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  1. Could someone advise which one of the following to buy: ▪Declan Rice ▪Ruben Neves ▪Nicolo Barella
  2. Could someone advise which one of the following to buy: ▪Declan Rice ▪Ruben Neves ▪Nicolo Barella
  3. Keep him, he's doing reasonably well and playing for a good club. Bear in mind this is his 1st season playing for OL, he'll get better.
  4. Paco Alcácer or André Silva ? Both scoring loads of goals and their respective teams are top of their leagues. I need to buy one of them and I'm finding it difficult to choose. Would be grateful for some insight.
  5. Can anyone advise sell or keep Mahmoud Dahood?
  6. Which RB, should i buy Henrichs or Semedo? Both available but need to move fast.
  7. Is Ozyakup (Besiktas) worth keeping? I believe they have won the Turkish league but SM have carried out the rating changes for Super Lig, so it's unlikely he'll go up to 90 anytime soon. Should i sell him?
  8. Is Willy Boly of Braga going to get a rise in the upcoming review? If so how much? Thanks in advance to any responses.
  9. Has Jeremy Menez got a chance of reaching 91?
  10. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Which part of that did you construe as him "hating on Messi" ?
  11. Re: Long term prospect Any opinions are welcome. Please help.
  12. I can buy either: BAPTISTÃO, Léo or CAMPBELL, Joel and was hoping some of you forumers could share your opinions on which player is the better buy. at the moment Baptistao is playing well in Spain but i'm not sure he'll be a regular for Atletico next season, i believe he'll end up either on loan again or at a mid-table club. As for Campbell, he's not getting any game time at Arsenal and may leave in January. I would really appreciate your views.
  13. CASEMIRO, Carlos or CAN, Emre ? Which one is the better prospect?
  14. From my experience when 2 teams were competing to buy a player from an external club it seemed to me that the team that offered player(s) plus cash as opposed to just cash was more likely to buy the player. Has this changed? I have noticed recently that teams offering just cash have been outbidding those offering cash + players. Of course I realize that a lot depends on the chairman’s value of the player being bought etc, but what if an external player was valued at the same price by both clubs, then what offer would be more likely to capture the player? Cash + player or just cash? Anyone know?
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