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  1. ive recently been on a mission to buy liverpool players(being a fan), so i recently got alonso and masch, but cant seem to fit them as results are not going my way.....any ideas?? much appreciated.thanks Reina 93 Van Der Sar 94 Right Back Sagna 92 Arbeloa 91 Centre Backs Carragher 94 Ujflasui 92 IGNASHEVICH 91 Agger 89 Hyypia Distin 89 Left Backs Lahm 93 Aurelio 91 Marcelo 90 Defensive Mids Alonso 94 Mascherano 94 Centre Mids Keita 92 Ballack 93 Muntari 91 Anderson 91 Sissoko 90 Emana 90 Left Mids Reira 91 Wingers Simao 93 Cazorla 92 Forwards Ibhrahamovic 96 Henry 95 Del Piero 94 Kuyt 92 I then have the likes of ederson,lucas levia,de ceglie,gomis,glen johnson out on loan. thanks a million paul
  2. Re: Deal for carragher nice one for the tips the thing is im trying to get liverpool at my marseille team as a kinda challenge for myself..... i started a the challenge about 3 months ago, and form zero players, i now have Reina Arbeloa Darby Agger Hyypia Aurelio Insua Dossena Alonso Plessis Lucas Kuyt Reira El Zhar The manager who owns skrtel is the worst manager for doing business with,the kind that ya make a bid,and he comes back asking for like my two best players nd 99 million I need carragher,masch,gerrard,torres,babel and then im kinda finished....until the summer;)
  3. Re: Deal for carragher maybe,but it was only worth like 20 million to this chairman, less than 20 to mine, and carragher is worth like 14 to me
  4. hey lads been working on a deal for carragher over the past few days, as the person who had carragher wanted my third choice keeper,frey & robbie keane. Both these players are not starters of mine,as i have reina and van der sar for the nets, and Henry, del peiro and ibrahamovic up front,along with kuyt. SO eventually the me and the manager came to an agreement for a swap for carragher, but when i logged on today it says the deal has not gone tru as my chairman is not happy swappin these players? ps my cb position is my weakest,with with two best being rated 92 and 91 ive not as if im new or anything, Ive a rep of over 100..... any ideas?]# thanks
  5. Re: What AM should i go for? dont forget KRANJCAR is out injured for a long time now so he'll drop before he rises again
  6. Re: Deal blocked? no it cancels straight away
  7. Re: Deal blocked? i did throw in an 84 but still nothing
  8. hey folks ok havin a serious beef with smfa today,after about 3 weeks of non stop managers changing at arsenal in my setup,ive finally got the deal i want,flamini for barry(i have barry). the manager prefers barry as a player,we've eben sending a few private messages etc,and i offered him barry,now we had it done that he bid for barry with flamini as i didnt have the cash to bid for flamini with barry(different chairman prices etc) and when we finally get it done, smfa are blockin the deal before it even gets off the ground? whats this about can anyone explain thanks
  9. Re: Honorato EDERSON ??? i play him cm sometimes when a starter is injured and he's never had a good game for me for some reason.
  10. Re: Moutinho or Veloso? Ujfalusi is getting a raise???
  11. Re: Moutinho or Veloso? so ya think thats a good deal???
  12. Re: Moutinho or Veloso? in the process of buying sagna to account for the position change he might get,am i being silly?/ 2 million,falcao,and moises
  13. Re: Momo Sissoko hey lads,sorry i never saw the responses to this thread thanks a million. it was me buying him,got him in the end,love him,now have ballack,montinho,hargeaves(bought him),sissoko, for cm,,trying to flog moises and bellushi now,what ya's think
  14. Re: Rio Ferdinand in my opinion no,atleast 15 million and nasri
  15. Re: Philip Degan mate darby played more for liverpool in the pre season as degan got himself injured,but until then,had played every one bar one if im not mistaken,i think degan will get a good bit of a look in this year,so ive purchased him,and plus there was those rumours floating about too that arbeloa wants to go back to spain,nothing has materlised as of yet,only denials but you never know.
  16. Re: Arda or Cazorla nice one mate, picking barnetta up in another setup as i need him,in that setup i was gonna buy Barnetta and save for alexis sanchez,but in the main set up,when i sell arda ill have just under 50 million,and about 10 of that is going on a deal with anelka,to help bring in keane,hopefully
  17. Re: Arda or Cazorla just accepted a 28 million bid for arda,so now i need to replace him,i felt the offer was too good to refuse, as i bought him when he was 89. i currently have FARFAN 92 ALEXIS SANCHEZ 87 VALBUENA 89 LETO 86 so as u can tell im kinda weak,what do people recommend,im thinking babel i play 442 with two wingers,and i play down the right,down FARFANS wing
  18. Re: Sebastian LETO yea i agree,i had him as being a pool fan i expected abit of him,but then sold him as he wasnt playin,and i needed to free up thr cash,but after buying him back as i expect him to do well now
  19. Re: Honorato EDERSON ??? good buy for AM,winger i aint sure about,he joined lyon as a replacement for juninho
  20. Re: How do i beat a 4-3-3 thanks a mil for your help so far lads,any other ideas folks?
  21. hey,playin a mate of mine in the league this weekend,and need to get full points,he plays 433 with on player sitting behind the two stikers http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=508378&clubid=3326097&sid=855 theres my team,any tips?? thanks
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... just got a ten million bid for Nestor Vidrio,what do people think?cant help but feel id be so stupid to refuse it
  23. Re: Croatian raitings by BadBlueBoys hahaha i might just do that;)
  24. Re: Nicolas Anelka nice one lads,still very undecided what to do tho
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