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  1. Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  2. Re: FIFA 13 Official Thread Put together quite a random calcio squad of players I like, who might not necessarily be the greatest, some bought as more of a joke. To put it into perspective, my fastest players are my LB and RB, one of who in reality is an utter clown. Frey Faverone - Manfredini - Acerbi - Antonini Bertolacci - Pinzi - Fausto Rossi Saponara Moscardelli - Pozzi Also have Icardi, Pjanic and Boniperti on the subs, that are in formation. Haven't been playing this FIFA much as of late, but anyone seen how much Marco Sau costs on Xbox? Was shocked when I saw the price, and I've been told that's an improvement prior to what it once was. The price of being a pacey silver I suppose.
  3. Re: The Official Serie A Thread The list of teams interested in him is long amico. Fiorentina have been interested him since January, around the time Andrea Della Valle promised a 'top forward' to tifosi, and that was after we got Beppe. Instead Viola settle for Toni, but are still interested. La Gazzetta only listed a few days ago Roma had made contact. Arsenal and Spurs and said to be interested too. The legitmacy of teams' interest is up for debate, either way, he's hot property. Speaking of your beloved Inter, have a peer at this, quite an interesting story about Icardi. Found it comical, saying that, do think he is Inter bound. http://milombardia.gazzetta.it/milano/2013-04-11/intericardi-quando-calciomercato-si-decide-anche-twitter-92937767511.shtml
  4. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Roma - Lazio Anybody else watch the Derby della Capitale? The 138th Rome derby and it was a pretty decent showing for a 1-1 result, a fiery affair as always, with surprise surprise, a red card, making it 8 reds in the last 5 derby’s, well at least believe the commentator said so. First half was pretty much the Hernanes show. When he’s controlling the match in the last third, both through his creativity and that nasty shot of his, you better throw out many a prayer. That first goal was an absolute belter! How about Roma? Almost seemed like a scene from The Walking Dead, 11 walkers on the pitch. Totti usually creates goals, was very quiet, Florenzi offered a little flair to keep tifosi amused, it was De Rossi making most of the noise, crunching tackles everywhere, especially that one on Klose (it was more of a return), whereby I have to ask; Is he sponsored by Adidas? Because he went “All In” with that tackle. Haha, awful joke, I know. Excuse the cheesy humour. Second half picked up where the first left off, the Lazio show continues, through somewhat horrific fashion if you’re Marquinho, a blatant handball in the ’18, penalty Lazio, within minutes. Hernanes, Mr. Best Player on the pitch steps up and misses the entire goal. This is where the entire match changes, including Hernanes’ performance. Score ended 1-1 right, so how did Roma get back into the match, other than through holding possession well, advancing the ball, with Pjanic having awoken? Hernanes. This dude has an amazing first half, blows a penalty second half, then goes and concedes a penalty to Roma, by clipping Pjanic’s left leg. Clear penalty which il Crapitano smashes in, to Marchetti’s bottom right. How about that Totti free-kick to follow shortly later? One touched to Totti from about 25-30 yards out, smashed it right through Lazio’s wall, which was complete garbage all match, saved by Marchetti, and the ball rolls straight into the path of Florenzi, who’s followed shot is saved by Marchetti. Brilliance! Things gets worse for Lazio, whilst Marchetti is keeping things level, the Slowbro equivalent, Biava, gets sent off for pretty much kicking the life out of Marquinho, who is much quicker to get on the ball. You’d think Roma would spurn on to claim all 3 points now, but no, just like Fiorentina, who when reduced to 10 men, brought out the best in them, the same goes for Lazio, who looked to be gaining some momentum. Saying all of that, the best chances that followed were still to Roma, only to be wasted by Lamela, who had half of the goal open on a lovely corner, all he had to do was head the ball forward, but hit it over the goal. Before that also, Roma were clearly robbed of a penalty they should have been given, with Radu tripping up Lamela in the box, which both the linesman and Mazzoleni refused to acknowledge. Noticed throughout the match Mazzoleni would always take a blind eye to Lamela's claims. Anyway, there you have it, quite eventful for a 1-1 draw, though that’s a standard Rome derby, oh not to mention scenes of fighting tifosi beforehand, plus sure I’ve left out details. This post is long enough. On a sidenote, there's something unlikeable about Lazio defenders. Just saying; Biava, Radu and Andre Dias, have zero tolerance for either of them.
