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  1. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II) I know that we're talking about Serie A here, but out of interest, what will happen to Sergio Romero at Sampdoria? He's on 88 at the moment. Will he keep it when the league gets reviewed?
  2. I've currently got roughly 10m to spend on a striker, and thought maybe of Forlan, Kuyt and Cardozo. What do you think of these? Could someone maybe suggest any others?
  3. Re: Players just added, worth buying? Can someone explain to me the rules with free agents? How long does a player remain a free agent before he's automatically assigned to his real club? Will the player still get sent to his real club if it's unmanaged, or is it only external clubs that will receive them?
  4. Re: Juan Mata or Marko Marin Mata 100%!!! Marin had a poor season last year and many aren't sure if he's as good as they thought. Still a pretty decent player, but mata will be one of the main players in spain's next generation. He's got the lot
  5. Which one of the two would you go for?
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Would Nils Petersen be a good buy? Is he gonna play for Bayern this season?
  7. Re: Which LB? I'm aware that all of these players youre naming are top class, but the list in my original post are what's left for me to buy! I've been through every unmanaged team in the whole gold championship, and this is all ive got to choose from.
  8. Re: Which LB? Anyone else?
  9. I'm struggling to find a decent LB in my gold champ. Which of these would you choose? Edson braafheid Martin olsson Danny collins Maynor figueroa Hassan ali kaldirim Javier garrido Christian pander Oscar rojas Fabio aurelio
  10. Re: Izaguirre or Nagatomo? Will he play though?
  11. I've got Izaguirre in my team at the moment, but could buy Nagatomo instead, who's higher rated at 88 and only costs 4.4m. Izaguirre's 86 and could be sold for 6.4m. Who's the better LB?
  12. Re: Pereira Maicon + 15m for Badstuber I'd accept that. Maicon's a good player. I've just signed him myself. Badstuber's overrated in my opinion. And you could do a lot with 15m
  13. Re: Looking for a new AM I like Coutinho. But would you really pick him before these guys? Kroos didnt have the best season but he's still a player. Kagawa's on the up. Perisic will surely fill the void left by Sahin's departure. It's a tricky one.
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