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  1. Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Put together quite a random calcio squad of players I like, who might not necessarily be the greatest, some bought as more of a joke. To put it into perspective, my fastest players are my LB and RB, one of who in reality is an utter clown. Frey Faverone - Manfredini - Acerbi - Antonini Bertolacci - Pinzi - Fausto Rossi Saponara Moscardelli - Pozzi Also have Icardi, Pjanic and Boniperti on the subs, that are in formation. Haven't been playing this FIFA much as of late, but anyone seen how much Marco Sau costs on Xbox? Was shocked when I saw the price,
  3. Re: The Official Serie A Thread The list of teams interested in him is long amico. Fiorentina have been interested him since January, around the time Andrea Della Valle promised a 'top forward' to tifosi, and that was after we got Beppe. Instead Viola settle for Toni, but are still interested. La Gazzetta only listed a few days ago Roma had made contact. Arsenal and Spurs and said to be interested too. The legitmacy of teams' interest is up for debate, either way, he's hot property. Speaking of your beloved Inter, have a peer at this, quite an interesting story about Icardi. Found it com
  4. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Roma - Lazio Anybody else watch the Derby della Capitale? The 138th Rome derby and it was a pretty decent showing for a 1-1 result, a fiery affair as always, with surprise surprise, a red card, making it 8 reds in the last 5 derby’s, well at least believe the commentator said so. First half was pretty much the Hernanes show. When he’s controlling the match in the last third, both through his creativity and that nasty shot of his, you better throw out many a prayer. That first goal was an absolute belter! How about Roma? Almost seemed like a scene from The
  5. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Well it was the match I've waited all season for - The prodigal son's return. Looked as if me getting up at some ridiculous hour to watch the Fiorentina - Milan was in vain, especially at the site of that stronzo, Tontolivo making a mockery of us, on what was the type of play Pek has become notorious for this second half of the season - giving the ball away. Nevertheless, justice has prevailed and the 'Galliani effect' becomes soiled, albeit through him hiding second half, as Viola tifosi went crazy the first half with all the decisions going against us, so
  6. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Inter John Carew - he might be bigger than me and you ... but he's just had the shortest trial in Inter history. Just breaking, he's gone and failed his medical, deal is off.
  7. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Viola - Bologna Well that was utter B S. What started off oh so well, comes crumbling down, in embarrassing fashion. Saw a team wearing purple and white on the pitch sporting lovely little purple gloves, which I'm sure by next week the Della Valle's will have Roberto Cavalli design up some nifty miniature clip-on top hats ... however I refuse to believe that was Fiorentina. That second half summed up, for everything that's been good about Firenze's one and only this season, that right there, the appalling display, is what hinders this side from progressing o
  8. Re: The Official Serie A Thread B5Ki6mEJ8Yo Clearly those weren't the only two things little Vincenzo wished for. Bravo Milan, it was well deserved, even that little cazzo Tonto had a very impressive outing, I'll give him that much.
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  10. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Viola - Inter Well I for one found yesterdays mauling to be most enjoyable and entertaining to watch, making amends for last week’s travesty of a performance against, La Vecchia Crapola. Speaking of which, I’d like to apologise to all Interisti, for such a beating should have been forewarned. How? I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps a video, sending a prior warning message signalling, ‘Welcome to hell’? Hmm, I’m not so sure that would be an appropriate action, for a classy side such as la Viola, after all, what sort of shoddy team would stoop to such douche like a
  11. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Woke up this morning, saw this, can't stop laughing, got to love Tiziano Crudeli, what a legend. Here's his reactions from the main highlights of the Fiorentina - Milan match, if you don't want to watch it all, just go to 1:20 for the best part, being his reaction to Pato's penalty miss. Ahaha! Tshi3jKmtZc
  12. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Did anyone see Allegri's post-match comments? It's pretty standard stuff, the typical moan, spewing the same old excuses, rocking the crocodile tears, with that strained look on his face. There is one thing that I really don't like he said; "The problem is that our style of football needs us to run at full speed and playing every three days we can’t do that." That's one comment which completely aggravates me. Down right hate it when managers use being in Champions League/Europa as an excuse. It's what you play to be in, you know that going into the season th
  13. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that. No JoJo, the team does exceptionally well, then again, Milan's idea of defending did lend a helping hand. Mexes' performance was as laughable as his haircut, it just so happens it resembles a rather stocky looking chicken, whereby coincidentally, running with his head cut off. Had a rather good chuckle when he looked like he was going to step up to Roncaglia. On the flip, that second half fluke of a back heel looked so epic, smashing the post, which Pazzo scored off of. Seems as my main worry upon seeing Milan's starting 11, w
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