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  1. Re: Aston Villa - Liverpool From Liverpool's point of view, the game has come at a great time. Villa are suffering a lull and the mood surrounding Liverpool is great. I can't see anything but a Liverpool victory. 3-0 the scousers.
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread I don't think this International break could have come at a better time. We've lost the last two games fair and square, no excuses, but we have played somewhere in the region of nine or ten more games than Chelsea and Liverpool. As vulgar as it is, I think there's a chance you'll see one or two phantom injuries from United players over the International period. And, whilst it's not an admirable part of the game, the break will benefit us in the run-in.
  3. Re: Early Kick Off I would be really pleased if SM could bring match times forward, by one hour, to 7pm. When your league is at an early stage in the season, you may have to wait until after 11pm for a result to come in. Given people's work, school and college commitments, and the fact that a lot of very young people play SM, an earlier start would make much more sense.
  4. Re: Which country has the best league Are Germany set to overtake Italy? I know that, commercially, the Bundesliga is said to be one of the strongest leagues. It would also seem that German football has a somewhat superior infrastructure to that of the Italians. Unless the Italians are overseeing a period of overdue change, it may be a long long time until they recapture their glories.
  5. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away? At this stage of the season it's tempting for people to interpret any dropped points as a psychological "wobble". But, regardless of anything that happens this weekend, we'll still be in the driving seat. And I think that'll be the situation come May.
  6. Re: Best Hip-Hop Artist of all Time
  7. Re: Best Hip-Hop Artist of all Time
  8. Re: Who is the best rapper?
  9. Re: Who is the best rapper?
  10. Re: Who is the best rapper? Beyond the likes of Illmatic or 2001, I'm pretty naive when it comes to rap. Anyone recommend any albums that are essential?
  11. Re: Who is the best rapper? Purely as a rapper, I'd have to go for Snoop. But my favourite rap album is Dre's 2001.
  12. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions My gut feeling says that United, Liverpool, Barca and Villareal will progress. And we'll have a Barca v United final. Lot of football to play yet though, of course.
  13. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Yeah, good old Bruno Conti Hopefully, if serendipity is in both our favour, this thread will turn into a Champions league final thread. Imagine that night! It'd be a thread full of nervous break downs.
  14. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions There's no point denying the draw was as kind as a Champions league draw can be. On the other hand, if Liverpool win this competition, nobody can have any complaints. I think the draw has been harsh on them.
  15. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions United, Porto, Arsenal and Villareal are in one side of the draw. Barca, Bayern, Chelsea and Liverpool are in the other.
  16. Re: Liverpool-New deal who do we sign? I think you'll go for Downing, plus Lennon or Bentley. And I'm probably stating the obvious here but I think everybody will have to take Liverpool much more seriously next year.
  17. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions I'd love to get Porto. It'd be no pushover but, if we're talking probability, you've got to accept that Porto would represent a more favourable draw than some other teams. Anyway, a little piece of me is hoping we draw Liverpool. Last weekend was a minor travesty and the sooner we get a chance to wrestle back some pride the better.
  18. Re: Steve Gerrard What is his Position - Poll I think he's essentially an attacking midfielder but I wouldn't protest if SM changed him to a M/F. He is that versatile.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've received a bid for Marcus Berg. A manager has offered Robert Acquafresca plus £14m. Any thoughts?
  20. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Your Captain being up at court? Sorry, couldn't resist
  21. Re: Michael Carrick? Has to go up?? Oh I think that, over the last two seasons, Carrick has shown himself to be as good as Alonso. I think that, probably because of Michael's poor form of late, it's easy to forget just how good he has been. But the best Premiership midfielder is so obviously Gerrard. Edit: For this season, that is.
  22. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09) Bordeaux's Abdou Traore got a +5 up to 82. Does anyone know a little bit about him? Is he a keeper?
  23. Re: Roma young talent - Alessandro Crescenzi I picked him up in a couple of set-ups. Cheers for scouting
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