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  1. time to dust off this thread 4-3-3 wingers vs 4-2-3-1 (how to give 4-2-3-1 a hard time)
  2. Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please? 5-4-1 vs. 4-3-3 wingers I copied my style from 9wolves2009, which you can find here, so no need to thank me!
  3. Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please? Yep you're damn right. In both cases, the main weaknesses are the gaps ahead of the fullbacks and, to a lesser degree, the space ahead of the central midfielders. Though i think that a 4-2-3-1 formation, if faced with an aggressive opponent such as a 4-3-3 which is able to keep the opponents in their own half, is more likely to collapse. One can also say that in a 4-3-3 the wing backs have more room to run into because there are two wingers up front and not two wide midfielders. However you can also say that a switch to the 4-3-3 means o
  4. Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please? Well done, sir. Glad it worked fine for you too.
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Sure, Marcelo is a huge miss for Real! Can't wait for the 2nd leg mate! As I said before, if Atletico manage to score an early goal next week, Real have to score at least 2 and knowing your defensive strength, that will surely be a huge task for them.
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread My thoughts exactly. Awful refereeing, the Mandzukic booking was an absolute joke! Marcelo missing the next game along with Suarez for Atletico is a positive thing for you. Mario was simply awful today.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread All in all, a positive result for Atletico. They should try to get an early goal in the 1st half next Wednesday, then it'll be difficult for Real to score 2 against them. Time for Torres to shine again?
  8. Re: Riferimento: The Random Thread
  9. Re: The Random Thread I'm hurt because she didn't invite me to her wedding at all and I'm her brother.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ings and Mitrovic. Berahino may be a little more talented than Ings but he has a Balotelli attitude about him. I can see him fizzling out ala Balotelli/Zaha.
  11. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Yep, he's an exciting prospect, still only 19!!!
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thiago...can't wait for him to be fully fit. what a magician!
  13. Re: The Random Thread My weapons? My fists baby! Booyah!
  14. Re: The Random Thread Wild GEODUDE appeared!
  15. Re: The Random Thread I just wanted you to know that' date=' since we are taking care of our pool. I've got that summertime, summertime algae S-s-summertime, summertime algae Got that summertime, summertime algae Oh, oh, oh[/center']
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