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  1. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread There's not a hope in hell of Cristiano wanting to play with this shower any time soon.
  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread On behalf of all United fans, can I please thank Liverpool football club for helping to show Cristiano he's at the right club in the right league. All your efforts are greatly appreciated
  3. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday
  4. Bed


    Re: Spotify I only found out about it today but I'm hugely impressed. I think it's great how you can have collaborative playlists.
  5. Re: Berbatov vs Tevez At the top level, in a game where patience and possession are key, I'd choose Berba.
  6. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." I hope Liverpool torture Madrid tonight. Always want the English teams to progress and the longer Madrid struggle in European knockout ties the better.
  7. Bed


    Anyone on it? Thought we could put together a forum playlist. Here's the link... http://open.spotify.com/user/bed1/playlist/3gOiYOsr9JB4LfK4yI9QWr
  8. Re: Forum Skin Change Yeah. It's the layout I like. I'm sure the current colours could be applied to a skin like that one. It'd look well, I reckon.
  9. Re: Forum Skin Change It is very basic. Here's a site I like the look of... http://www.katzforums.com/index.php It's still a simple layout but looks a bit less rigid. And it's VBulletin as well, so something like that could be done here.
  10. Re: Match Engine & Unmanaged Teams Update I'm fine playing against unmanaged teams. That is until they switch from the expected formation. Then I'm almost always in deep water. But I have no complaints about that. If they play the expected formation, it does appear to be much less of a lottery than it used to be.
  11. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/7931300.stm It's quite a good read. I'm sure though that, amidst all the doubt, Ibra will look on tomorrows game as a big chance to answer his critics. It's such a balanced tie and with sub-plots like Ibra's, Ronaldo Vs. Santon etc, etc...it'll be a great night.
  12. Re: German Changes Getting more peeved off, by the day. I have Stein, Howedes, Geromel, Vidal, Kacar, Toski and Dzeko in my teams.
  13. Re: Amir Khan Fight On Saturday Even though his best is behind him, I do fancy Barrera in this fight. And, like the rest, I'm not a Khan fan either. I think it's despicable that his fights continue to be sold on Box office. You should have to earn the right to be a pay-per-view fighter and Amir simply hasn't done that yet.
  14. Re: hello and so called improvements It all depends on what the 'limit' becomes. Ideally the changes will bring squad sizes down to a healthier level but not so far as that people can no longer scout for risers. If it naturally becomes around 50 or 60 players, there will still be plenty of space in people's squads for risers. It'll be a real positive.
  15. Re: I need a defender who will rise I've heard good things on here about Geromel. 23 Years old, 87 rated and ranked 14th in kicker's ratings. Although, whether or not he can hit 90 whilst at Koln is debatable.
  16. Re: Key Game Improvements Probably. But, in this instance, is realism or healthy competition better for the game?
  17. Re: Key Game Improvements Because of gate receipts, the gap between the biggest clubs and the rest is already substantial. It's tough enough for the likes of Blackburn or Monaco to compete without rewarding the big clubs further.
  18. Re: Kicker - what is it? It's a German site. It gets used here because it catalogues the performance ratings of Bundesliga players, right throughout the season... http://www.kicker.de/news/fussball/bundesliga/topspieler/alletopspieler/1
  19. Re: who is better carrick or mashcerano ? Overall, I think Carrick offers a bit more.
  20. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." Well, as ever the proof will be in the game and there is always a chance I could end up with egg on my face. But, I'm just being honest in saying that, from the games I've seen him play, I think a lot of people over-rate him. I think our defenders, whoever plays, will have more than enough to cope with him.
  21. Re: FA CUP - Semi-Final draw! Truth is, you never know though do you. I don't believe this quintuple is gonna happen and, if that's the case, Everton might just be the team to derail it. Be a great game though.
  22. Re: Is there any skill left in the Game? I had a cracker last night. Head in the hands stuff. My average rating was 88, theirs was 82. My fitness ratings were all 90 +, they had four players NMF. My players, as ever, were all in their primary positions, they had three or four players completely out of position and after 60 mins they had a man sent off. Predictably, I dominated every stat by landslide. I drew 1-1 and slipped from top of league to fourth place bonus
  23. Re: FA CUP - Semi-Final draw! Pleased with that. There was no easy draw but it was as favourable as it could be.
  24. Re: Official Red Devils thread The draw was as kind as it could be. Should be a great game though, Everton will make it tough.
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