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  1. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance I've tried and failed in watching the odd game of Italian football, it's just far too pedestrian for my tastes. But anyway, as long as it is of a superior level to Serie A, the champions league will be the benchmark and yardstick by which 'world class' players are judged. I know from big European nights that Fernando Torres is the genuine article, I know Lionel Messi lives up to the praise that comes out of Spain and I also know that I'm still left scratching my head as to why Ibrahimovic has acquired such a hefty reputation. I don't know whether it's a problem for a fan of Serie A that maybe his seeming inability to cement his reputation in Europe reflects badly on Italy's top league, but, be honest, can we honestly say that he's proven himself on the biggest of stages? I am sure that he has talent, no doubt, but my point is this - despite the claims of people like Mourinho, he has never really proven himself to be in that top bracket of current players. The Messis, Gerrards, Ronaldos, Henrys and Torres' of the world. I'm actually surprised that anyone would question that. All those players live up to the hype.
  2. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Oh, I don't deny he has quality. I said in a previous post that he wouldn't have so many admirers if he didn't have some quality. But people speak of him being top class, up there with the best around. And, like you, I don't see it. I don't watch Italian football, as a spectacle it bores me to tears, but I do watch the Champions league and, if you're top class, the champions league is where you prove it. All too often, he doesn't produce. People often wax lyrical about his attributes, put him in a bracket with the likes of Torres and Ronaldo. On the evidence I have seen, he doesn't befit this hype. Last night his end product was, barring the odd glimpse of quality, woeful - as it was against Liverpool last time out. The United crowd lapped it up. And it was, all in all, a typical Ibrahimovic big european performance. Underwhelming.
  3. Re: German Changes Is this correct?
  4. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Yeah, I suppose he did find himself in good situations but his use of the ball was awful. An end product was predictably non-existent.
  5. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Yeah, six goals in 21 Champions league matches, apparently. But none have come in the knockout phase. He has enough fans for us to know he must have some real quality but we just don't tend to see it in the biggest European games. And again, he was absolutely woeful last night.
  6. Re: Nani are Nasri who would you have in your team ? Nasri, by some distance.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Not a classic performance but Jose does know how to set a team up. Hugely important goal from Ronaldo and, all in all, a great result.
  8. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Have a dig about and you'll find that I questioned his quality on numerous occasions in the run up to this game Italy and the Champions league are different propositions.
  9. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Don't believe the hype.
  10. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Come on fellas!!!
  11. Re: German Changes These changes, mate.
  12. Re: gerrard's excellent dive last night He dived. It's the norm now. As an Englishman, 15 years ago Gerrard would probably not have dived. English players hardly ever did. But when foreign teams played against English opposition did they think that, maybe as they were playing against a team that valued fair play, they should cut out the antics and cheating? Not once. In Italia '90, a competiton in which England were congratulated for their fair play, did that great German team cut out the dramatic tumbles? No. They didn't. And nor were they ever going to. We can pillory our players for acts such as Gerrard's last night but the truth is that we haven't turned in to cheats. We just wised up to the opposition. I don't like to see it in the Premiership and I criticise Ronaldo everytime he makes a fool of himself but you'll never see me condemn an English team for fighting fire with fire in Europe.
  13. Re: German Changes Some on here think he's fairly average but he's still expected by most to hit 88.
  14. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread He's at the best club in the strongest league, the personnel at both clubs simply don't compare right now, his boss is Alex Ferguson and he's part of one of United's greatest sides. Regarding last summer, I'm as sure as anyone that he wanted to go but that was then. All the noises he's making now say he wants to stay for a long time and that he now realises he's in the right place. Certainly a better footballing place than Madrid currently is. I have no doubt that he'll one day run out for Real but I think it'll be in what are the usual prime years of a footballer, maybe 26 up over. I don't think it'll happen until the personnel at Madrid compare more favourably with our best players and I doubt it'll happen whilst Fergie is still boss and in charge of our transfers. Of course, the press, certainly those fed information by Madrid, will continue to speculate no matter is said. And those who dislike United, yes I know there are many , will still be more than willing to doubt his want to be in a United shirt but, come August time, he'll still be at Old Trafford.
  15. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool No, I think everyone was hugely impressed with Liverpool last night. It was as good a performance I have seen this season. However, this is not one of the better Madrid sides. They're not "brilliant" by any stretch. Their Champions league pedigree, or lack of it, over the last few years should tell you that. It'll be a great game at Old Trafford, between two great teams, but it won't resemble anything you seen last night.
  16. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread The Marca cover prior to yesterdays game... I'm reliably informed that the headline reads..."This is Anfield...so what?"
  17. Re: Manchester United vs Internazionale - Discussion Thread I'm confident we'll get plenty of chances to win the game. And if, unlike the first leg, our finishing is what it should be, we'll progress. I wonder which Ibra we will see tonight?
  18. Re: Dutch Eredivisie Smarason, keeper or seller?
  19. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Chalk what people are calling 'dubious' goals off and Liverpool still win, what, 3-0? Over the two legs it was a textbook European performance. I think tonight will be a case of us finishing our chances when they come. If we do that, we'll be in the next round.
  20. Bed


    Re: Spotify I do think you're being a tad harsh, buddy. Anyone reading this may think its database is something resembling small. It isn't. I'd recommend signing up to everyone. Here's the link... http://www.spotify.com/en/products/free/
  21. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread All his interviews of late tell that he now realises what he has at United. He won't swap one of the great United sides for the mediocrity of Madrid. You'll see come August.
  22. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
  23. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Which summer? They'll be waiting a while. Ronaldo won't go there whilst it represents a step down. And the reality is that Madrid's squad doesn't compare to ours right now. Not even close.
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