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  1. Re: Player Cull Needed Thanks for the replies guys. I thought it might be interesting to post how my squad of loanee players looks now 6 months later and to post whether I have sold them since then, if any profit was made and whether they had gone up in rating or not. I have also added a few new players to the list. Again I would appreciate if anyone could share their views on whether they think this crop of players has peaked for the foreseeable or not. Odegaard is a prime example. Now that he has moved to Real I cannot see him doing anything much for 2-3 years (I could be very wrong, b
  2. Re: Joel Matip and Kyriakos Papadoupolous Thanks Shola I take it from your logon name that you're a long suffering Newcastle fan like me (although fingers crossed for this season)! Matip seems to be a beast in the air and have great pace but his positioning seems to let him down at times (he's only 23 in fairness). He might make a better defensive midfielder. I didn't know that papa was injured for long stages , that explains the seeming stalling (I always thought he had great potential) Time will tell I guess. I'll hang on to both of them in my gameworld for now so.
  3. What are the thoughts on these 2 ? A year or two ago they were the future stalwarts of Schalke but they seem to have stalled (Papadoup even being sent on loan, I understand he can be a bit difficult to manage at times) Will they make the grade at 90 plus or have they peaked?
  4. Hi there, I could do with some advice in culling my list of loaned out players. I have listed them in order of current ratings. I know there are a lot (73), I'm thinking of selling 10-15 to make way for new blood and would appreciate any thoughts on who has peaked for the foreseeable future and might be worth selling. : Player Pos Age Rat XHAKA, Granit DM,M,AM© 21 88 DIGNE, Lucas D,DM(L) 21 88 MAHER, Adam DM,M,AM© 21 88 GINTER, Matthias D,DM© 20 88 ZOUMA, Kurt D(RC) 19 88 MARKOVIC, Lazar AM,F(RLC) 20 88 JESÉ, Rodríguez AM(RL),F(RLC) 21 87 CAN, Emre D(L),DM,M(LC) 20 87 BERARDI, Domeni
  5. Hi there, been offered Wilshere 91 (22 years old) for Rakitic 92 (26 years old). I'm thinking of accepting, any suggestions?
  6. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thanks Jamie What do people think about DAMIAO, think he will drop back to 89 in the next review?
  7. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thanks Jamie Do you think Damiao will come good? I was thinking he might drop to 89 in the next review. Do you think El Shaaraway will drop in the next rating review? He's still living off his fantastic 2012-2013 season but he's been injured for much of the time since then, he probably p'd off AC by refusing to transfer in the last window but I'd say he'll move on in the summer.
  8. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thanks Jamie Do you think Damiao will still make it ? I'm thinking he might drop to 89 during the next review. El Shaaraway has been injured for quite a while and he'll most likely move in the summer, but do you think his rating will drop back down to 89 or stay steady at 90 for the moment? He's still living off that fantastic 2012-2013 season for AC.
  9. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I would appreciate your thoughts on which of the below youth players I should keep and which I should be looking to sell: Name--Position--Age--Rating OBIANG, Pedro--DM,M©--21--88 DIGNE, Lucas--D,DM(L)--20--88 ZOUMA, Kurt--D(RC)--19--88 AURIER, Serge--D(RLC)--21--88 XHAKA, Granit--DM,M,AM©--21--88 MAHER, Adam--DM,M,AM©--20--88 KOVAL,MAXYM--GK--21--87 STERLING, Raheem--AM,F(RL)--19--87 JESÉ, Rodríguez--AM(RL),F(RLC)--21--87 KRSTICIC, Nenad--M(LC),AM©--23--86 VADILLO, Álvaro--AM(RL)--19--86 VILHENA, Tonny--M,AM©--19--86 LEALI, Nicola--GK--21--85 BENZI
  10. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I can swap Alan Stevanovic or Marko Marin for Raphael Varane. Which would you reccomend ? I doubt if Marko Marin will go up when the premiership is reviewed
  11. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Would you reccomend swapping Bernd Leno for Diego Godin ? I have Nicola Leali and Maxym Koval also as well as Cech as my main keeper.
  12. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thanks Mista Me and Germlad
  13. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Thanks germlad. Do you think Ben Arfa will not rise because of the injuries he's had recently ? When he does play for Newcastle (in real life) he's a very unpredictable player who can create a lot of moments of magic. One of those players there is a real buzz about when on the ball (or possibly I'm letting my black and white tinted glasses get the better of me !)
  14. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Do you think Benteke is worth a purchase right now ?
  15. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Who would you reccomend purchasing ? I can get one of them. RODWELL, Jack DM,M© 21 88 INSIGNE, Lorenzo AM,F(RLC) 21 87 UMTITI, Samuel D(LC) 19 86 BRUMA, Jeffrey D(RC),DM© 21 86 CAULKER, Steven D© 21 85 GUIDETTI, John F© 20 85 ZOUMA, Kurt D(RC) 18 85 WILLEMS, Jetro D(L) 18 84
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