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  1. Hey Long time since I was last on here........righty Just played a Game and had a Player score a hat trick, brilliant you may think, slight problem is.........the player was not picked for the Starting 11 or subs. How's this happen?
  2. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Hey Venk Have you a space for me?
  3. Re: Hello, thought I ought to.......... Thanks for the welcomes guys. Good to be back.
  4. Re: Hello, thought I ought to.......... Good to see you again Craig.....and promoted to moderator too, always said you would go far my friend Widdy
  5. .......return to SM. Enjoying my first week back after being away for a few years, lots of changes taken place, mostly for the good I must say........not been on Forum much but, I can see some old faces are still around, sadly many good friends seem to have gone To all those who remember me.....HELLO again.......to those who don't......HELLO, nice to meet you all. Oh one last thing...........UP THE SPIREITES! Widdy
  6. Re: The team you love to hate? Mansfield Town (Mansfailed) Sheff Weds (The Bowels) Hull City Mansfield Town (they deserve to be hated twice) In that order.
  7. Re: World Cup Predict Discussion Thread Stu Ya doin' fine mate Widdy
  8. Re: Chesterfield FC's New Badge They left off the year due to some unsurity regards the exact year of founding. It has always been stated as 1866 but, some other findings show as 1861.....although this cannot be backed up enough.....also there has been evidence of establishment in 1867 The Club as it stands now, were actually formed in 1916 (complicated) Thanks to the local post office, our new stadiums address will be...... Chesterfield FC B2Net Stadium 1866 Sheffield Road Whittington Moor Chesterfield .....keeping alive our "official" founded year.
  9. Re: World Cup Predict Discussion Thread What's happening with the updates to the standings? I assume the World Cup Predict is still continuing or has it been abandoned?
  10. Not sure if I like this or not..................
  11. Widdy1961

    Chat Room Closing

    Re: Chat Room Closing Sorry Allan Widdy
  12. Thought I better say HELLO. I hope that some of the guys (and Gals) here will remember me, been absent for more than a year but......I am back (Forums look very different though) and hope to get back posting and debating with you all again. Cheers Widdy
  13. Re: The Grass is Greener (Chesterfield FC) .....and to you too......I was really surprised at the way you slipped out of the top 3........at least you will not have to stand and get wet next season, plus you will be able to get a beer too (also KFC on the site next to Tesco.......you could even do the weekly shop lol) Hope to see you at the B2NET
  14. Widdy1961

    Chat Room Closing

    Re: Chat Room Closing
  15. Re: The Grass is Greener (Chesterfield FC) Latest Ariel Picture. Which would be a much better stadium picture than the line drawing one in SM but, seeing as that rubbish was only uploaded a few days ago, will have to wait 81 days to change it (what an absolutely STUPID rule.)
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