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  1. Re: join this setup I applied for Atletico Madrid. Don't forget to approve it
  2. Re: Unmanaged Club Protection Nice suggestion SM However we should make the transfer block for more than 48 hours. IMO 1 week is better
  3. Re: Calling all REAL managers! Become Leicester City manager. Will raid a few more youngsters
  4. Re: Calling all REAL managers! Become Leicester City manager. Will raid a few more youngsters
  5. Re: Calling all REAL managers! I am taking Leicester City and i ll raid all youngsters
  6. Re: Acosta or Jovetic & Wijnaldum Hmm,from my opinion u should get jovetic he is in hot form in my man city squad. 16 games 13 goals 12 assists
  7. Re: I quit/team give away I want PSG pls
  8. Re: Torric Jibril Goal.com also says the same thing
  9. Re: Bestpay's Uruguayan ratings (16 players) Wow, i am lucky to buy Jonathan URRETAVIZCAYA. At least my heart won't ache so much after missing out vidrio. Thx mate
  10. Re: Best/Worst SM Transfers Ever! Best transfers : 1 Sergio Aguero 5m+Kenneth Perez (when rating is 89) 2 Carlos Vela 700 k (when rating is 75) 3 Giovanni dos Santos 600 k (when rating is 74) 4 Bojan Kric 0 k + ben sahar & goran slavkovski (when rating is 80) 5 Armand Traore 10 k (when rating is 70) 6 Lulinha 700 k (when rating is 75) 7 Sotiris Ninis for 600 k (when rating is 75) 8 Fernando Forestieri for 850 k (when rating is 78) 9 Alberto Paloshi 750 k (when rating is 75) 10 Andrew Ayew 800 k (when rating is 76) Worst Transfer : None,never buy expensive players
  11. Re: Mexican ratings Omar esparza had 4 caps for mexico first team alongside with carlos vela, giovanni dos santos. While banega collected 1 caps. He moved from boca juniors for 18 m. I think i ll wait for awhile
  12. Re: Save Our Season I don't think i can clear the debts as my squad only have 19 players in it so the best player i have is matthew upson. I hope i can sell him for 12 m. Maybe i can guide them out of the bottom of division 4 but not debt =x
  13. Re: Mexican ratings I want to ask u guys about Omar ESPARZA,how is he doing? I mean,will his rating increase? Is he playing a lot of games? I am thinking of swapping ever banega and Omar ESPARZA. Will it be wise? I know that he is playing for national team
  14. Re: Save Our Season I just taken over birmingham city and at the bottom of the table and 23.9 m debt. Wish me luck.
  15. Re: Which player to buy? I agree with jacob. Sign 2 of them and u will make a huge profit. Try to swap yr 2 players for 1 player to sign more?
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