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  1. I thought profanity wasn't allowed on the forum- dick, ass,jerk,idiot? you found the thesaurus then.and as for teb replying in a very normal way,that must be a first then as his replies are usually sarcastic to the extreme,if there was anyone who likes the sight of his own words he's your man.as for hiding behind a computer,sorry sonny but i dont hide behind anything.As for your idea about not being able to see the bids,I think it is a good one and my sleeping hours would benefit greatly for it.I'm glad to hear you do your SM stuff late at night as doing it during the day might alarm the neigh
  2. Gosh ryan , did I see you on Mastermind last week?
  3. play to your strengths for now mate and perhaps look at other peoples formations a few games down the line.
  4. i couldnt care less about your sleeping habits,i was just saying my bids uaually go through at about 2 in the morning,not lately though.
  5. always pack your midfield exspecialy away from home you might have 2 shots on target but they will go in as for home just experiment mate.
  6. the only pm's i get is from people asking if they can have my teams,anyway there are a few who ask for tips (one or two and i do try to help).
  7. maniche as i think hes going to be a bit cheaper about to put a bid in for him my self.has anyone bid for yeste from bilboa (phew this guy needs a big bid 15+ ithink).lm/f .
  8. why would most pro footballers be aspiring to play in brazil?(if the economics and money were on a par with european leagues),it wouldnt be for the campeonato brasileiro as the refs can be bought for a bag of apples(joke).must be the weather and the cheap prostitutes.
  9. thinking of getting it myself but you will need a bit of a monster pc to play it in all its glory, maxed out settings etc.
  10. i think theo would just shade it lol
  11. yes its henry for me,but imagine henry with rooneys aggression that would be some player.
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