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  1. Re: van persie + 6mill =zlatan What i am trying to drive at is to tell you that RVP is much much better than Zlatan. SO WHAT IF HIS RATING IS HIGH NOW... HIS RATING WILL DROP. AC MILAN AND BARCELONA ALSO DO NOT WANT HIM. I MEAN... WHAT FUTURE WILL HE HAS U TELL ME? A BRIGHT ONE? U GOT TO BE KIDDING.
  2. Re: kroos + vidal two part deal urgent I would choose to stay because most of the messages i received are in languages that i dont understand... even though i know that some are abusive but i could not comprehend their messages so i just take it that i saw nothing lol
  3. Re: trandfer bids The frist bid will be completed but the second bid will fail i think.
  4. Re: leno,butland or courtois?? U should only buy 2... u never know whether their ratings will increase or decrease in the next review.
  5. Re: terry deal if man city want him very badly then scam him by offering him a price of 10m higher than terry's value as the minimum amount to buy your player.
  6. Re: Which club has the best attack in Europe? Come on guys, do u need to even ask this question? the answer is so obvious: Barca. MESSI GOT PAST 5 REAL MADRID PLAYERS INCLUDING CASILLAS BEFORE SCORING IN A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH.
  7. Re: Official FC Barcelona Thread I hope that the team will not be demoralised by messi's injury and will continue to keep winning. GO BARCA!
  8. Re: Erik Pieters punches glass during match Stupid guy... really.
  9. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Gogo barca! Must win ossasuna and trash real madrid next week!
  10. Re: ¿Which goalkeeper will sign Barça? Obviously De Gea. The communication between Spanish defenders and the goalkeeper must be built overtime. Reina is getting older.
  11. Re: Daniel AGGER x Kolarov (mio) +10 mill ??? I would choose agger.
  12. Re: Kagawa and Lucas Moura for Ozil? If your squad size is ok, then i suggest you swap.
  13. Re: Wissam ben yedder No, keep him.
  14. Re: Van der Wiel + Xhaka = Ivanovic No keep ivanoic. He is good.
  15. Re: Rodriguez Pedro or Tony Kroos Pedro of course.
  16. Re: belhanda / mkhitrayan mkhitrayan is better.
  17. Re: Olympique Lyonnais .......... sell mariga.
  18. Re: Offer for Badstuber Reject it. Rodriguez is better than Badstuber and i dont think you can buy any good player with the 12m u have.
  19. Re: Yanga-Mbiwa or Ranocchia Yanga is better as he can play 1 more position than Ranocchia. Also, Rannocchia is making a lot of mistakes in Inter so i think that his rating will drop in the next review.
  20. Re: van persie + 6mill =zlatan that is because zlatan is currently the star forward in PSG. Van persie just arrived in man u and alongside with rooney, how can u expect van persie to stand out as much as zlatan? Besides, when van persie was in arsenal, there was still walcott who is faster and more talented than van persie because of their age gap, maybe so similarly, van persie cannot stand out much in arsenal and in man u. AND IF U THINK THAT ZLATAN IS GOOD, THINK WHY BARCELONA DECIDED TO SELL HIM AWAY AND THEY STILL KEEP DAVID VILLA. THINK.
  21. Re: wootton i suggest that u shld keep him until he has a higher value then sell him away as a part exchange deal. i think that his peak rating is 89
  22. Re: Pogba = Deulofeu + Araujo I would suggest to take Pogba as he is really a promising youth. The fact that his rating was raised by 8 in the latest review confirms the talent in him.
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