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  1. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops After finally killing George a few weeks back for that achievement , i finally freed the prisoners for the other achievement Nikolai and the other bloke from the WAW Zombies , so instead of recieving the death machine i got the wunder waffle which as everyone remembers is awesome and you get that every time you kill George now
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC21 Arsenal Last Week saw Arsenal finally secure the Premier Division title , before this Arsenal had finished runners up an incredible five times out of the seven seasons played , this is my favourite side being an Arsenal fan and my very first GC ... Delighted
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Some more human transfers complete which i am delighted with Cant remember if i posted one or two of these before , nevermind just thought i would do them all together ... Arsenal GC21 Franck Ribery joins from league rivals Manchester United in a swap deal for Stevan Jovetic + Juan Mata Sami Khedira joins from VFB Stuttgart in a swap deal for Aaron Ramsey + Nicklas Bendtner On the lookout for a top defender will include the likes of Alou Diarra , William Gallas , Andreas Guardado , Igor Semshov , Arda Turan and depending on the player offered will also include Chris Smalling + Marko Marin Real Madrid GC30 Diego Forlan joins from unmanaged Bayer Leverkusen for 28.7 million pounds Rodriguez Pedro joins from fierce rivals Barcelona in a swap deal for Santi Cazorla + Javier Saviola + 20 million pounds Also signed a couple of nice youngsters . GC68 Real Madrid Finally parts with Kaka , as he heads to Barcelona in a swap deal for Mario Balotelli + Javier Martinez , wanted more for him but struggled for a few seasons to get rid of him hope that will show people my demands arent what they used to be GC69 Bayern Munchen As Schweinstiger has left , Robben Lahm and Gomez are still available , really need a keeper and some defenders
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread It took ages for a decent bid to come along , seems so hard to deal with human managers nowadays , but i understand what Rays saying my asking prices were quite high but they were the days you could get away with it , nowadays i feel grateful if i get the odd offer , i jumped at the chance to sell Bastien for that , dont think its a great deal but it gets me 2 decent players in return , not to sure on your Robben offer Allan id hold on a bit longer someone must want him. Edit @ Mike - Lahm , Gomez or Robben interest you ? might aswell try your luck see if we can get something sorted , me being a gooner could make it work lol , could do with replacements and another player , Goalkeeper + Defenders i could do with
  5. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops Im not a fan of any of the maps at first glance , but then i was the same with the first map pack , i buy it for the Zombies mostly , Yeah ive had a couple of gos , that bloke what glows blue and come out of the water , whats he all about , must be a way of killing him if u stay away from him and dont shoot him i found he leaves you alone but then i havent been far yet
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Erm ok Ray , i no my demands arent that high im just needing depth , i sold Bastien for a decent price i thought , but thats what its got to , not replying to messages ignoring bids , same old But as i said really need to part with them so anybody make a bid
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC69 Bayern Munchen Anybody at all in this GC ? A few weeks back Bayern finally managed to do a deal with a human manager , Schweinstiger leaves for Porto which sees Bruno Alves + Raul Meireles come to Germany as i need the depth . Phillip Lahm , Arjen Robben and Mario Gomez are still available , ideally would like replacements and another player , really need rid of these players asap . GC68 Real Madrid Anybody interested in Kaka ? would offer him and another player for someone if i have to , or im sure theres someone who would take Luis Fabiano + Jose Bosingwa for a top striker , thats a 93 + 92 or maybe Zhirkov + Kaka/Fabiano . Please get in touch Really wanna part with these players and this is what its come down to
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Im Madrid sean
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Two big deals have just been completed , which i am delighted with especially the second Arsenal GC21 Franck Ribery joins Arsenal from rivals Manchester United in a swap deal for Juan Mata and Stevan Jovetic . Real Madrid GC30 Pedro joins Madrid from fierce rivals Barcelona in a swap deal for Javier Saviola , Santi Cazorla and 20 million pounds , was really shocked to see it was accepted and delighted to see it has been completed .
