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  1. Whats up with the Dutch ratings? They surely have to give rises to Vloet 80 and Tronstad 80 and some other Vitesse players. Im also disappointed that Wittek only went from 82-83
  2. Afters years of trying Crawley finally get promoted to Division 4. Austin, Puertes and Rafael being the key players. Lets see if we can stay up.
  3. Ive had some low rated Brazilian league players getting positional changes the last few days. Does that mean anything?
  4. No one from South Park United? Theres some very talented youngsters there ðŸ˜Ū
  5. Good idea i have fused them together. Thumbs up
  6. Hi guys has anyone here tried to play a 76 or lower rated player to try and remove their concern level? My best players are 85/86/87. Would it make any difference if he plays a couple of cup matches which i know im going to lose anyway or is not worth it?
  7. They are not from the big leagues but check out some of these players. Ignore the Japanese players as they have already risen or its probably too late to bid for them.
  8. If Steve's surname was Bruchetti he would have been a top 6 boss 😁
  9. I won Division 4 after trying out a new 541 formation. Lets hope it works next season aswell.
  10. I havent seen this message for years. Anyone else still get job offers?
  11. I bet Ronaldo will keep going until he is 40 just so he can show everyone that thinks he is too told a middle finger 😁
  12. Every time i see his name i think wow thats impressive that he is still playing but then every time i check out his stats and see that he barely plays. Lol why did he get a rise?
  13. Hi do you guys think Albrighton might get a +1? I see he has played regularly since last month. I wonder what will happen with that Snodgrass omission from yesterday's match because of his transfer deal.
  14. Normally you jinx a side thats playing well but ive jinxed Bristol. They won their last 2 games and every other contender dropped points ðŸĪŠ I improved on last season's 8th place finish by ending 6th. Vardy showing the youngsters he is still one of the best around. Skhiri also scored quite a lot from midfield.
  15. Got to love SMs random risers. Galhardo(31) 83-85 today. I have him in a few of my teams. I assume he never played as a forward before his positional change but its weird how he never scored much during his career and now he is on fire.
  16. Watch out my Port Vale is coming for you 😎 Even though its difficult to sign players here i enjoy playing with the lower rated players as you normally wont ever use them unless its in a new gameworld.
  17. Im up to 300 games with Crawley in my second spell with them. My first spell in 2015/2016 was just 23 games. That was the only time i quit a team because of the value changes SM made back then. Squad was about 50 mil and dropped to about 25 mil. So i had some unfinished business and had to return to Crawley 😎
  18. Im also still here with Forest. The Division 1 title is wide open after leaders Bristol Rovers have started to choke by losing their last 5 games.
  19. I send him a friend request over a month ago but he never responded. I think he is in at least all the standard GWs that starts with 1. Brazil 1 Argentina 1 etc. He has so many clubs the app cant handle it 😁 his profile only opens in your browser.
  20. Thats such a amateur. Heres the main man. I had to take a screenshot in my browser because the app wouldnt open his profile lol
  21. If theres a top 10 or even more if its a big GW then they should just be able to make a poll and then atleast 50% of the GW vote yes before someone gets automatically removed. Or how about theres a poll or vote button after each transfer rather than the illegal one on the all transfer page. Then in brackets it will show 5 people thinks its illegal. So if the GW needs 40 votes than it could show (5/40). Even if someone tries to misuse the function by clicking on each transfer youd still need lots of people to vote before anything happens. Maybe a GW thats older than 2 years could get a automatic reputation increase. Lets say you need a 80 and higher reputation to join. That will stop cheats making lots of new accounts in just a couple of days. Some cheats will have higher reputations already but atleast youd stop some of them rather than none at all.
  22. I understand testing a new match engine or the +5/-5 will take time but surely new Custom Setup features like squad caps, only sign African/British/South American players rather than just from one country, only sign a certain amount of foreign players, you have to sell a player once he reaches a certain rating etc etc should be added as soon as possible. The more options you have the better. Also things Marek mentioned about lowering the 30 day log in for standard worlds and custom owners being able to remove managers should also be added as soon as possible as they will immediately have a positive effect on the game.
  23. Hi guys normally i wouldnt bother with a transfer like this but i got offered Francesco Bardi 85(28) from Frosinone for my Jose Lazo 83(24) from Almeria. I know Almeria missed out on promotion last season but i dont know how good a player Lazo is. My best GK is Belec 83(30). Would that be a decent deal if i cant swap another player for Lazo? If you take into account that this is in Gold 1 so its very difficult to do any deals when you have a low rated squad.
  24. Only 6 points behind the leaders so i really hope we can keep it up and challenge for the title. We were knocked out of the English Shield by Arsenal last week so i only have the SMFA Shield left.
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