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  1. When using a 4-4-2 diamond formation, with a defensive and attacking midfielder, would you suggest I use left (LM) and right (RM)midfielders or two wingers (W)? At the minute I'm using a left and right midfielder on the promise that wingers would be more inclined to attack and not take care of defensive responsibilies. Thanx

  2. One of my teams, Blackburn, are down to the minimum 18 players and I have very little cash. I presumed then that if i wanted to transfer a player in it would have to be as part of a swap deal for one of my existing players. Despite the fact that my players value, at least, matches the players I may want to bring in I cannot complete the deal. I get an alert notifying me that I do not have sufficient funds to complete the deal. This is of course confusing to me as the players I have tried to bring in are valued at less than the player I am willing to trade out :mad:

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