  5. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Well it was the match I've waited all season for - The prodigal son's return. Looked as if me getting up at some ridiculous hour to watch the Fiorentina - Milan was in vain, especially at the site of that stronzo, Tontolivo making a mockery of us, on what was the type of play Pek has become notorious for this second half of the season - giving the ball away. Nevertheless, justice has prevailed and the 'Galliani effect' becomes soiled, albeit through him hiding second half, as Viola tifosi went crazy the first half with all the decisions going against us, so they pushed up the stands to yell at Galliani. Fair to say there was suspect officiating by Tagliavento. Clear to see Galliani didn't complete his payment at half-time, as Tagliavento mixed it up second half. On the Tomovic sending off, absolute bull! OK, he was the last man back but he hardly took El Shaa out. That was some WWF nonsense, all in the selling of slight contact and Tagliavento bought it ever so quickly, like a Nuts magazine on sale for 5p. Talk about killing a match, but I suppose that's the beauty in the final result. Even after going a man down Fiorentina were more dominant in possession, Allegri clearly wanting Milan to sit back and hit on the counter, which may have helped in leading to Milan's second goal, via Flamini, set up by, Tonto, but in the end, suicidal. 2 penalties awarded to us second half. 2 goals. Both instances were penalties could care less what Diavoli think. The second penalty awarded to Cuadrado was more clear cut, tripped up by De Sciglio. The first penalty there is room to debate, but Ljajic on that amazing solo run was clearly pushed by Nocerino. Milan probably should have been returned one of those decisions with a Roncaglia handball off a header, but wasn't given, which personally I see as justice, for Tomovic's red. In all, with the way things went, this feels like a win for Fiorentina. To battle the odds, down 2-0, reduced to 10 men, against a confident Milan side, with 12 men at times if you know what I'm saying... and they got crapped on second half - most pleasing. Proud of the lads. Bring on the ladri chants, doesn't bother the Fiesole. See you next time Tonto...
  6. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Inter John Carew - he might be bigger than me and you ... but he's just had the shortest trial in Inter history. Just breaking, he's gone and failed his medical, deal is off.
  7. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Viola - Bologna Well that was utter B S. What started off oh so well, comes crumbling down, in embarrassing fashion. Saw a team wearing purple and white on the pitch sporting lovely little purple gloves, which I'm sure by next week the Della Valle's will have Roberto Cavalli design up some nifty miniature clip-on top hats ... however I refuse to believe that was Fiorentina. That second half summed up, for everything that's been good about Firenze's one and only this season, that right there, the appalling display, is what hinders this side from progressing on to really being a contender for a CL spot, from a pretender. The underlying issue? Consistency, especially since the winter break. Look at the first half - coasting. Mentioned last week about Cuadrado's shooting, and how despite him being good on the wing, his level of shooting distances him away from being lethal, and today showed that. He scared the pants off the Rossoblu, but guess what, this stronzo goes and misses an open goal. How about another chance ... Nah, I'll just miss that tap-in. Viola were gifted so many chances, yet nothing, except a smashing strike from Ljajic, well played on from JoJo. So, we've got the lead, looking for more, surely the back line can hold it's own? Leave it out, will you. These players start falling asleep, especially on that set-piece, where I'm sure the players started to play that old kids playground game, 'Hot Chocolate', standing as still as can be, on Diamanti's cross, so Motta can just put it in. Bravo. Diego Della Valle to supply chianti for all. Like hell, maybe with the Cosimo de' Medici. From there on, you'd think Montella may change things up, either bringing on Momo, or Wolski, after being completely pushed back, but no, he made his first sub, with about only 7 minutes left, which by the way, I can't believe of all people, he sent out an S.O.S to, Larrondo. Really of the opinion old Monty was stumped on what to do, he didn't