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Picked up Lyon in GC92 , Dont really like to pick up used sides but never the less i will give it a go , Lloris + Ibrahimovic available Edit @ Artifex ... Still pondering in GC37 mate , as much as id like Ribery its just to much to give and im a fan of Yaya , but will keep trying to negotiate
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Inter GC47 Beat league champions Roma 3 - 2 in the Charity Shield , delighted with the win after Roma pipped me to win my fifth league title , Van Persie and Higuain with a brace to seal the win
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC47 Inter Win the Italian Cup after beating Udinese 5 - 0 a goal from Silva and braces for Van Persie and Higuain , we made up for narrowly losing out on the league to Roma . Was supposed to be my 50th Honour , was looking forward to it and to clarify i went to my trophy cabinet and it says i have 36 , weird . still i suppose i have won 50
  13. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops Ok cheers JBK So for instance if i liked the sound of the X31 could you tel me as much detail as you could about them , what they do etc Nice 1;)
  14. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops Was hoping for a bit of help I am going to invest in a pair of Turtle Beeches , but i havent a clue about them or anything , i mean whats all this x11 x41 etc all about , so yeah any help , details as much as you can would be greatly apreciated , thanking you
  15. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC68 Real Madrid Lose another Super Cup this time to Parma 3 - 1 , really dissapointed i just got the tactics wrong on the day fair play to Parma boss , its the only trophy ive never won Some good news Madrid sell Cristiano Ronaldo to title rivals Barcelona which sees Giorgio Chiellini + Mesut Ozil come to Madrid , dissapointed to lose Ronaldo but Dans offer i couldnt turn down as ive been after a top defender for a while Kaka still available
  16. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Juventus GC49 Main players , Mikel , Mandana , Westerman
  17. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC68 Real Madrid - Just three days after Real lifted the Spanish Cup , tonight they secured another major trophy winning the SMFA Champions Cup for the second time beating Internazionale 2 - 0 in the final , goals from Eto and Ribery secure the win . Delighted
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC47 Inter - Samir Nasri joins Inter from Lyon which sees Theo Walcott + Mario Balotelli go the other way , dissapointed to lose Walcott since his rating change to 90 as hes been on fire , as much of a talent Balotelli is i think hel always be a fool , really pleased to have got Nasri I think it was Mr . Hammer to
  19. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC37 BarcelonaAfter Barcelona retained there title for the 3rd succesive seaon and also claiming the Spanish Cup in a terrific double they win the Charity Shield 2 - 1 against fierce rivals Real Madrid , Eto scoring a brace , the winner a penalty in the 86th minute GC68 Real Madrid Win the Spanish Cup beating Valencia 2 - 1 with goals from Pepe and a late 84th minute winner from Eto , what started as a terrible season has turned into a fantastic end where we face Inter on Friday in the SMFA Champions Cup final hoping to win it for the second time Really wanna part with Kaka in this setup , reason being i dont usually play with AMs noone seems to be interested , not like hes old , when hes fit again im sure hell be close to playing like he once was , pleeeeease make a bid
  20. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Im Madrid in GC30 , i noticed you constantly write in the newspaper about wanting to do deals , i have sent you a few pms and made you half a dozen offers for Modric , least you could do is counter or atleast get back to me and tell me what you want , i dont think my opening offer of Saviola and Gago was the worst , if you wanna do a deal on Modric then let me no
  21. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Perfect night last night and most of the games were really important GC21 Arsenal Huge game as we beat United 3-1 at Old Trafford with goals from Nasri , Mata and Moutinho , we stay 2 points clear of Georges Derby County who are doing really well . GC37 Barcelona Already retained my league title a while ago but destroyed Xerex 6-0 tonight in the final game with goals from Lisandro , brace from Eto and a hatrick from Pedro , we finished 25 points ahead of second placed Real . GC47 Inter Another massive game tonight against top of the table Roma , we won 4-2 with goals from Fabregas , Silva , Higuain and Turan , that leaves us 2 points of Roma with 6 games to play . GC68 Real Madrid Dan has already retained his league title but a superb second half of the season from Madrid has seen them in the driving seat for that 4th spot after a fine win against Valencia 4-1 with goals from Benzema , Eto , Sneijder and an own goal from Medel , Madrid will entertain Manchester City in the coming weeks for a place in the SMFA Cup Final after they knocked out Dans Barcelona . GC69 Bayern MunchenA very important Win 1-0 at Wolfsburg , Klose with the only goal , moves us 7 points clear at the top .
  22. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Hmmm does look very impressive even next to my Madrid squad who i like very much , was moving house halfway through the season , thats why my team struggled just trying to gain that 4th spot now , i needed a good cm for a while and managed to sign De Rossi , i paid alot as u no and then he gets injured for ages in his first game, typical , Alonso is available as are all my players , you wont because of your spanish philosophy but any chance on Cesc would add Alonso to the deal
  23. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Bayern Munchen GC69 Bayern win the German Shield beating Alemannia Achen 4-0 : Not great opposition but my first trophy with them
  24. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops TBH im not much of a fan of the new maps , prefer the Zombies got to level 24 the other day but on leaderboards says i only been to level 14 , weird , anyways been giving sniping a go seen as i loved it on mw2 but it just seems impossible so hard , thinking about doiing a private match with Ken and Daragh if there up for it later
  25. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops Anyone no what the update was for ?
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