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  1. Re: Phil Jagielka

    Player's player of the season, fan's player of the season, Barclay's player of the month for February 2009, scored a penalty at Wembley to send Everton into an FA cup final, and now 3 England caps under his belt.

    And he will never go up to 91?


  2. Re: Dan Gosling

    Gosling started for Everton a few days ago in the attacking midfield role against Middlesbrough and nearly scored on two occasions, firing once over the bar from an akward height and being denied again by a terrific save. He made his second appearance for the club today against Sunderland, coming on as a substitute late in the game and scoring from a Joleon Lescott cross.

    He's a 18 year old rated 80 at the moment. Buy him if you can, he looks to be an England international in the making.

  3. Re: Rate My Team Thread

    Looks like a good team with pretty good depth. I reckon you should get a cover LM and a strong CM. And maybe a DM for when the loan ends' date=' if you need that position. But good overall :)[/quote']

    Thanks man. I play 4-4-1-1 and my starting midfielders are Cahill (91) and Fernandes (88). I would like a stronger one than 88, though. I don't use a DM, I use him as a CM. On the left I have Arteta/McFadden/Pienaar so I might be set for the moment. Thanks for the advice though. :)

  4. Re: Lone Striker

    Roman Pavlyuchenko (91) has scored 10 goals in 13 appearances for my Everton squad being on top of the 4-4-1-1 formation.

    A cheaper option is Radamel Falcao (89) who has scored 10 goals in 14 appearances for my friend at São Paulo. He plays him in attack in a 4-4-2 formation, though.

  5. Phil Jagielka


    Phil Jagielka is an English international who plays for Everton in the English Premier League. He is known for his versatility, being able to play as a midfielder, defender, and in emergencies has acted as goalkeeper.

    A former Sheffield United player, he was their Player of the Year for three years running, ('05-'07) and he has also been named the inaugural Championship Player of the Year for the 2005-06 season.

    Prior to his transfer to Everton, he was usually employed as a midfielder, however after the transfer, he has played at center back.

    His first season at Everton saw him on the bench for the first few months. However, he broke into the first team after very many flawless performances. He recently made his England debut against Trinidad & Tabago in a 3-0 victory.

    In his career he has been linked with moves to Leeds United, West Ham, Wigan Athletic, Bolton Wanderers, and of course Everton.

    The 25 year old who has been hailed as a 'defender in the John Terry mold' is currently an 88 in rating, and would cost you approximately £7.5m. He should rise to a 90/91 next season. A stable defender.

  6. Marcelo Lulinha


    Luiz Marcelo Morais dos Reis (born April 10, 1990), known as Lulinha, is a Brazilian footballer currently on the books of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. He has been targeted by Chelsea, and has helped the Brazilian national team to win the 2007 U-17 South-American Championship, scoring 12 goals in 7 matches.

    He's currently 18 years old, 82 in rating, and would cost about £3.5m on SoccerManager, whereas in real life, Corinthians have stated that to buy the player, the interested club would have to pay 35 million Euro (£24million), and the player has 25 per cent of his rights.

    Take a look at this video if you are not yet convinced of his skills. He is a must buy:

  7. Brad Guzan

    Brad Guzan


    Brad Guzan is an American goalkeeper currently playing for Chivas USA. He's 23 years of age, an 84 rating, and he has been linked with moves to Premier League side Liverpool, Aston Villa, Arsenal, Greek side Olympiacos, as well as French side AJ Auxerre. Last season he won the MLS Goalkeeper of the Season Award, (

    ) an award that has been presented to many top goalkeepers in the game today, such as the Blackburn Rovers keeper, Brad Friedel and Everton keeper, Tim Howard. He's made 8 appearances for the US national team thus far, being the second choice to Tim Howard.

    He's looking likely to go to Aston Villa at the moment. I recommend buying him as appearances with the US national team and potentially with Aston Villa should boost his 84 rating.

  8. Re: Rate My Team Thread

    Here's my Everton squad, players in bold are my starting lineup and players in italic are on loan:

    GK: Tim Howard (90) - 29 years old

    GK: Brad Guzan (84) - 23 years old

    GK: Stefan Wessels (85) - 29 years old

    LB: Leighton Baines (87) - 27 years old

    LB: Nuno Valente (87) - 33 years old

    CB/DM: Phil Jagielka (88) - 25 years old

    CB/LB: Joleon Lescott (90) - 25 years old

    CB/RB: Joseph Yobo (89) - 27 years old

    LM/RM: Steven Pienaar (89) - 26 years old

    RM/LM: Mikel Arteta (92) - 26 years old

    DM/RM: Phil Neville (89) - 31 years old

    CM/DM: Amdy Faye (84) - 31 years old

    CM/DM: Manuel Fernandes (88) - 22 years old

    AM: Erkin Caner (84) - 19 years old

    AM/RM: Leon Osman (89) - 27 years old

    AM/CM: Tim Cahill (91) - 28 years old

    F: Andy Johnson (89) - 27 years old

    CF: Victor Anichebe (87) - 20 years old

    CF: Aiyegbeni Yakubu (91) - 25 years old

    CF: James Vaughan (85) - 19 years old

    CF: Roman Pavlyuchenko (91) - 26 years old

    Youth squad:

    GK: Preston Edwards (68) - 18 years old

    LB/LM: Silva Santos Helder (80) - 19 years old

    CB: Jack Rodwell (72) - 17 years old

    RM: Amaury Bischoff (78) - 19 years old

    AM: Domagoj Antolic (74) - 18 years old

    F/W: Stephen Connor (68) - 19 years old

    F: José María Callejón (72) - 21 years old

  9. Re: Phil Jagielka

    another liverpool fan:

    IMO a lot of the everton team are underrated - osman' date=' yobo and pienaar should be a 90 and lescott at least 91 (IMO he's pushing 92), and johnson and jagielka should be 89/90 however, given time they should rise, as should baines as well when he gets his act together[/quote']

    I think Osman and Yobo should be 89/90, Pienaar should stay at 89, Lescott 91, Johnson 89 and Jagielka a 90/91. If anyone would wach Jags closely, people rarely get past him and he's a strong center back.

  10. He should be at least an 89. I believe his correct rating is a 90. Did you see him play at Everton last season? He very, very rarely made mistakes and was a starting player for an Everton side that didn't lose a game for 3 1/2 months (December 29th, 2007 - March 16, 2008) and during that period, conceded 2 goals. He recently made his England debut against Trinidad & Tabago, received interest from Manchester United before his switch to Everton, and has been described as a center back in the 'John Terry mould'.

  11. Re: Robin Van Persie

    Like I said' date=' Van Persie is low due to missing a large part of the season.

    Also, throughout this past season I watched all of Everton's UEFA Cup games, and I felt that Arteta, Yakubu and Lescott were Everton's best players. IMO Yakubu should be 91/92, Arteta 92, and Lescott 91. SM have got 2/3 the 3 correct. What's your opinion?[/quote']

    In my opinion, Jagielka, Arteta, Yakubu, Lescott and Cahill are Everton's best.

    What I think they should be:

    Jagielka (90)

    Arteta (92)

    Yakubu (90/91)

    Lescott (91)

    Cahill (90/91)

  12. Re: Robin Van Persie

    This occurred to me when looking at the rating for Mikel Arteta. He's a 92, and rightfully so, but I find Van Persie to be a better player. And I'm an Evertonian in the first place so don't call me biased.

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