even change the shape of the team once. It was an onslaught, and Christodoulopoulos' goal wasn't a matter of, 'D: Bologna have done it!', it was a case of, 'When are Bologna getting this goal', and there it was. As for Toni ... right at the end. I'd rather not. That was his bread and butter, miss a chance like that, and you know you're just not destined to take anything away from the match. I'd also like to lastly add how annoying Diamanti is. Sure he's good, especially today, but this goofy, Doink The Clown, looking ponce, mocking Viola players with his daft hairstyle, looking like he got thunder-shocked by a Pikachu in the Safari Zone, known as, Emilia, needs to be sent to an asylum. It's at moments like this I miss Donadel, someone with class, yet backbone, would have put him in his place. Also Garics, looks like he had been thumped one prior, his face looked like Papa Berlu's after getting donked on the head with that statue. Taking away a positive, Adem Ljajic, yet again. He is really coming into his own, the hard work he's put in, is paying off. Good on him. Keep your grubby paws away Marotta. Rant over ... I think that was a rant.
  8. Re: The Official Serie A Thread B5Ki6mEJ8Yo Clearly those weren't the only two things little Vincenzo wished for. Bravo Milan, it was well deserved, even that little cazzo Tonto had a very impressive outing, I'll give him that much.
  9. Re: Riferimento: Re: The Official Serie A Thread
  10. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Viola - Inter Well I for one found yesterdays mauling to be most enjoyable and entertaining to watch, making amends for last week’s travesty of a performance against, La Vecchia Crapola. Speaking of which, I’d like to apologise to all Interisti, for such a beating should have been forewarned. How? I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps a video, sending a prior warning message signalling, ‘Welcome to hell’? Hmm, I’m not so sure that would be an appropriate action, for a classy side such as la Viola, after all, what sort of shoddy team would stoop to such douche like actions? That, I wonder indeed. Won’t dissect the match much, the score line tells the story, similar to Fiorentina – Rubentus, where Viviano was hung out to dry, such was the case with Handanovic, who made some terrific saves, by doing so, saving the Nerazzurri from further embarrassment. Speaking of Inter’s defence (not that I really was, but whatever), how about that Juan ... like the kid, but his actions, not so Jesus like, JoJo should have returned that swinging elbow with a swift kick to the balls. Apart from the 4-1 result, there was one other highlight of the match, when the Curva Fiesole was chanting, “il pallone e' quello giallo, il pallone e' quello giallo!” Love it. On some individual Fiorentina performances... JoJo – If anything, over the past 2 months he’s been, Mr. Inconsistency. JoJo’s the type of player who sometimes fails to see what he has at his own disposal. This Viola isn’t Sinisa or Delio Rossi’s squad of last season, it’s fundamental he stop taking ridiculous shots from 30 yards out, or trying to take on 4 players, and start entrusting faith in other players, they are more than capable of making things happen too. Should JoJo, show the same striking display as yesterday, I’ve no quarrel, but really his clinical being from the start of the season has seemed to have rubbed off, maybe yesterday will recreate some of that JoJoGol magic, or perhaps it was the magic of Diego Della Valle being present ...who knows. Pek – It’s a fact Fiorentina are a much better side with Pizarro in the side (grazie Roma, again), much of Fiorentina’s downward spiral since January could be attributed to Pek’s absence. That Power Ranger dynamic I’ve referred to Viola’s midfield being before, is broken to pieces without the main gear. Playing Romulo (who should never play a central role), Migliaccio, who’s a more defensive presence, but surprisingly played OK, just won’t suffice, if anything I’m surprised Montella didn’t even give Capezzi a chance. That ball Pek played to JoJo in the early stages of the match, throwing off that uncoordinated clown Ranocchia, leaving JoJo on goal, with Hando, which I still can’t believe he didn’t score, was superb. Despite my plaudits, I do have a criticism of Pek, which coincidentally would be one of his strong points, of being that guy, who is clutch in holding the ball and orchestrating passes from deep, I’d say bordering on being mild