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  1. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Look like SM finally up Mandzukic
  2. Re: melo Don't think he is in for a rise anymore. imo should stay, but has a good chance of dropping
  3. Re: Deal for Vidic.. Doubt he will drop in this rating.
  4. Re: Spain xi in 6 years Asenjo Sergio Ramos - Albiol - Pique - LB? pedro - Busquets - Fabregas - Silva/Mata Bojan - Iker Munian/Torres
  5. Re: Melo or Fletcher wow cool. Didn't know about there is such award until you mention it here. Thank both of you.
  6. I could trade Gago for either Melo/Fletcher. Which one is the better choice here
  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I'm looking to sell Gago and need a replacement for him. Any good suggestion for CM/DM I'll take Ramires, but he too expensive at chairman valuation and I don't exactly have that much cash.
  8. Re: gourcuff 4 chiellini Okay deal. CHIELLINI can go further and may even be future 95/96. and you already have backup for AM. Gourcuff will need a move elsewhere to reach 93+ and it will take awhile. He is quite fond of Bordeaux if i'm not wrong
  9. I'm in an English Championship and my first choice leftback Ashley Cole is injured and out for 4weeks. Need a fresh LB backup rating more than 85+ Aly Cissokho is too expensive for me. Looking for someone below 10mil preferably Santon is there unmanaged, but LB is not his natural position.
  10. Re: which one should i go for? Well. What is the formation you play and your current team?
  11. Re: EPL Debate: Gerrard to 96? He should keep his rating SM takes a rather conservative approach when rating top players. They may see his current poor form as the settling period due to injury.
  12. Re: Friendly with outside league club Those external clubs usually do not have all their best players. It makes no sense to play against a barca that has average rating of 89 since there are probably club with such average rating in the league that is unmanaged. Not a bad implement, just not the priority if you ask me.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I need help here. Should I get Lampard, Cambiasso or Wesley SNEIJDER? I have Essien and Xavi.
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