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  1. Riferimento: Young German RB - Dany Da Costa or Antonio Rudiger? So for you it is 1. Rudiger 2. Zimmermann 3. Da Costa Right?
  2. Riferimento: Young German RB - Dany Da Costa or Antonio Rudiger? And what do you think about Matthias Zimmermann? Is he better than the other two?
  3. Riferimento: Re: Siem De Jong and Arteta Get Osvaldo and keep Arteta. Osvaldo is an amazing forward, and Arteta in my opinion is going to get a rise. Boateng, instead, is not having a great season.
  4. Riferimento: Re: Saviola or Nilmar
  5. Riferimento: Young German RB - Dany Da Costa or Antonio Rudiger? Thanks, I liked that you explained the reasons behind your choice!
  6. Hi, I want to buy, as the title says, a young German Right Back. Who would you go for between this two, Antonio Rudiger or Danny da Costa? Who will rise more?
  7. Pyrgus93


    Re: neymar Yours, because you offered more.
  8. Riferimento: Rafael Van der Vaart? Will he drop? I'm interested in this too! Anyone wanting to give his opinion?
  9. Riferimento: Wrong translate "man behind ball" in italian
  10. Riferimento: Looking for a (not SO famous) Young Keeper Thanks, you helped a lot!
  11. Riferimento: Looking for a (not SO famous) Young Keeper No one is gonna help me?
  12. Riferimento: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I have been offered 19 millions for Giovinco, do I sell him? With that money i could buy Giuseppe Rossi who is in an unmanaged team.
  13. Hi people, like you can say from the title, i'm searching for a young keeper to back up my Diego Lopez, who just dropped to 89 and who i think will not have a great future, also now that he has moved to Real Madrid. Obviously, in my game world the best ones are already gone, so i can choose between this list: Oliver Baumann Sven Ulreich Tim Krul David Ospina Lars Unnerstall Kevin Trapp Fraser Forster Sebastian Mielitz Murara Neto Fabian Giefer I already have Thomas Kaminski ma i would prefer someone who will rise faster.
  14. Hi, I'm at the start of a new world game. I'm at Juventus and the biggest let down of this team is the lack of a strong center forward. I bought Di Natale, but i would prefer someone with an higher rating. On the market, the only one over 91 in a non-managed team is Eto'o. What do you think about him? Wil he go down in rating? By one or two? Shuld I buy him?
  15. Hi people! I have been offered Godin + 12 MLN for my Bonucci, do you think I should accept? Will Godin reach 91 in this ratings change?
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