regista, he’s faltered quite a few times recently, losing the ball with ease, twice which having cost Fiorentina, turning into goals on the counter. Ljajic – What does one say about Ljajic. Under performing last year, and topped off with the Delio Rossi saga, leaving his future in Firenze in doubt, looks like it’s been the blessing in disguise. Ever since the pre-season friendlies in the summer he’s been a new player, the club’s decision to not sell Ljajic as a course of action was the right thing to do. Yesterday he displayed his tremendous amount of technical ability on the ball, his dribbling, and link-up passes was precision at its best. OK, sure he doesn't have the best shot, which is odd, since he has a wicked shot just outside the ’18, in the box, give him a 1 on 1, or a tap in, he usually skies the ball over the goal. In addition, his decision making, still somewhat questionable, but he’s got a good attitude and great work rate in order to continue to improve. Cuadrado – On his day, like JoJo, could perhaps be one of the most dangerous players in Serie A. His superb speed, which can’t be matched by many, used with his ability to cut in, or whip in a decent cross, creates absolute turmoil for the opposition, exactly what he did yesterday. Most definitely one of Prade’s best signings, if only he had more sting in that shot of his, matched with accuracy, he could possibly evolve into Cuadrizard? 2013 hasn't been the kindest to Fiorentina, thus a performance like this was overdue. All I plead for now is a bit of consistency, both in the results and player performance, especially from JoJo. If Della Valle pulls the plug in the summer, which I’m 85% sure he will be, need JoJo’s value to be soaring as high as possible, to bring in the best possible replacement. Andrea Della Valle said he won’t accept anything less than €30m, for the first half of the season of the opinion he could have got more than that, as of right now, I’d say he’s playing more like a €20m player. Avanti Viola.
  11. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Woke up this morning, saw this, can't stop laughing, got to love Tiziano Crudeli, what a legend. Here's his reactions from the main highlights of the Fiorentina - Milan match, if you don't want to watch it all, just go to 1:20 for the best part, being his reaction to Pato's penalty miss. Ahaha! Tshi3jKmtZc
  12. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Did anyone see Allegri's post-match comments? It's pretty standard stuff, the typical moan, spewing the same old excuses, rocking the crocodile tears, with that strained look on his face. There is one thing that I really don't like he said; "The problem is that our style of football needs us to run at full speed and playing every three days we can’t do that." That's one comment which completely aggravates me. Down right hate it when managers use being in Champions League/Europa as an excuse. It's what you play to be in, you know that going into the season that you're either in it, or as a competitive outfit as Milan, the objective is to maintain a place in said tournament, or work your way into it. The devil's advocate in me feels sorry for Allegri. The position he's been put in due to the happenings of the summer mercatto, a la stripping the pillars of the Milan squad, with members of the old guard, Ibra, TS & Cass on the out, replaced by Pazzo and lacklustre free agent signings to balance the books. Surely a chunk of the current state of Milan lies on Berlusconi and Galliani. Many still question why Pato was not sold, other than, um, sexual reasons? On the latter side, you then have to ask yourselves, were the rumours true, of numerous rifts with Ibra, and even Cassano, with some of Allegri's public statements about Cassano. Perhaps holding ones tongue would have been for better measure. The only thing going for Milan right now is their youth (excluding Pato from that at the moment), highlighting players like El Shaa, Constant, Bojan (getting better), De Sciglio, but even that won't give you a winning side over night. Allegri somewhat is a scapegoat, yet when looking at the Milan squad on paper, it has the quality to still be able to compete for a top 8 finish. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Be it being tactically challenged or players just not performing, whereby most manager fall on the sword, this edges to 2 things; 1) No more invitations to Bunga Bunga parties. 2) Arrivederci! I think his time is coming soon.
