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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Getting tired of how the rating review always favour young players. Gerrard got a -1 when he should have stayed; Sterling got a +1 when he should have stayed. Balotelli should have gotten a -1 but got protected because he is "young". Gerrard has been Liverpool's best player and topscorer this season, did reasonably well in CL and cup games, and always showed up in big games. Let's not forget that last season, his stats had been pretty impressive for a DM too(barely had 1 bad game except the slip). While Sterling has been inconsistent and did not show up in the big games this season. Balotelli has had 759mins and 0 PL goals. Review is just messed up and unfair towards "old" players!
  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Kaka's drop is ridiculous. Sure, Milan had a bad season. But guy has been one of the few bright spots in the team that actually plays with passion and pride, and has been carrying and leading the team.
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Nope. Just not ignoring that the Portugese league is a comparatively weaker league. how about u ignoring that Matic already had a +6 rise throughout his 3 yr stint there? That's the problem with SM/SW ratings. We can have players easily rising to 90 playing in the Portugese league, while some players in the BPL take YEARS to get a +2 jump to reach 90.
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Quite surprised that no one brought up anything abt Matic's rise. How on earth did he get that +1?! Yea ok, he has played well but guy has only played like, 3 months of BPL! And he gets rewarded for what, oh..moving to Chelsea. -_-" The likes of Henderson and Coutinho have been more deserving of a rise I would say.
  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Dude no offence but it seems like u haven't been following Liverpool games alot. I agree with most of what u said, but Henderson and Gerrard definitely deserves a rise. Henderson has started ALL of Liverpool games this season, and has been the engine of the team, I would say he has outshone Coutinho this season. Gerrard this season had to adapt to an unfamiliar DM position, and has been sensational this season, with incredible stats for a DM. He is pretty much the unsung hero for Liverpool being in the top 3, not many ppl noticed the work he had put in to cover the shaky backline. And well, I would say Skrtel has a shout for a rise as well.
  6. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions What's the view on Alessio Romagnoli? he scored on his debut last season but I do not know why he has been overlooked since. does he have the potential to be a great player? am considering selling him since a decent bid came in.
  7. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread will Alexis Sanchez rise?
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Seems like SM is done reviewing England and moving onto Spain. no rise for Henderson, Mignolet, Coutinho, Kolarov, Fernandino, Negredo, Cahill, Ramires?
  9. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Are Mayke Rocha and Lucas Silva likely to be 1st team starters next season? worth holding onto?
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions keep or sell Biro Biro? am thinking with his 1300 mins, he should at least be an 80..?
  11. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions can Ljajic rise? TIA
  12. Re: SM Trick: How to make your DC score 6 goals! Tried it yest and lost 2-0. But there were 0 free-kicks for my team and 0 shots from my targetman Chiellini. Will try it again in afew days.
  13. Re: SM Trick: How to make your DC score 6 goals! Great thread, sounds like a really interesting trick. Mkwayisi, can u post the match commentary pls? I can understand why u set DC as target man, prob for the DC to do some blistering long shots. But afew queries here on how sure u are it is due to the DC effect: 1) Why does the free kick taker have to be a DC? Isn't it better for a free-kick specialist to take it? (Usually the FK taker just go for goal from what i see) 2) Why does the playmaker have to a striker? 3) Does this trick work on all formations? 4) Does the instructions have to be the same as what u did? Eg if i choose to use playmaker, will it be less effective? 5) There are instances of fluke high-scoring results (eg like 9-1, though rare). How sure are u that it is due to your tactics and not a fluke? I mean, for the Juve opp team, I see Torres being played out of position (DF). And also, is their opponent's match fitness 100%? *Prob will get some of these ans from your match commentary. once again, great thread. i just want to be certain if, and how the DC effect really works. cheers!
  14. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Predictions on: Cuadrado Savic Pazzini Abbiati ? Thanks!
  15. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Safe at 91 but unlikely to rise imo.
  16. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Does Di Maria have any potential to rise, or has he peaked?
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Will Fellaini rise?
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions thanks for your work, CFC. why would Dougie Wilson get a +3? i see that he only made 3 appearances for Grimsby Town, and 1 for Hull since 2010?
  19. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Any rise for Nacho and Casemiro of Real?
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Get Maxwell. ASAP. starter for PSG last season, still starter despite arrival of Digne. will rise imo.
  21. Re: Counter formations and guide to newcomers.(Colas,Anderson) How effective are these counter formations against stronger teams? what instructions should i set? (eg my team avr 92 v 94 opp) should i have so much faith in it to play attacking/very-attacking or stick to playing def against stronger teams?
  22. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread Are Monaco players likely to be reviewed? i see that quite a handful of them have been reviewed in May.
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