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  1. Which football game about manager is the best for you ?
  2. Re: Who will win the champions leagu (2012-2013)? Manchester United will win the treble Uefa champions league,Barclays premier league and FA CUP *o*
  3. Re: Official World Cup 2014 Qualification Thread Indonesia fail to qualify to 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil T,T
  4. Re: .: The 'Transfer' Thread :. Beckham to the Ligue 1 Team, Paris Saint-Germain .. Beckham is the one of the united legends *o*
  5. Re: FA Cup Which team do you think will win the FA Cup all?? i think , the winner is manchester red not blue
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread wuuoo ,, Is this thread real official from the club owner ?or just for fun in soccer manager ?
  7. Hello Members, I am here here to introduce myself to this community, and also share thoughts, knowledge, experience and information. Thanks, Ivan
  8. Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD] I can not join in conversations like this,, hahaha, I'm just a beginner in football and my English is not so good ,, Let me see and hear your conversations all
  9. Re: DnA Season 2 - Auction 2 (Mid and Fwd) Hello everyone i'm new manager of Bayern Munchen my nickname is Ivan Felix Tandela nice to meet you xD Mario Gotze - 39.500.000
  10. Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD] Hey, Moderator, i asked to you at facebook just now for join your DnA League and now , my facebook name = ivanfelixtandela .. and can i join your league ? Bayern is unmanaged ,right ? Please Invite me .. Free to accept me or reject me
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