Lana. reacted to d5v1L in Worldwide Risers   
    Anthony Modeste - 27 goals 2 assists..he should be 94 according to you lol
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    Lana. reacted to BrutBrutBrut in Worldwide Risers   
    Really? Well according to Soccerwiki/Soccermanager they play the same...AM and FC. Soccerwiki labels AUB a 'general forward' (not a striker) and DYBALA a 'deep lying forward'...so there is really very little difference.
    Even if I were to accept your distinction between the two (which I don't)...AUB has 3 assists in all competitions...while DYBALA has 6.
    ...so for all his 'playmaker' skill and ability...DYBALA has only contributed 3 more assists than AUB.
    ...hardly worthy of a 95 rating.
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    Lana. reacted to Rahul W in Bundesliga Ratings Discussion   
    Seemingly. This season-
    Keita- +3
    Forsberg- +5
    Werner- +4
    Dembele- +5 (also +14 in 15 months which is mad)
    Brandt- +3
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    Lana. reacted to darkblade in Bundesliga Ratings Discussion   
    I saw Vasilije JANJICIC play against Mainz last weekend and I liked him, he certainly deserves a chance.
    I'd buy.
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    Lana. reacted to Rahul W in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    A bit confused by your wording, but
    Gaspar (the duo for depth though)
    Don't see Casemiro going past 92. Fabinho will get 91 + Inaki who has loads of potential and linked with big moves. No brainer in my eyes.
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    Lana. reacted to Patrick.FCB in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Lindelof/Inaki and Gaspar.
    Between Lindelof and Inaki i'd go for Lindelof, he is more likely to move to a bigger club.
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    Lana. reacted to Rahul W in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Diaz is a great talent but I'd go for Lemos and Grimaldo.
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    Lana. reacted to Marek in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Other two though decisions:

    Coleman + Max Meyer or Cancelo

    Calhanoglu or Naby Keita
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    Lana. reacted to Drafo in Poll: Do you want your national forum back?   
    Since the forum sorted by nationality were closed, the community started struggling. The core of SM2016 is the community itself, but i saw that many players started to feel disoriented and confused once the developers deleted our forums then decided to don't give them back to us. Several GW are failed because of that, tons of posts have been lost, and lotta communities have not their "place to stay" anymore.
    The matter is easy: the higher percentage of SM16 players don't play this game because of the solo mode, or because SM16 has the best game engine among the soccer management games availables online, they play SM16 because its system is very, very, very amusing and competitive: real "up&downs" of real players is a brilliant idea, and this is exactly what made this game popoular.
    SM16 is for everyone, but only true football lovers really succeed the hardest challenges: you start tracking players aged 18 (even below) worldwide, from Kazakistan to China, from Brazil to Australia, you breath it, you live it. SM16 can make you feel like a real talent scout (how many times did you surprise yourself watching the results of a transfert window and thinking "Meh, i could do it way better"?). This is the biggest part of this game.
    But without discussions, without an instrument of daily comparisons as the national forums were, a huge part of this simply gets lost. You just write 30-40 words on the in-game board from time to time, and that's all. Yeah the main SM forum is still up, but you know it's incomparable with the precedent system, and everyone i asked about this agreed.
    I don't know why developers decided to ignore this basic issue, but since they turned a deaf ear about it, i decided to question the entire community: is it just the italian community who's drowning without the vital support of national forums, or you feel us and you agree with us too?
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    Lana. got a reaction from j.walker in A.F.O. League   
    Bel mondo, complimenti!
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    Lana. reacted to pedrooliveira in The risers' thread   
    Well, since I can't find SuperNAG's thread, here this goes!
    I have a treat for all you lovely moochers out there. 
    Guedes had a +3, which was measly.
    Should have been a +4 or even a +5.
    Neves has almost 400 minutes less than Guedes and he rose from 83 to 86 (should have been a +1, as he got the rise when he had less than 600 minutes of game time).
    Here are some risers, that I hope SW doesn't overlook (all deserve at least a +4):
    Douglas Dyanfres (on loan at Sanfrecce Hiroshima) - 78 -> 83
    Fabinho Aguiar (Yokohama F Marinos) - 78 -> 83
    Carlos Eduardo (Kashiwa Reysol) - 78 -> 83
    Chao Li (S. Ever Bright) - 75 -> 80
    Zhang Xiaobin (Jiangsu Santy) - 70 -> 76/77
    Marcelo Toscano (América MG) - 78 -> 83
    Fernando Zampedri (JU Gualeguaychú) - 76 -> 82/83
    Amadou Diawara (Bologna) - 78 -> 83
    Jaume Domenech (Valencia) - 80 -> 84/85
    Eloge Yao (on loan at Crotone) - 75 -> 80
    Dominic Solanke (on loan at Vitesse) - 76 -> 80/82
    Andreas Christensen (on loan at B. Monchengladbach) - 78 -> 84/85
    Carlos Salcedo (Guadalajara) - 78 -> 82/83
    Nélson Monte (Rio Ave) - 78 -> 82
    Cheick Keita (Virtus Entella) - 70 -> 75
    M. Dahoud (B. Monchengladbach) - 78 -> 83/84
    Pau López (Espanyol) - 80 -> 84
    Robin Yalçin (Caykur Rizespor) - 78 -> 82
    Then there's obviously Donnarumma, but predicting his rise would be a gamble, as idk how much more he's gonna play.
    Also on track to big rises are Koselev (Sheriff), Rashica (Vitesse), Tete (Ajax), Ferrari (Bologna), Vukcevic (Braga), Glesion, on loan at Porto B, João Graça of Porto B and Selikhov (Amkar).
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    Lana. reacted to Nigel_B in The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread   
    Good attacking player, but still very average technicaly for me. A good player that will not evolve a lot, will maybe reach 88 at the end of this season if he keeps going and get called for Cameroun national squad
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    Lana. reacted to richieffff in SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players   
    Fist attempt at this. If anyone disagrees with my opinions feel free to post away.

