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  1. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool A draw all the way, which suits me. Taking one point from Old Trafford is of no use to Liverpool.
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread I'd like to see... Van Der Sar Evra Vidic Rio O'Shea Giggsy Carrick Scholesy Ronaldo Berba Rooney
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread You don't want Berba in for the Inter game?
  4. Re: German Changes If Dzeko doesn't hit 89, I'll eat my hat. In fact, I'll eat every hat I can get my paws on. I'll eat...you get the point.
  5. Re: Manu should consider buying a class Central Midfielder.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Great show today. Glad Park got a goal. He's like Anderson in that he needs to become more of a goal threat. Hopefully, he'll press on now.
  7. Re: Has Bendtner been getting better? I like his attitude. He takes flack from time to time and the easy option would be to hide or become inconspicuous but he does exactly the opposite. He is always willing and eager, which contrasts boldly against the more talented Adebayor. To answer the original question, I think he has improved a little.
  8. Re: Liverpool need a World Class Striker.
  9. Re: Ferguson Dreads Stepping Down At United Does anybody think the apparent progress and emergence of Liverpool this season may be a driving factor, in convincing him to carry on? I do. Chelsea and Arsenal are great rivals but nothing they present can match the fires stoked across the North-West. I think the temptation, over the next few seasons, to do battle with our greatest foes will be too much for him to resist.
  10. Re: Rafa’s missing ingredient - the desequilibrante As long as Cristiano and his teammates are racking up the trophies, the rhetoric of rival fans isn't overly significant. But, for the record, I rate Cristiano (the player) as good as Eric. He is that good.
  11. Re: Liverpool need a World Class Striker. I agree that having Villa and Torres at your disposal would be fantastic (for you) but what makes people think Villa would arrive at a cut price? Valencia may have their troubles but that doesn't negate the fact that you would still face fierce competition for his signature and that a bidding war would be inevitable. A club in trouble will accept the largest bid. It'd be difficult.
  12. Re: Who's better than Rooney?? Eto'o and, on last seasons showing, Torres. Rooney compares very well to the others.
  13. Re: Manu should consider buying a class Central Midfielder. Now I really rate Anderson. As has been said, he needs to add goals to his game but I'd argue that is his only weakness. If he can rectify that, we have a great, great player on our hands.
  14. Re: Manu should consider buying a class Central Midfielder. Scolesy plays a lot deeper than he did a few years back but I think the old Scholesy role, of supporting two strikers, is ready-made for Rooney.
  15. Re: Really? - Who Will Be Most Affected By Fifa's '6 + 5'? From what I've read Luke, the 'six' have to qualify for the national team of the country they play in so time spent in a country wouldn't be a factor unless they'd never been capped for another country, like Almunia for example. You are right about United though. That Fergie is apparently supportive of the ruling, speaks volumes.
  16. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace Presumably, you've now realised it's pointless going round in circles arguing about Ronaldo, Liucci?
  17. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace I said this in another thread but it's as relevant here. The very words 'Cristiano Ronaldo' are enough to send some here into a spin. His very name, for some, seems to send logic and reason out of the window. The man is a prat, at times, but some people can't help but run with it until his foolishness is matched by theirs. The truth is though that there are many 'attitudes' within football. There are players that will, over the course of a season, endanger the careers of other footballers with rash tackles and moments of lunacy. But, regardless of the fact his misdemeanors pale in comparison, in this country Ronaldo will remain public enemy number one. And why? Because, as well as possessing a questionable attitude, he's supremely gifted. People hate that.
  18. Re: German Changes No. And I'm guessing it's going to be Tuesday now. Such a frustration.
  19. Re: An Absolutely Titanic Issue!!! I'm biased. Even if Tevez was the other option, I'd still have voted Taylor.
  20. Re: How Do You Rate This Forumer? (part 1): Seftinho Let's solve this objectively... 1, Where you born with an ability to defy the laws of nature when confronted with spherical objects? 2, Would you snub Alex Ferguson in favour of a move to the Nou C...actually don't answer this one. 3, Do you resemble daytime TV uber-star Trisha Goddard?
  21. Re: How Do You Rate This Forumer? (part 1): Seftinho
  22. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Shows the mentality of the lad.
  23. Re: How Do You Rate This Forumer? (part 1): Seftinho I think we just did, Bob. Someone inform the Daily Mail. Forget Ross and Brand, this is gonna be huge!!!
  24. Re: How Do You Rate This Forumer? (part 1): Seftinho Although his name would suggest it, I have it on good authority that he's not actually Brazilian The charlatan!!!
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