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  1. Is there another goalkeeper that is currently 87 or below who woud be as good as these 2 in the future? Spending 10 or 12 million on one of these 2 is more than i have.
  2. Can anyone suggest a Gk apart from Butland (who is taken in my GW) that may rise 1 or 2. Id like to buy a GK rated from 84-87 but is on the rise. Apart from Butland and Schemichel I am struggling to think of GKs who may rise. Navas at Real maybe, but he is a bit expensive for me.
  3. I have a nomination for worst team ever. In a setup which is about to close because i am theonly manager left.... there is a team at the bottom with 0 points after 31 games. thats 0 wins, 0 draws 31 defeats, 11 goals scored and more than a 100 conceded.
  4. Anyone know if the Big European leagues will be reviewed soon? I have heard a rumour, but i have no real evidence.
  5. I thought winning all 46 games made it the greatest ever. I think i won 36 in a 38 game season once.
  6. Where did you hear this? And do they actually rate leagues to schedules anymore? Or is it completely random based on the amount of votes on SW?
  7. Please Please Please Soccerwiki allow new SW users to add stuff to the database!!!! We all know SW is flawed beyond belief. Partly because there arent enough users contributing, so why would you restrain your users still further by not allowing them to add or edit information. Currently a user on level 1 may only add referree information, and can only add 1 at a time, until it get approved. SW you are a waste of space until you can get the fundamentals right.
  8. <<You have not yet made any contributions to Soccer Wiki>> Thats because you wont let me !!!!!!!!!!!!! The soccerwiki FAW at the bottom of the page, says you can make changes to anything as soon as you have an account. What A BIG fat lie this is !
  9. Can anyone tell me how exactly you raise your SW level? As has been suggested you create an account, but no matter how many votes i submit i always stay on 0% on level 1
  10. Please can someone answer a question relating to soccerwiki. How do you raise your level on your soccerwiki account. I have not found an answer to this online with google searches, infact other people ask the same question on soccerwikis facebook page, to which soccerwiki dont bother to answer it. A lot of the soccerwiki changes can only be suggested if you have level 3. Yet I cannot get off level1. There is a very short FAQ at the foot of the soccerwiki page, but no where does it tell you how to raise your reputation level. So.... How do you get the progress bar to move off 0% if it wont let you submit anything?
  11. Which would be fine... if the SW rating system actually modified the lower rated players. Everyone knows... only players for champions league clubs ever seem to change with any frequency. I MUCH prefer the old ratings system, where the SM admins, actually reviewed the german 2nd division, the J-League, etc etc.
  12. Im not actually sure if this is built into the current game engine or not. I am guessing it isnt. But wouldnt it be good, if Your selected penalty taker had a better chance of success from all penalties if he had "taking penalties" as a green attribute in Soccerwiki? Or you were more likely to score from corners, if you selected someone like Xabi Alonso to be your corner taker. (he has 'corners' listed as a green attribute in his SW profile) Or even will your team perform better if you select a Captain, who actually captains his side in real life. (and thus will probably be reflected on the SW profile page for that player)
  13. Why are player valuations now so much more than before. Really cant afford to buy anyone who is any good
  14. Re: The Best Talent of 10k The bold two have already risen +8 and +10 respectively
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