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  1. Re: Arshavin That's my point. He has been keeping it up since he moved. He was the best player in the Russian League and everyone had very high expectations of him at Arsenal. It takes a very talented player to make such a quick transition to the Premiership.
  2. Re: Saivet This guy's a real talent. Anyone who plays Football Manager will know how good he is. He's the best youngster on the game. In 2-3 years I think he'll come to light.
  3. Re: Spanish Ratings RVN shouldn't be 96, should be more like 93. Messi should go up to 98 if he plays well in the Champs League final.
  4. Re: Arshavin Nobody can be compared to Henry lol. Maybe he's not better than Nasri, but he shouldn't be 3 ratings less than him.
  5. I've noticed Arshavin's rating hasn't improved but since his moved to Arsenal he's been on fire. His current stats for Arsenal are... 12 games 6 goals 7 assists Also take into account the 8 goals he's scored for Russia this season, surely that deserves an improvement? Anyone who seen him against Liverpool will know what a special player he is. I also think Walcott should be rated higher than 89, especially if Nasri is 92 and Rosicky 90. Now I'm not just saying this because Arsenal are one of my clubs on SM, because it benefits everybody on the site. I'll even be honest I think Gallas, Clichy, Rosicky Sagna are all rated too high. Please consider changing Arshavin and Walcott. Thanks
  6. Could someone explain this to me please. Just I lost 2-0 to Bolton, when i've got a by far better team and it's only my third game and all my players are fit, and I'd won the previous game, so morale was fairly good. Confused as to how I lost.
  7. The finance side of the game seems to be really basic. I think it would good if we could have more involvment in finances. Here's some ideas... Sponsors - As a manager we decide the shirt sponsor and stadium sponser this is factor in how much income we get a turn. Sponsors have different contracts lengths and the bigger the club, the better the sponsor. Loans/Extra transfer funds - Can request loans from the chairman. If the clubs are turning over a healthy amount, then a manager should be rewarded with more funds. Shirt Sales increase with big signings, therfore more income. Away from finances I co-sign with the guy who said about manager of the month, in each setup.
  8. I think Richards rating needs to be reviewed. How come his rating is 90 and Wes Brown is 90? Richards is on another level than Brown. Why would one of the best managers in the world (Capello) pick Richards over Brown? Fair enough Brown has had a good season, but he's not been a stand out player, it's all down to the rest on Man Utd's defence. When Richards plays, he is always a stand out player, he can defend very well and attack very well. He is the best right back in the Premiership, so should be the highest rated.
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