  13. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that. No JoJo, the team does exceptionally well, then again, Milan's idea of defending did lend a helping hand. Mexes' performance was as laughable as his haircut, it just so happens it resembles a rather stocky looking chicken, whereby coincidentally, running with his head cut off. Had a rather good chuckle when he looked like he was going to step up to Roncaglia. On the flip, that second half fluke of a back heel looked so epic, smashing the post, which Pazzo scored off of. Seems as my main worry upon seeing Milan's starting 11, was looked into too much, as Viola's wide play looked as threatening as ever, and it didn't even play into Toni's hands, with the midfield doing the damage. Here's a bit of a random thought, for those who don't watch Viola often, want to know of the midfield; It tends to remind me a lot of the Power Rangers. Now before you ask, 'Too much Chianti?', I'll explain. When defending, we scatter like individuals, each man pressing on their assignment, as soon as that transition switches from defending to attacking, they transform into that big robot, comprised as one unit, kind of like those bad ass horse dudes from LOTR. Quite the scene. Was great to see Aquiliani get his first goal for Fiorentina, same goes for El Hamdaoui. You'll be quite surprised how well Aqua is doing for having only played 5 matches. He's always an influence in the build-up to goals some how. As for El Hamdaoui, he's been working hard, has apparently dropped some weight (according to Montella), gets in the right places, has been lacking in finishing, but man, what a finish today. As for Tonto... ha, he opted for a move, for more money and trophies. You can have your money, success may be on hold for a while though. Could have sworn I heard Allegri yelling - Torna qui, maledetto cavallo! 12 matches into the season, 7 wins, 24 pts; Viola have surpassed half the amount of points last season (23), are 4 wins away from equalling 11 wins last year. Simply amazing. Avanti Viola!
  14. Re: The Official Serie A Thread Alas, 'The Prodigal Son's Return', yet not quite, first a visit to the San Siro. So be it. The build-up's begun since the summer really, and whilst I could analyse both teams till kingdom come, it's quite evident to see, which team is grafting for wins, putting out more demanding and attractive performances at that, whilst the other poses questions about the manager, players form and obtaining a level of consistency, with a few hotshot kids. As hinted above, I could care less about all the statistical breakdowns and current run of form, this is about something else for all Fiorentini, a man who sold his soul to il Diavolo, literally, leaving on a Bosman, which isn't the biggest deal, but in the manner in which he did so, contradicting a lot of things he said, along with showing a complete dis-attachment from a club he grew with for 7 years, topped with abysmal performances, thereby inadvertently changing his last name to Tontolivo. Before I go further, keep in mind, as I've stated numerous times in other posts, just so people don't view this as a one-way ticket to highway to hell, filled with vitriol, aimed to set Tonto alight, as if he were 1 of the 3 legendary Pokemon birds, Moltres. I've backed him a little in the past, as a chunk of the reasoning of his departure falls to Della Valle and Corvino, their running of the club. I'll stop there and not go further into detail, as I've done this already, quite a few times, being a subject that gets me going, will come off as repetitive, for those who have read prior posts.. So what's the gripe with Tonto now, apart from Milan - Fiorentina, being on today? Well, when you leave in the manner you do, it's probably best not to go running your gob, acting like a complete tosspot. Just because one serves at a club for 7 years, of which 2 years are debatable, isn't doesn't mean you're entitled to tifosi's respect, it's earned, and in this case, lost by many. Both Tonto and Branchini, who share similar traits to Pinky and the Brain, well, actually, excuse the latter part, have been speaking of good 'ol Livo scoring this week; "I never regretted joining Milan. I will score against Fiorentina but I won't celebrate." Oh really? CAZZO GUARDI!! Don't think I've despised a player this much since Sol Campbell, with maybe a hint of Gareth Southgate, ala Euro 96. Anyway, out with the hate, the match is here, I was going to talk a lot more, but time has run out, plus been typing whilst watching the Spurs match. Just seen Milan's starting 11, Pocahontas is starting, so there's no running. My worry about Milan's XI? A brick must have fell on Allegri's head, with common sense now ringing. Both Constant and De Sciglio starting, both which are good enough, to be a threat to Viola's surgent wing play, which will be crucial with Toni lurking in the '18. Fiorentina XI: Viviano; Roncaglia, Rodriguez, Savic; Cuadrado, Aquilani, Pizarro, Borja Valero, Pasqual; Ljajic, Toni. Milan XI: Abbiati; De Sciglio, Mexes, Bonera, Constant; Ambrosini, Montolivo; Emanuelson, Boateng, El Shaarawy; Pato. Forza Viola.
