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  1. Re: Which 3 premier league teams do u think are gonna get relegated West Brom, Stoke and the 'boro. It pains me to say the 'boro though. I'm from the region and I keep an eye on all of the North-East teams.
  2. Re: Ronaldo vs Messi I think the Argentinian is the superior talent. Although there's no shame in Ronaldo trailing Messi.
  3. Re: Zlatan to 97???? Most of us don't base our arguments on him playing for Inter. We form our opinions from what we see of him in the Champions league. And Melb, of course, would sooner we base our opinions on what he tells us. Either that or regularly put ourselves through the grind of Serie A matches in order for us to see how amazing Zlatan looks against a fading opposition. If the lad wasn't so tanked up on frustration and Anti-English sentiment, his "opinions" wouldn't be so skewed as to, so often, fall upon deaf ears.
  4. Re: Zlatan to 97???? I'm in with the majority. No.
  5. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday If there was truth in the Marquez rumour, you'd have to think Sky would be privy. But this is their stance...
  6. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool As well, Fergie will use this result as motivation. We're coming up to a crucial time of the season and what bigger shot in the arm than a wake up call from your oldest rivals? Yesterday was awful but I don't think it'll hurt us long-term.
  7. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Congratulations fellas but I doubt you'll see any United fans shutting up. We've too much to shout about.
  8. Re: Chairman Morale I think it'd be a nice touch but I'm not sure about attaching consequences to it such as sackings. Maybe having Chairman investment amounts governed by it would be a more sensible option.
  9. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday Hopefully they put him in with someone of quality who isn't shorter, much older or naturally lighter.
  10. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday He looked good but I stand by what I said earlier. I don't think we learned anything about Khan tonight.
  11. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday Cheers, good man.
  12. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday I've gave up on the streams but if anyone fancies persevering... http://www.justin.tv/sportinwood2/popout
  13. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday Khan could obliterate Barrera tonight and we'll still be left wondering if we've actually seen the lad in with quality opposition. It seems that, with Khan and more obviously Sky, the money chase is everything and so, rather than pursue more indicative options, they've found it impossible to resist the Barrera name. If he gets beaten by a veteran Barrera tonight, we'd have to accept that, really, he isn't the next great British hope but, even in victory, what can we take from this fight?
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread I don't think Fergie will publicly criticise our support, as I think he has enough nous to steady the ship after a result like this, but I just wonder what he thinks privately about that game finishing in a half empty stadium. Today wasn't good but, given the past achievements of this group of players, I think the fans could have reacted better.
  15. Re: Squad Size Option If SM introduced the option of a squad size limit into custom game worlds, at the drop of a hat, I would quit my current teams and only compete in those custom leagues.
  16. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool I don't think Liverpool could have scripted it better. Gerrard was, somewhat predictably, fantastic and an injured Torres made our defenders look, and this isn't harsh, shambolic. As an individual, Rooney was on his game but there aren't too many positives surrounding today. I do think we'll be fine in the league but if this defeat had come a month or so earlier, when we were further from the finishing line, it could have been much more significant.
  17. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Fully deserved. No complaints at all. Better team are in grey today.
  18. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Scousers probably just deserve the lead. Dominating the middle of the park. Only half-time though.
  19. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool It's nearly time fellas. Love this fixture!
  20. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Johnny Cash - American recordings
  21. Re: German Changes Thought Faton Toski would have got a small rise
  22. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions I'll have a go, it's a bit of fun...
  23. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool Wasn't it MUTV he gave the interview to? I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I just think it has enough spice without feeding the media these snippets. And given his occasional habit of blowing a fuse, I'd sooner he wasn't talking about hatred and such. He has had the odd temperamental moment of late as well. I hope to god he doesn't do a Mascherano. I'd rather he kept his head down and concentrated on playing football.
  24. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool I see Mr. Rooney has caused a stir. Completely unnecessary.
  25. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Well, we can debate whether or not Torres has proven himself on the biggest stage. Fair enough. But the outcome of that discussion, either way, won't convince me that Ibrahimovic belongs in the top category of world class players. I don't think it'd be unfair to compare Ibrahimovic to Cantona. Eric is an icon and idol to most United fans, including me, but I'm still objective enough to accept that, despite his domestic prowess, for whatever reason he didn't actually go out a mirror his Premiership pedigree when faced with foreign opposition. We can debate the reasons for this but we can't pretend these players have shone as brightly as their reputations.
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