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  1. hahahaha im back big boy 

  2. bale was sold for zaza and nastasic what happened there, I WANT ANSWERS!
  3. Otamendi and Sagna for Alderweireld and Rose? Fernandinho for Thiago Alcantara?
  4. Thanks, How about Aguero, De Bruyne and Kompany for Lewandowski, Boateng and Douglas Costa?
  5. Ozil and Ramsey for Aguero? Lewandowski for Aguero? Kompany and Gundogan for Thiago Silva? Thanks
  6. Haha bit angry that our last league win was against you lot? haha how bad must you be, doubt you even knew that seeing as you stay in posting on here rather than going to games or better yet even going outside you support liverpool and your favourite player is david silva get a grip.... lol you support liverpool, 3-3 gayle, we ruined your only ever shot at a title and are more likely to win silverware this season, saying that doubt you were even a liverpool fan in 2014
  7. What are you on about? even are you? Whoever I support its better than being you supporting a club you live nowhere near loool get a life.
  8. haha now i really know you're a moron, season ticket holder for 12 years, unlike you who's on here posting at 4pm on saturdays...hmmm
  9. stoke fan calling someone an inbred lol that's rich
  10. it was incredibly lucky and awful defending dived in and turned away from the ball
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