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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    I don't think this International break could have come at a better time. We've lost the last two games fair and square, no excuses, but we have played somewhere in the region of nine or ten more games than Chelsea and Liverpool. As vulgar as it is, I think there's a chance you'll see one or two phantom injuries from United players over the International period. And, whilst it's not an admirable part of the game, the break will benefit us in the run-in.

  2. Re: Early Kick Off

    Quit complaining you guys' date=' the matches are on from 3am to 5am over here.

    They should put it at flippin' noon in London.[/quote']

    Do you know what? In my insular arrogance, I hadn't actually thought at all about the fact the game is global. You make a good point, mate.

  3. Re: Early Kick Off

    I would be really pleased if SM could bring match times forward, by one hour, to 7pm. When your league is at an early stage in the season, you may have to wait until after 11pm for a result to come in. Given people's work, school and college commitments, and the fact that a lot of very young people play SM, an earlier start would make much more sense.

  4. Re: Which country has the best league

    Are Germany set to overtake Italy? I know that, commercially, the Bundesliga is said to be one of the strongest leagues. It would also seem that German football has a somewhat superior infrastructure to that of the Italians. Unless the Italians are overseeing a period of overdue change, it may be a long long time until they recapture their glories.

  5. Re: Best Hip-Hop Artist of all Time

    He actually came from a pretty bad background; his dad was a bit mad and shot his Mum and Nan (or Grandad' date=' can't properly remember) :eek: Thankfully they survived but apparently his childhood was wrecked by his Dad doing other stuff as well (not sexual I don't think).

    I think the criticism of The Strokes made a bit more sense because they were seen as like the saviours of Indie Rock but in fact were just on Daddy's meal ticket :P To be fair, it doesn't really bother me and 'Is This It' is flawless.[/quote']

    I was sure I'd seen an interview once in which he said his parents were both professional people. But, then again, even I don't fully trust my memory :o

    It shouldn't matter anyway of course but, even as someone who is mad about The Strokes' debut, I do remember, at the time, them being rich was irksome. Now I'm a bit older I feel differently about such things but I think we'll always tend to cheapen the validity of the better off. When it applies to the likes of Towers of London, I think it's justified but I've read that Joe Strummer, wherever he could, preferred to swerve details about his background which, given measure of the man, shouldn't have been necessary.

  6. Re: Best Hip-Hop Artist of all Time

    I think LL Cool J doesn't get the credit he deserves because his work is so commercial. It's not commercial in a bad way' date=' in fact its pleasant and I think there is a lot of unfair snobbery with him.[/quote']

    Doesn't he come from a pretty affluent background? Shouldn't matter, of course, but I can't imagine it helps. I know a lot of people threw that criticism at The Strokes as well.

  7. Re: Who is the best rapper?

    If it's not lyrics you're into' date=' your probably best avoiding the Native Tongues people to start with (more or less everyone I recommended :P) as one of their main appeals is their quality of lyric/rhyme but if you find yourself liking more Hip-Hop, seek them out :)[/quote']

    First impressions of 'The low end theory' are excellent, mate. Quality all the way. I've only just quickly skipped through 'Paul's Boutique' but will give it a proper whirl tomorrow. Did notice the odd sample from Jean Knight and Curtis Mayfield in there though, which can never be a bad thing.

  8. Re: Who is the best rapper?

    It's a shame you've already listened to Illmatic because after that' date=' everything is more or less downhill :o

    Depends on what you like to be honest, mate. Do you like Gangsta or do the lyrics alienate you?[/quote']

    Christ Bob! You've gave me plenty to busy meself with. Top marks. To be honest, and this applies to whatever genre I'm listening to, I'm not actually overly conscientious when it comes to lyrics. There's the odd tune, like Dylan's 'With God on our side', that grabs me lyrically but, generally, if the melody and flow is great, I like it. As long as the sentiment isn't too cheap, like Candyshop for example, there's little chance of me turning my nose up.

  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I rate both players and Acquafresca should rise to 88. Future potential - Aqua probably has more. Inter have stated he will be returning to them next season but whether he plays or not is another question. While Berg too could move top a bigger club. I personally' date=' would keep hold of Berg for now.[/quote']

    Thanks for that mate :)

  10. Re: Michael Carrick? Has to go up??

    Oh I think that, over the last two seasons, Carrick has shown himself to be as good as Alonso. I think that, probably because of Michael's poor form of late, it's easy to forget just how good he has been. But the best Premiership midfielder is so obviously Gerrard.

    Edit: For this season, that is.

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