    Begovic: Deserves a +1 to 90, been pretty much the only reason Chelsea's games haven't been more embarrassing.
    Fahrmann: Again a +1 to 89, had an outstanding game recently against Stuttgart, has been incredibly solid for Schalke
    Keylor Navas: Should be a 90 at least, great keeper, playing very well for Madrid at the moment.

    Junior Caicara: +1 or 2, absolute engine of a full back, getting good time in Schalke at RB.
    Davide Calabria: Only just got a +2 so one for the future if he contines to get time for AC Milan, should be an 80 soon enough.

    Jefferson Montero: +1 to 88 (maybe) has had some great performances at Swansea so far, not very consistent though.
    Albin Ekdal: +1 to 88, was one of the only performers in a poor Cagliari side which found themselfs relegated last season, move to Hamburger SV and has been a regular in the squad performing well.
    Riyad Mahrez: Explosive start to the season from Mahrez deserves a +1/2 if he keeps up his form, although Ranieri wasn't afraid to bench him in a change of tactics.
    Ryan Jack: Captain of Aberdeen at just 23 years old, should be higher than 82 IMO

    Danny Ings: +1 been the only consistent performer (and Clyne) in Liverpools side since he forced his way into the starting line up. Looks ideal for Klopps pressing game with his high energy game.
    Efthymis Koulouris: Small rise on the back of last season, found him self a regular in PAOK but with little end product, not playing so far this season so maybe stays the same.
    Will make another post in the future when I get a chance, unless I'm totally off with my changes
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    Lana. reacted to Longnose in Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs)   


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    Lana. reacted to Jamichael_90 in Serie A Rating Predictions   
    He's in a "italian stars of tomorrow" list that i was reading the other day.
    "Since the sale of Thiago Silva' date=' the [i']Diavolo [/i]have lacked a real centre back and although it could be a couple of years until De Santis enters the fray, Milan look to have a real gem on their hands [..]"
    They're both good players, I personally rate Vanja higher, but they're both good talents that will keep on rising.Keep them both definitely.
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    Lana. reacted to JAMO-LUFC-15 in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    Godin best defender or Azpilcueta, good for future
    secret machines: James just for me has a bit more potential
    And I'd keepe Azpilcueta don't feel any of the others will rise just let having. I'd would of said Otamendi but he's a different position and having seen his start at City
    Jlammy: Muller, Lewandowksi, Hazard, Di Maria IMO
    MaxPayne: Di Maria probably the better buy in my view
    Andrez_rocks: Joe Hart for now and the future a better buy
    Duncan: Calhanaglou and Vertonghen, so much ability for Calhanoglu
    Lana: Monreal, he has started the season very well and looks solid and could rise in future
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    Lana. reacted to Andrew-MUFC in Help With Deal(s) Thread...   
    I think Monreal is a good choice for short term and he's a stable 90 IMO.
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    Lana. reacted to Rahul W in The New Players Thread   
    there is a 19-year old keeper from Guingamp on the game rated 18. Wow, just wow.
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