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  1. Re: One Month After the Argentine Review: the Keep/Sell Thread I have Alejandro Gomez for a while now should i still keep hold of him or should is sell him? Please i really need your help.
  2. Re: What Should I do ? Please Help?
  3. I have Aislan Paulo Lotici Back and apparently he is now a free agent. There was all this hype about him coming to europe. www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/.../liverpool-fc-may-move-for-brazilian-defender-aislan-100252-21898877/ What has happened and should i get rid of him?
  4. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Will Fernandes Lenny be looking for a rise in the next rating changes ?
  5. Re: Help With my Sao Paulo Team Thanks for the tactics, now lets see if they work !
  6. Re: Help With my Sao Paulo Team I have Naughton + Rafael + Henrique + Sakho + Marcano + Otamendi + Zuculini.
  7. Re: Help With my Sao Paulo Team Gerrard is now up to 80% fitness rating.
  8. Re: Want to know the Players whose Birthday is on the same as yours? My Birthday is on the 24/10. So the only ones I know are; Wayne Rooney Anthony Vanden Borre John Ruddy Are there any more ?
  9. Re: Pedro Botelho- Arsenal's Young Left-Back He is a good player but he has behavioural issues after a row with the Salmanca coach. So this is his last chance and if it does not work out , Arsenal will offload him.
  10. My Sao Paulo team started well and were top after 10 games but have gone downhill from then and now i'm in 7th and haven't won for 7 games. Please Help. 4-3-3 Friedel Panucci Ferdinand Pepe Ujfalusi Seedorf Yaya Giggs Aguero Forlan Amauri Subs; Barry Lavezzi Young Godin Park Injured: Gerrard (1 day) Inler ( 1 week) (Only main players shown)
  11. Re: USA's Talents and Risers What do you think of Abdus IBRAHIM ?
  12. Re: Ahmed Ali He was added today at 76. *however his age is wrong it is 21. Next rating change i think he can rise +1/2 but if he starts to play consistently next season he will get a rise to 80/81.
  13. Re: Ahmed Ali Does anyone have anything to say ?
  14. Ahmed Ali (sometimes spelt Ahmed Aly) is a 21 year old Egyptian right back/ right winger who plays his football for Al Ahly. He started his career with El Mansourah at the age of 17. El Mansourah play in the Second division , this is where he scored alot of his goals. (figures can't be found). In 2008 this led to him being bought by Al Ahly. This is mainly due to his blistering pace and his good control of the ball. He played a important role in Al Ahly Wembley Cup visit where he assisted the teams only goal. He also beat Abidal for pace and skill many times. I think that he will have a more important role for Al Ahly this season. (Currently not on DB) Figures 2003-2008 El Mansourah ? (?) 2008- ? Al Ahly 8 (0) (Figures from Wikipedia, so may not be accurate)
  15. Re: Players to keep hold of!! Nordtveit is on loan from Arsenal , where he was reserve captain before loan move. This season he is considering a loan move to Nurenburg, which will hopefully make him rise even more.
  16. Re: Help with my Sao Paulo team Would swapping Annan for Otamendi be a good deal ?
  17. Re: Help with my Sao Paulo team Thanks I have put Sidnei on the transfer list and have already had a few offers.
  18. Re: Help with my Sao Paulo team I also have these players that are out on loan. HENRIQUE, Buss SIDNEI, Rechel COLLISON, Jack GÓMEZ, Alejandro FEGHOULI, Sofiane EL HAMDAOUI, Mounir KEIRRISON, Carneiro
  19. My team is starting to get too big and I have gathered so many good young players but I do not know who to get rid of. Please can you help ? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=583574&clubid=5408167&sid=2688 *Sorry about the amount of players that I have *
  20. Re: Sergio TEJERA, Fabregas v2.0 He sounds like a great talent. Would you rate him higher than Merida ?
  21. Re: Giuseppe Sole I still believe this player has some talent but has not been nutured properly, however he will get his chance next season as the main Card's player as they try to get straight out of the Blue Square South. This just shows how good he is.
  22. Re: Good deal or not ? Cheers, I'll do it.
  23. I have been offered Gerrard + Sulejmani for David Villa (My other main strikers are Aguero, Forlan, Kanoute, Amauri, Lavezzi , Deko and Berg) Gerrard will always stay 97 or he may rise to 98 Sulejmani will rise in the future, (even though he didn't have the best of seasons this year) What do you think?
  24. Re: Help with my Manchester United Team Would Pepe be a good buy for this squad ?
  25. I Have just inherited Manchester United ( I was Charlton). This is my team; VAN DER SAR, Edwin REINA, José FOSTER, Ben EVRA, Patrice RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva VIDIC, Nemanja FERDINAND, Rio NESTA, Alessandro GONZALO, Rodríguez TORREJÓN, Marc GIGGS, Ryan SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian POSSEBON, Rodrigo XAVI, Hernández CAMBIASSO, Esteban SCHOLES, Paul FLAMINI, Mathieu MAKOUN, Jean ANDERSON, Luis KAKA, Ricardo DAVID SILVA, Josué RONALDO, Cristiano NANI, Luís ROONEY, Wayne AGUERO, Sergio GOMEZ, Mario I have transfer listed Torrejon, Nani, Gonzalo and Foster. I also have Pique out on loan i Think i need two full backs , a winger and a striker. Please can you help me ?
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