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  1. This one I quiote down below. 4-2-4 Yes, that formation! (the team can be anyone) This is bulls#it, In the real world nobody plays like that without midfield. But here this tactics seems to work, al least if you have good fordwards.
  2. I lost 4-3 I have the answer to counter all formations... Use that Internazionale formation I mentioned before. 30 games, 26 wins, 4 draws and 0 loses. This game engine is wrong...
  3. There is a team undefeated for 29 matches in my GW, it plays 4-2-4. His formation is Sirigu Carvajal - Benatia - Chiellini - Baines J. Martinez - Fabregas Muller - Suarez - Lewandowski - Kun Aguero Tackling Style: Normal - Mentality: Attacking - Passing Style: Direct - Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks - Tempo: Normal - Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack: No - Men Behind Ball: No - Tight Marking: No - Play Offside: No - Use Play Maker: Yes - Use Target Man: No - Captain: S.SIRIGU - Penalty Taker: S.AGÜERO - Corner Taker: J.MARTÍNEZ - Free Kicks: L.SUÁREZ - Play Maker: L.SUÁREZ - Target Man: L.SUÁREZ How can I counter him? I play 4-4-2 B with Lloris Otamendi - Ivanovic - Subotic - R. Rodriguez Pogba Mata - Ozil (offensive) Hazard Rooney - Ronaldo Tackling Style: Normal - Mentality: Normal - Passing Style: Mixed - Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks - Tempo: Normal - Pressing: All Over - Counter-Attack: Yes - Men Behind Ball: Yes - Tight Marking: No - Play Offside: No - Use Play Maker: Yes - Use Target Man: Yes - Captain: C. RONALDO - Penalty Taker: C. RONALDO - Corner Taker: E. HAZARD - Free Kicks: C. RONALDO - Play Maker: C. RONALDO - Target Man: W. ROONEY Thank you very much.
  4. Thank you very much for your advices, I really appreciate your help! Going for Rodriguez.
  5. Hi, This LBs are available in my Game World, which one should I buy? I was thinking about Clyne, but my fear is that SM changes his position to only RB where he usually plays. Any risers here? Ricardo Rodriguez Asamoah Kwadwo Benedikt Howedes Luiz Gustavo Jan Vertonghen Nathaniel Clyne Mamadou Sakho Marcos Rojo Matteo Darmian Kieran Gibbs Thank you very much!
  6. Do you say Otamendi will rise? Or is the Valencia review done?
  7. Thanks!!! Just like I was thinking except for Ospina. I think/hope he will reach 90, he has not been reviewed since 2011...
  8. What rating predictions would you give to these players in the next review? Or at least to the ones you know? - Wayne Rooney 94 -> - Mesut Ozil 94 -> - Juan Mata 93 -> - Santi Cazorla 92 -> - Branislav Ivanovic 92 -> - Hugo Lloris 92 -> - Gary Cahill 91 -> - Phillippe Coutinho 91 -> - Raheem Sterling 90 -> - Luke Shaw 88 -> - David Ospina 88 -> - Adnan Januzaj 87 -> - Nathaniel Chalobah 84 -> - Nick Powell 84 -> - Serge Gnabry 82 -> - Oliveira Wallace 82 -> - Gomez Joe 76 -> - James Wilson 76 -> Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Is Cahill going to rise? Is it worth buying? I'am selling Ashley Cole before he drops and looking for a defense riser to 92 or 91. Thanks!
  10. Re: Counter formations Hi everyone! This is the second time i ask for help here, hope someone can help me The thing is that i can't figure out the best formation for my team :/ the tournament just started and i got beaten by an unmanaged lille (average 88) and by a chelsea (91) that the manager doesn't login for about 20 days. I've been using 3-5-2 but i can't make it work, which team/player instructions should i use? Thanks in advance!
  11. Re: Counter formations Thanks' date=' I think i will stick with 3-5-2, here is a result with my Manchester that might might be useful for someone. [img']http://i7.minus.com/jbkgTOMS0R0f6D.PNG[/img]
  12. Re: Counter formations I need some help here, i have been using the counter formations but with no very good results... So i want to stick to 1 formation, so far 3-5-2 has been the best one. (Although before the engine changed i won my league with Diamond formation) What is the best formation with these players? Thanks in advance
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