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  1. Hi friends, what do you think about Memphis Depay vs Raheem Sterling? If you had to go with 1 of them, who would you choose and why? Thanks for your opinion in advance!
  2. And in the old UI we were able to see the squads of different managers just by clicking their account, why this has been removed?
  3. When viewing a report to SMFA in the new interface by opening an already created ticket the ticket seems to be empty.... one has to switch to the old UI in order to see the text. Also, overview/history does not open and produces an error.
  4. And here. I have an important match and it's Christmas. I can't stay all day at SM to set my tactics.
  5. Ok Steve, so what exactly means "There has been an update to your ."?
  6. Hi Steve, I have created a new Game World called European Championship 27291 (ID 243016). At first I have created it with the clubs empty, but now i want to change it with default squads. I have the right to change it once per season and I tried to do that, but clicking on the "Save Changes" button simply doesn't work. I haven't made any changes and actually the GW isn't unlocked yet. And there is no error message at all. Please fix that.
  7. From the players you've asked about personally i would sell Thiago Alcantara and buy Godin. But it depends on your team's needs.
  8. Hi Steve, i don't know if i report this for a second time, but the bug reporting in the game cannot be scrolled down and is not visible even when Chrome is switched to full mode. https://i.imgur.com/YPWJEd5.png?1 Also, the Dark theme is awesome, but the player's club name and wiki club are not visible. You can see that i have marked the otherwise invisible text so you can see it. https://imgur.com/a/80tQO
  9. I actually like the new UI, especially the Dark Theme. It has some tweaks to be done here and there, but that's normal with every beta testing of a software product. However,the problem with the wages is a real one. Not positions,not UI, but the Wages are a problem. We are supposed to rebuild our teams with the now higher prices and wages. I've done that, but I am worried if the money I lose in away matches will be more than I win on home ones. And no, I don't collect players, I keep just the ones I need.
  10. When chatting with someone if you click on their name( or the name of their team) in the chat panel, it switches from the new UI to the old one.
  11. Personally it would be Godin-> Chiellini->Pique->Otamendi->Stones
  12. Hello, i have to sell one of Calhanoglu and Sterling, so who would you choose if you had to choose between them? What is your opinion?
  13. Another one.... the create a bug button cannot be clicked because it's just way too down on the screen. One has to enter full mode of the Chrome browser to be able to click it. https://i.imgur.com/F18ECwR.png
  14. Hmm... Seems OK now. Will report if it happens again.
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