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  1. Re: nasri doubt it to be honest
  2. Re: 89 Midfield Risers? Coutinho is a class player, will rise to 90 this year. he has the best stats in my team. sturridge also a good winger. Leitner for dortmund. Michu plays Attacking mid. Fernando from shaktar
  3. Re: Young strikers finding 75 rated gems aint easy but try massimo bruno from anderlect. Think he is 84 now. marko rojas jerome sinclair for lfc vilhena imoh ezekiel iturbe
  4. Re: Who has been your best strikers over a full season?? huge stats
  5. Re: Who has been your best strikers over a full season?? Some amazing score stats here, fair play
  6. Re: Who has been your best strikers over a full season?? Kevin Gameiro 32 games with 22 goals 7 assists and a huge 14 moms Coutinho (so far this season ) 25 games with 20 goals 13 assits and 2 moms
  7. Should be interesting to see who has performed for people over a full season. we will see some suprise players here. Post your stats (has to be at least 20 games)
  8. Re: Müller or Suárez? suarez is certainly the better player but the scandal with suarez and his upcoming ban for biting ivanovic will not help his rep and may cause big teams to lose interest in him. He is certain to at least stay at his current rating though. I would swap but im a LFC fan
  9. Re: f macheda bruno massimo is decent, lose macheda he wont go far. This marko rojas kid is moving to europe from the A league thsi week, tipped as a star. Ducksch for dortmund could improve next season also
  10. Re: marko rojas Rumour is its germany but we will see i guess. I have yet to see him play but sure i may as well invest
  11. Anyone rate this guy, he is been tipped as a big potential player. He is leaving the A league for european soccer but the team is yet to be announced. Got to be worth a 1.3 million investment right???
  12. Re: lukaku awesome player, i am trying to sign him too but its hard. certainly a 91 player by this time next year. If he leaves chelsea it will be to another big team imo
  13. Re: need to sell a attacker but who?
  14. Re: need to sell a attacker but who?
  15. Re: need to sell a attacker but who? Thanks guys! Looks like morgan and ngoo will be sold. I cant sell Fletcher, he is consistently my best form player for some reason. If I have to selll a big player it may be Michu. He seems to have had his moment this season, he aint scored in a while
  16. My finances are in a bad position so sadly I must sell one attacker as I have too many but I cant decide who Opinions please STEVEN FLETCHER GAMEIRO MICHU VAN WOLFSWINKEL LASS MUSA EZEKIEL TELLO ADAM MORGAN NGOO KELVIN SEAN MURRAY who will stay or rise too at least 89?? wanna keep my risers if i can
  17. Re: Ahmed Musa I dont really need him but im buying him before someone else does, he was transfer banned until today. How about Kokorin? He just popped up too
  18. Anybody seen Musa play?? His rating has risen a lot this year and 88 at the age of 20 means he must be handy. Thinking of buying him
  19. Re: Next Group of Players to go to 91+ mkhitaryan is the only player I have from that list sadly, very good player though. hope he hits 91 soon, his stats are amazing
  20. Cant find much info on this guy. potential star or not?
  21. Is it better to field players who have better attributes and abilities over players with a higher rating? for example Coutinho at 88 has a lot more goals and assists than Honda at 90 in my team. Coutinho seems to have better attributes on soccer wiki What deems a player better in this game? Im starting to field players by there wiki skills over rating Good or bad move?
  22. Re: Emenike worth a investment??? well my main strikers are gameiro at 90 and michu at 89 so i do need better players, prob buy him so
  23. He is currently available in my gw, is he worth buying for future rating rises or will he stay at 88?
  24. Re: Mata for Mata? I would take bale for sure
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