  15. Re: .::.-Dishonored-.::. Alas, completed the campaign. The saddest thing about this is, I finally realised how to play the game (properly), albeit too late, with only about 2 missions left, began to get how much easier; with a bit of patience, listening to conversations, letting those conversations end, using dark vision and blink - often, how easy it actually is to make your way around the city, avoid heated situations (except for those tallboys - pain in the ...). Not to mention, I began to get all of this, when I stopped playing the game, whilst being in Xbox live parties, constantly talking to others, turning my TV volume low, not really listening in on clues. Obviously not going to reveal any details about the ending(s), for any of you who haven't completed it yet, or are planning on getting it, but I really wasn't impressed with how it ends, I did however love some of the twists in the game itself. In all, a fairly decent game, though over exaggerated to kingdom come in my view, looking at E3 and gaming websites' reviews, didn't live up to the crazy hype. Looking at the video games out nowadays, I can see why it did get a high rating, there just aren't many/any new, good games out right now, so Dishonored does blow away the competition in that stead.
  16. Re: .::.-Dishonored-.::. Don't read if you plan on getting the game, of course, unless you want to. Mission after the brothers, kidnapping the Royal Physician, done, next mission... the one where you have to go to some ball, is the new frustration. I can't get past those 2 bloody big robots, at the entrance of the city, when you cross the bridge. Tried to hide behind a lamppost, but next you see is one of them killing me. Any idea on how to dispose of them? Also what's up with the city now? It's like Alice in Wonderland / Mario land now, these plants growing everywhere, spitting poison or something at you...
  17. Re: .::.-Dishonored-.::. No way I could take this route, stealth isn't my forte.
  18. Re: .::.-Dishonored-.::. See what you mean now. Banged out a sesh yesterday' date=' just kept on getting annoyed... annoyed and further annoyed. Trying to be discreet here, without revealing any of the story to anyone, so for those of concern, I'd stop reading here; but at the part where you have to kill those 2 brothers, as soon as I kill one, I'm surrounded by guards, who end up killing me. Have had to keep on playing that part over and over again, until I had just about enough and quit. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. I knock most of the guards unconcious, open the door, kill the dude with the slag, then get jumped from behind like it's some nWo attack. Not my cuppa. Only Halo I've ever played, and that was due to it being free with the console, ODST, the worst video game I've ever played, worse than Fable 3.
  19. Re: .::.-Dishonored-.::. Triffic, just what I needed. Haha. I think I'll probably trade this game in, once I've completed it, just don't think, at the moment anyway, it's the type of game I'd return back to play, for the campaign. For anyone reading that, it's not a reflection on the game, but more so personal taste. I quite like that Blink magic, which allows you to teleport short distances. Comes in handy, not the best way to runaway from tons of guards though I find.
  20. Re: SM NFL Fantasy League Well isn't this lovely. Start off 2-0, hit the injury bug, now have lost 4 running. To make matters worse this week gone by, Garcon didn't play, I could have played James Jones, who I left on the bench, racking up a nice 15.30 points, with 2 TDs. Ugh. (Still would have lost anyway) One plus - least Stafford and Adrian Peterson aren't injured... yet. EDIT: I'm on the path to turn this season around, thus I've entered into intense negotiations, at an advanced stage with Adam. I've tabled a very respectable offer, one which will benefit both parties. I expect the deal to be completed within a matter of hours, at most up to 2 days.
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