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  1. Re: Robert Lewandowski - Polish Sensation!
  2. Re: Robert Lewandowski - Polish Sensation! Yeah, what is the highest rating in Poland? And are him and Stilic likely to rise any more?
  3. Re: Carling Cup Final Still not getting carried away with talk of a clean sweep but as long as we can add the Premiership title to the haul I'll be more than happy...
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread Great for Foster and Anderson. That'll be marvellous for them. Rio was excellent again.
  5. Re: Carling Cup Final I'm over the moon for Foster. Far better than Kusczak but has had to be patient. He deserves that!
  6. Re: Carling Cup Final Time for Ben to make a name for himself.
  7. Re: Carling Cup Final More or less. Rio and Foster look on their game. The rest haven't impressed.
  8. Re: Carling Cup Final Nani needs to start helping Evra out when Lennon has the ball. Gibson has, at times, been fairly anonymous and Welbeck doesn't seem strong enough to cope with Dawson and co. Lennon is torture at times.
  9. Re: Carling Cup Final Spurs could push us here but if Scholesy is in the mood we might really put a show on. As ever though, a stuffy 1-0 win will do.
  10. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? Who do you think will arrive in the summer then? Villa? Downing?
  11. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? If I was fitting the image of the 'arrogant United fan' you have my sincerest apologies
  12. Re: Player Qualitys - Comments? It'd create more problems than positives. I like the lack of complexity in this game.
  13. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? Sorry mate, I'm not having a go. It's just that you said "Chelsea are in a better position than Liverpool were yesterday . . ." I found it confusing.
  14. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? You've lost me mate, sorry Liverpool were second yesterday, Chelsea are second today. So that's equal, not better. And Chelsea aren't in a better position than Liverpool were yesterday because, whilst the points gap is equal to the day before, yesterday we didn't have the game in hand over Liverpool. So really, Liverpool were in a better position yesterday than Chelsea are today.
  15. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? Really? Our lead was seven points yesterday and it's seven points today.
  16. Re: Squad Size Option The trick is surely to find a balance between reducing star player hogging and still allowing people to scout healthily. I've always thought of 55 players as a sensible figure. Five full teams of which, maybe, 22 could potentially be risers, used to help finance the club, or in time replace one of the other 33. Of course 55 is just a figure plucked out of the air but the point is that, with a bit of common sense, a healthy balance can be found.
  17. Re: Swap Nani for Young? Yeah, let Nani go.
  18. Re: Best Premier League Youngster I'd go with Anderson or Walcott.
  19. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? This I agree with. As I said earlier, the difference, in my opinion, is match winners. There is undoubtedly a framework but in those tight games when you're looking maybe for a player to turn a probable draw into a valuable three points, Liverpool have often been found out. You need to find a few more of the ilk of Gerrard or even Cahill at Everton. Players who can often be the difference. But, even then, there is always the chance in the next few seasons that certainly Arsenal, and quite possibly Chelsea, will also find another gear.
  20. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? Benitez has had good financial backing. Then there is the initial building process, he'd have still had to contend with the 'Mourinho years' and now we've seen the emergence of Fergie's third great United team. I think mistakes have been made in the transfer market but I'd never describe Liverpool as operating on a limited budget. They're one of the biggest spenders in the world's richest league.
  21. Re: What is stopping Liverpool from the title? Match winners. For me, that's the major difference.
  22. Re: Your All Time Top 10 Songs! I've really fell for The Clash of late. Love The magnificent seven, Straight to hell, Train in vain. Pretty much the lot. Really underrated in the scheme of things.
  23. Re: Parry to leave post at Liverpool Do you all genuinely believe this? I think you're all fairly wide of the mark. I don't think Rafa is much of a 'players manager'. As long as the right man came in, and the signs were of a club moving forward, I think the draw of playing for Liverpool would be enough. Or is Rafa a bigger draw than your club?
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