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  1. Still down for me. On both mobile and laptop. I'm in the UK. This is going to turn away many of the remaining users, particularly as it's now effecting a matchday / team selection for many people I'm sure. The tweets seem to be minimising how significant the problem is. Just a little issue, now all fixed. Not quite. This applies to the website. The mobile app is working it that's helpful for anyone.
  2. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Raised a ticket about Fenerbahce/Fiorentina. Deals reversed. Not sure if he quit or was removed as Fiorentina manager.
  3. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Barcelona win so hard out of the deals with Madrid. That is all.
  4. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just quit Bordeaux 120 (Gourcuff, Gyan, Monreal) and Roma 76 if anyone is interested.
  5. Re: Sell Hazard? Totally agree that Hazard is overated. I follow French football, really like Lille, rate Hazard highly. But SM is just Hazard crazy. He wasn't even Lilles best player last year, there is no justification for him being rated higher than Rami, Gervinho, Sow and Cabaye. Love that in a GC someone was so desperate to sign him from me they gave Ashley Young (after move to Utd) and Turan Arda for him. Loving it. :-)
  6. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread
  7. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread I'm pretty sure not actually. But even if I had it shouldn't make any difference should it?
  8. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread Something dodgy is going on with transfers. I'd made bids on Alexis Sanchez (which I think would have been the winning bid), Nilmar, and Antonio Di Natale which have somehow mysteriously vanished. I definitely did not withdraw them. Very annoying. This happened to anyone else?
  9. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread With the players I have on my shortlist I'm expecting my inbox to implode in about 5 minutes under the weight of all the messages I'll get when people start bidding! Cool move Ian having some really good teams and players at as externals. Good luck everyone!
  10. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Cash will buy you virtually nothing other than peoples unwanted turds. In the very unlikely event someone will sell you a player you actually want for cash, expect to pay huge amounts. Probably the max your chairman will allow. Competitive setup=good players very hard to acquire. Welcome to WC 10000!
  11. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Shame they've been managed by some right losers who've ruined that squad. Good luck with them. Liverpool express a provisional interest in perhaps making a move to bring Gerrard back to Anfield.
  12. Re: QUICK QUICK Hulk, Vucinic or Bale ?? I think Vucinic is getting a really bum deal in this thread. He's proved his talents in a top league for much longer than Bale. Hulks never played in a top league.He's got more than a goal every other game at international level. The highest rated of the 3, and the cheapest to buy. I'd say Bale and Hulk (who I think is massively over rated, I'd score loads of goals playing up front for that Porto team in that league!) are examples of younger over hyped players. Vucinic is class but under appreciated because Roma have under achieved for a couple of seasons.
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