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  1. Riferimento: Wrong translate "man behind ball" in italian

    Hi Lunastorta' date=' I agree with this report but old translation "uomo dietro la palla" is the best form. I think that your new suggestion "catenaccio" is not good for this use. It could be used to translate in italian the "very defensive mentality" option as mentality tactic. Don't you agree?[/quote']

    Well, I don't know about English, but in Italian "Uomo dietro la palla" is not a very clear expression. Its use is not easy to understand.

    The option itself, in my opinion, needs to be clarified, it should be told in a simple way what its real use is, so we could work on the better translation.

    Because I always intended it as lunastorta does, as a "catenaccio" option, with all your men defending.

    As for the ultra-defensive mode, I'm more oriented to think it makes the whole squad closed in your own part of the field, but with at least one man staying up forward, waiting for a ball to start a counterattack.

  2. Hi people, like you can say from the title, i'm searching for a young keeper to back up my Diego Lopez, who just dropped to 89 and who i think will not have a great future, also now that he has moved to Real Madrid.

    Obviously, in my game world the best ones are already gone, so i can choose between this list:

    Oliver Baumann

    Sven Ulreich

    Tim Krul

    David Ospina

    Lars Unnerstall

    Kevin Trapp

    Fraser Forster

    Sebastian Mielitz

    Murara Neto

    Fabian Giefer

    I already have Thomas Kaminski ma i would prefer someone who will rise faster.

  3. Hi, I'm at the start of a new world game. I'm at Juventus and the biggest let down of this team is the lack of a strong center forward. I bought Di Natale, but i would prefer someone with an higher rating.

    On the market, the only one over 91 in a non-managed team is Eto'o.

    What do you think about him? Wil he go down in rating? By one or two? Shuld I buy him?

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