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  1. I think they're phasing the old interface out slowly - it used to work perfectly on my iPad, but in the last few weeks I've been unable to set tactics as the "swap player" functionality has mysteriously disappeared from the old interface. If I switch to the new interface, it all works but is so slow, clunky, unintuitive and hard to find anything that I'd rather boot up my laptop and use the old interface on there.
  2. They've already got your money, why on earth do you expect them to care?
  3. It's De Gea. It's also not the first time I've heard people mention shipping lots of goals with him in goal. My last match I dominated, 64% possession, 8 shots on target, 0 goals (against Petr Cech, who seems to be a freaking brick wall), and I lost 1-0 - opponent had 1 shot on target, which the scored. Freak results happen every so often, but you seem to get a lot more with De Gea in goal
  4. Decided to go through my loan list and clear out a few to reduce numbers, but realised I don't really know enough about some of these players as prospects any more - always the problem with grabbing them very early and then not following them (hard to find the energy to make the effort with the current state of the game ) Some of these were viewed as future first teamers, or even given a chance by managers who have now departed, so if anyone knows about the state of these "future prospects" I'd be really grateful if you'd share your wisdom Axel Tuanzebe - Man Utd Glen Kamara - Ar
  5. Given that quite a lot of players have been missed across the big leagues, I reckon they'll probably leave some of them until after the Euro's, rather than bother having to look at them twice in the space of a few months. I know it's a long shot, as some "big names" have been reviewed already, but I hope that's the case, because if it's not, this has to be one of the laziest, most inconsistent and frankly farked up review session I've seen in all my time on SM. If, for example, Hazard plays well at the Euro's, they could try and justify him staying rather than dropping.
  6. Oh good god, how could I forget - the interface! The god awful, useless, laggy, slow loading, annoying, designed by a 3 year old with some clipart and crayons new interface. That they push and push and push almost every login. "Hey, we've designed a new interface, check it out" "OK, GOT IT"
  7. Changes I can think of off the top of my head: Automatic stadium increase - clubs with smaller stadiums that do well now get an automatic increase in stadium size. Smaller the stadium, larger the increase. Eg, My Charlton team started with 27000, over 2-3 seasons of winning D1, is now up to about 42000. However, finance wise, small clubs are still seen as small clubs - merchandising and other income doesn't appear to increase to match big clubs. Finances - general changes to income from winning cups and leagues, seem to be larger, however player salaries were also increased quite massi
  8. Been through this before, chairman wouldn't sell the highest value/rated, they'd sell a player with enough value to cover the debt. Would also suck even more fun out of the game. Small clubs already struggle to be successful with the financial side of the game against them, and have to run in the red to be competitive. Sorry, but if you end the season in the black after receiving your money for final position, then your not running in the red... If your still in the red after that, then the chairman should resolve it. If we're going for realism, how many clubs run in the red until season
  9. I want to manage a virtual football team on an online game. I didn't realise I'd need an advanced maths certificate just to work out how to keep my players happy. Fine, hogging needs to be dealt with, but having to work out, in advance, how many games each player needs to play just to keep them free of concerns is utter shullbit. Do we really think Mourinho/Guardiola/van gaal sit down in July with a list of all their players and a fixture calendar and count it all out? Where the hell has all the fun gone in this game? It used to be amazing with the anticipation of risers, and trying to out
  10. Last season, concerns hadn't been tweaked (they were actually turned off at one point, apparently) and were nowhere near as harsh as they are now, so it was much easier to keep a high rated team happier. Also, no-one is questioning higher rated players/superstars playing more often, but then fitness needs to be tweaked to allow this to happen. In real life ronaldo can play three times a week and not have any problems. Here, twice a week is about manageable if there's a three-four day gap between matches. Certainly in the EC's you get fixture pileup with cup matches and league matches barely t
  11. The forum is more permanent, and I believe shows up on Google searches. Twitter is comparatively more temporary, and tweets can be deleted more easily to remove evidence. Not that I think that's how SM would roll at all... subterfuge, sneakiness... just saying, that's the difference between the platforms. Read into it what you will.
  12. Yes, squads like that are the main reason for this change, I don't think anyone is disputing that "super squads" (hogging) are one of the biggest killers of open game worlds and something needed to be done. The issue most people have is that the change was unannounced and snuck in the back door, giving no-one any time to adjust squads if they wanted to. Concerns drop player value, so it's a double hit. I know you'll have no sympathy and say it's their own fault for hogging, but just chucking in major changes alienates the player base. Open discussion and announced changes give people time t
  13. The match engine has changed between your post and the previous one. It's supposed to be a lot more detrimental to play players out of position now, even a yellow marker. I've always played everyone at green when possible so can't say how negative being out of position is, but seeing how other changes work here, it'll probably mean that 91+ players aren't affected, anyone under 91 probably plays with their laces tied together, or has their leg chopped off.
  14. With warning, I would have made an effort to reshape the team, offload some players and replace with some lower rated players if needed. It's a quiet game world so I've been lucky enough to build up a strong squad. No problem offloading some, even though they'll sit at unmanaged/external. Instead, now they've all got concerns from nowhere and the biggest ass of it all is that they've had millions wiped off their value, so now not only do I suffer concerns from nowhere that could have been managed with fair warning, I now take a huge financial loss to resolve it as well. Fracking awesome.
  15. Whole post is spot on but the last part especially. Just had a 2nd round of concerns hit my team, now 15+ out of 24, can't be bothered to manage something that's so poorly implemented and thought out. I've been on this game pretty much daily for the past 6 years, even if only to check messages, and I'm now on the verge of quitting because the direction this game has been taken by poor development has actually made it more of a chore than a joy. I used to get excited about picking up prospects, building a team, waiting for rises to see if I'd bought the right players. What a farking mess thi
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