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  1. Re: Should Player Wages be capped? Well unfortunately the uni no longer do it as a part of a degree anymore as not many people take the subject (There's three of us doing the course plus other people we share modules in). But since you asked it covers all aspects of football mainly racism, hooliganism, journalism, business and history. Although have heard of a football business degree at the University based at Burnley FC which you may want to check out. Quite a few Universities offer Sport Journalism as a degree it all depends what you are looking for. Bare in mind that when I tell people I study Football Society I usually get a expression as some people don't see it as proper subject but I like my football and learnt a lot from it so i got what I wanted with it. Ben C: Thank You for that. I had heard there was a meeting on it coming up but didn't know it was tomorrow. Should be interesting to see the outcome if any. As regards to Uncle Jack Walker buying the title, yes he did but does bring a smile to my face every time someone mentions it regardless and if you'd ask Manchester City fans I'm pretty sure they'd say the same. But I guess we don't get the same cynicism as Jack was a local business man wanting the best for his club and town and plus it didn't last either.
  2. Re: Should Player Wages be capped? Thank you to those who have responded so far. Safir: This poll is part of my University Dissertation on the Economics of Football and its social and cultural impacts. (I study Mathematics and Football Society at UCLan.)
  3. Hi Everyone. Please could you help me with some University work which looks at attitudes towards modern-day football. It's just a simple yes/no/do not know poll about whether player wages, in England, should be capped. Feel free to express why you think wages should/should not be capped and how would be implemented. My personal opinion is that they need capping to protect the long-term finanicial health of our clubs. Thank You Kenerz1
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