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  1. Re: Pie N Munich XI - ID 216039 {official thread} Lots of teams free and lots of players still available! Come have a look!
  2. Re: Riferimento: New Custom GW Idea "Barebones" I've scrapped that idea since I didn't know how well I would be able to manage it I'm afraid mate.
  3. Re: New Custom GW Idea "Barebones" All accepted now. Sorry been busy with work. Enjoy!
  4. Re: New Custom GW Idea "Barebones" Was going to do a empty squad GW with rules but I'm just gonna do a usual no holds barred one again haha. ID is 216039 - you're more than welcome to join champs.
  5. Re: New Custom GW Idea "Barebones" Only 9/10 people have said they're interested. Need 16.
  6. Re: Customania I'd be interested in a bit of this mate
  7. Gents, I have been thinking of an idea for a custom GW which I think will be fun (and fair). There will be the top 16 teams across Europe split in to 2 divisons, starting off with BLANK squads, but each manager selects and reserves one player, (essentially their club captain), which no other manager may bid on. This will obviously spread the top 16 players in the world evenly and will stop all of the rash bidding that a lot of people seem to do in these GWs. Now I've not had my own GW before so I don't know how well I would be able to enforce that rule, but surely not ALL of you on here are numpties Also, the squad limit will be 22 players ONLY (essentially 2 players for each positon). This should also hopefully stop managers bidding on everyone that they can. Again I would try and enforce some form of punishment for those that don't abide by this rule, but I don't know how well I can manage this, so any ideas or tips would be awesome. Lets see if anyones interested before I chuck a tenner at this old girl anyway! - Nathan
  8. Re: Creating A New Custom Set-Up-Active Managers I'll have a bit of this!
  9. Re: H A John League Pretty much completed my squad. Reasonably happy with it, just not the fact that I've got quite an old team, just happened to get outbid on the younger players! Will hopefully be able to trade some in and out the next transfer window though. GKs: Sirigu, Vermeer Defenders: Zapata, Zuniga, Luis Filipe, Jose Enrique, Vertonghen, Mexes, Schar, Blind Midfielders: Schweinsteiger, Pirlo, Arteta, Asamoah, Cleverley, Ribery, Young, Ronaldinho, Varela, Kelvin Forwards: Suarez, Hernandez, Cardozo
  10. Re: New League (o players, 300 Mill) Managers wanted Please can I join as East Bengal FC? My in game name is Nathan Ruggles
  11. Re: Haris' Championship 38 Can I be Celtic please pal? My name on SM is Nathan Ruggles. Cheers!
  12. Re: Nette Schultz League: Squad Limits, Transfer Windows, No P/E League table starting to shape up a little now. Seeing two teams starting to run away with the points in division 1 and 2. I'm currently 3rd with Dortmund, on the chase for promotion!
  13. Re: New custom setups? Thanks for the replies chaps. I prefer to take over a team from the start, so I meant nearly started custom setups. Can't handle joining teams half way through like 3 seasons haha. Thanks though!
  14. Re: New custom setups? I can't PM for some reason! Any details mate? Or my name on SM is Nathan Ruggles dude
  15. Re: New custom setups? Any details pal?
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