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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Gonna need a new trophy cabinet!
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Re: Barcelona vs Manchester United Predictions United on penalties
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Oh, Berba is a great player, I think we'll see more from him next season, but he's more 'Teddy Sheringham' than 'Andy Cole', with regard to his prolificness in front of goal. We'll keep Tevez, though I'm sure it'll drag out as we seem determined not to be strong-armed into paying an astronomical transfer fee. As for Wayne, I dunno, I'm beginning to appreciate him playing in a midfield role.
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Unfortunately not, mate. We'll be okay for a point today, I'm sure. And I don't see it being Tevez's last season with us. From his point of view, a move is a backward step away from players he wants to share a pitch with. And, from our perspective, we can't really afford to let him go as Berba isn't a huge goal threat and Wayne is becoming evermore a midfield player. They'll sort a deal.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Alright, fellas, have I missed much? Loblaw still holding fort? Neller still the voice of reason? Melb still bitter as hell?
  7. Re: England vs Slovakia Do these countries, even collectively, contribute more to the license fee than England?
  8. Re: England vs Slovakia Oh I know what they're on. I just think that every live England game should be exclusive to terrestrial tv. Every single person in this country should be able to watch the national team play live; not forgetting, a lot of kids can't afford, or make the decision, to subscribe to Sky or Setanta.
  9. Re: England vs Slovakia I have a full Sky package but it's really not about Sky or Setanta mate. It's about everybody being able to watch the national team. There's not a person in this world that could convince me England internationals should be on anything but the terrestrial channels (1 to 5).
  10. Re: Fed Up With Glory Supporters!
  11. Re: England vs Slovakia I'm one of the many millions that don't have Setanta, so my overriding feeling on the day is that it's disgusting that 'our' national team plays on anything but a terrestrial channel. As a Manchester United fan, I can understand and swallow the role of finance within the game, but couldn't the bods in London at least display a conscience when it comes to televising our national team?
  12. Re: Gold champ 17? This isn't a fit of petulance, I'm genuinely considering quitting this game. A lot of us have voiced our frustrations for a long time now, regarding the financial state of game worlds and bloated squad sizes, and now measures are being introduced that are as much a hindrance to sensible managers as anyone else. I'm genuinely gobsmacked.
  13. What is going on? It's the first day of a new season in GC17. I've logged in to find that the Chairman has taken a dividend of 40+ million pounds, leaving me with £2.9m. I understand that these measures are being introduced, essentially, to reduce squad sizes within game worlds but I'm one of the 'sensible' managers and have a squad of just 22 players. This is farcical.
  14. The Telegraph have published a list of the ten managers they see as most likely to succeed Fergie at Old Trafford. Which of their choices do we think will be the man?
  15. Re: Boro handed FA fine From what I saw, Halsey's conduct toward Digard did nothing at all to ease the situation. To my eyes, he looks equally as confrontational as any of the players.
  16. Re: What formation do you use? Pretty much this ^
  17. Re: Its great for the neutral!!!! For everyone bar United fans, it must be fantastic.
  18. Bed

    Red Meat is Bad!!

    Re: Red Meat is Bad!! It'll only rob you of the worst years of your life. No amount of health or moral reasoning could make me give up bacon sarnies.
  19. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away? I still think we'll be champions. And, given the level of competition, there's still a real chance Liverpool could end this season trophyless.
  20. Re: Official Red Devils thread Neville was on the bench for the Fulham game so that shouldn't be a problem now. And I'm pretty sure Rafael will be back when we play next.
  21. Re: Who is the best rapper?
  22. Re: Ronaldo. Whats Happened to Him? I think he's had somewhat of a 'hangover' season. But he's entitled to that. He'll hit the heights again before long, I'm sure.
  23. Re: Whos going to win the prem? When we're in the box seat, you have to fancy us but Liverpool have made it a lot more interesting. Still, I voted United.
  24. Re: The Weekend Football Thread Until now, I never thought it could be Liverpool's year. And, in fairness to me, I think a lot of Liverpool fans felt the same. But, after the last fortnight, even the most headstrong of United fans must have to accept that Liverpool are now real contenders. There were signs earlier in the season, you were awesome up at St. James', that just maybe Liverpool were beginning to look strong enough. But I still felt that, as the season went on, you'd drop away. That hasn't happened and now we have a real title race on our hands. I do still feel though that we have to be favourites. Despite Liverpool's efforts we are still top, we have the advantage of a game in hand and we now have an International break in which I'm sure a lot of United players will give their legs a well needed rest. The next couple of months should be as exciting as it will be nervy.
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