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  1. Re: Lets help the cheat and disadvantage the honest. Yeah but if we all did that he'd just be overloaded with complaints and issues, right now he's willing to be helpful and is a great dev, so don't direct everything at him and ruin our 1 good path to support. Really the source needs to be addressed, every illegal transfer i've reported for weeks has been closed, had the auto message, but no actual action... If something is reported, and then the ticket gets closed with a promise of action to be taken, and then no action comes, either A: the ticket should not have been prematurely closed or B: there is no point in having a report system for transfers. What I don't understand is the company behind SM must want to make money... that's the point of any business. How does letting cheating happen in this easily fixable way and neglecting their own report system enough that it's actually driving paying customers away help their own goals :S
  2. Re: Massive cheating I thought repeat offenders were supposed to get more action taken against them? This guy just sold a few players got himself 60m + then bought messi and a few others. Yes through an annoyingly long process of reporting his multi accounts have finally been taken 1 by 1 but he gets to sit there, no illegal transfers refunded, and he still has all his money and benefits from "legal" transfers he made with that cheat money... Is there no 3 strikes rule? this guy has had 4 multi's kicked from 1 game world so that's basically devs confirming he's a massive cheat, how is that not worthy of a main account being kicked/banned? He's basically not been punished at all because he was already done...
  3. A player in gameworld ID: 161370 has joined and brought in a bunch of his obvious multi's, i've reported several transfers between the multi clubs and he has even more waiting to do the same... I can only report two of his multi clubs at one time through the current system even though he is 4 (was 5...) of the current game world managers, he's even stupid enough to have friended himself and his multi accounts on each one to make it even more obvious. Why when multi'ing is reported does it not get properly investigated? I wrote enough in my report for it to be looked at, instead of the quick open/close knock his manager off just 1 second club. What was the point in buying my gold membership if I could of just made 5 accounts knowing you would only drop my 2nd accounts and do nothing else so I could cheat my way to the top without any real worry of punishment. If the devs don't want to do something about these sort of actions then people will either leave, or worse, start multi'ing themselves, doing it better and ruining game worlds on purpose to make you sit up and do something about it.
  4. Re: Today's games My results still aren't in from last night, I assumed maybe because of the switch to late games the other day maybe they forgot to switch back so went to bed thinking they'll come in at midnight maybe... over 12hrs late now.
  5. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread for gold shortlist, would it be possible to add the minor tweak of having a couple of extra tabs so it would go: transfers in transfers out shortlist gold shortlist 1 gold shortlist 2 gold shortlist 3 etc if need be just seems like it would be a very minor tweak on the dev end, add no real bonus to gold players over regular players, but make organising much easier, a list of 300+ players on 1 page is sometimes a little aggrevating when i think i could put say 50 players on 1 gold shortlist i will frequently add to new teams, then have say my youth targets, then my money making targets, or my multi purpose mass position targets. and then have the option for any selected gold shortlist to give me a msg if somebody bids on them like what happens with the regular shortlist (this is probably more unfair as it's basically a secret watch list then). it's just non paying players are just buying anyone a gold player shortlists, even if they suck. and i now have to add crappy players to my shortlist to protect my real targets and get spammed by stupid messages because of that, and i would pay to avoid having to do this -.-
  6. Re: Youth team help I'm assuming by asking you don't know how to research potential risers? Pick a player, find him on transfermarkt and see his stats, minutes played is the ultimate guidance for how i do it, but goals and assists are really helpful and some leagues the players will have their match rating (lower number = better) Then compare when his last rating increase was to how often he's playing now and to what level the team is playing, higher league position the better although some clubs automatically just get better (and in my opinion unjust) increases. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/santos-fc/leistungsdaten/verein_221_gesamt_2012.html That's santos players stats for the season that just finished, as you can see youngsters like gustavo henrique and alison were heavily used but have yet to be brought up to par rating wise (par would be around 84/85 for a big brazilian club like santos) Learning to surf the less followed leagues but high talent producing clubs is where you make the real money in sm. athletico pr made me a good 20m this year, fk partizan is always good, anderlecht bloods young players, porto shifts talent like nobodies business... nobody puts the best buys in lists or stresses how amazing they are until it's too late because they want them first (and a lot of players do what I do for the competitive edge). GL
  7. Re: Changing my United team to the next big team? ofc it's good investments most of the man-u side is on the out. evra is the main one you need to drop, looks like he's leaving plus he's been performing so bad this season, cleverly has took the flak in the press but evra has been defensively vacant on the pitch. can see him going to 90 and carrick to 91. and if your tied to giggs that's you, but he's going to get a retired thingy on him so you can't sell, plenty of sub 4mil risers about i'd swap him for... once those 3 are sorted it's all about clever investments and buying/selling risers
  8. Re: Stadium Building you could expect 45k for any premiership winning side =/ these days plastics switch to any team who spends big.
  9. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 still open? kylian hazard for me thnx
  10. Re: Are Man United saving number 7 for Ronaldo he dropped the shirt number because he's like an idiot with a lucky sock and thought his old number would relieve pressure and help his form. ronaldo is not going back to utd ever. he will play for his boyhood dream club untill he is not good enough to, then no other top club will want him either. (and i'm a utd fan... but c'mon people do not leave their dream clubs when they're at their peak)
  11. Re: Finding new players https://site.soccermanager.com/playerchanges.php https://site.soccermanager.com/playerchanges.php?action=newplayers pages web address's should work if your logged in
  12. Re: Youth team help i would of kept andrade but with gabigol and neilton rising in the same team i took the other two and sold andrade, but tbf there's a lot of over hype on all 3 because of neymar (though there's a lot of young santos players that are good for sm riser/sell reasons)
  13. Re: Changing my United team to the next big team? get rid of hernandez/carrick/rafael/evra/welbeck or equal or even 1 lower rated players imo and is giggs on retiring yet? if not sell him before you can't. i know rafael/welbeck/hernandez are less of a sm rating risk, but i used mine to get players with far better chances of rising + some cash i don't understand why rooney went 94 so i'm waiting in hope he goes back 95 to sell him if it's a new league, youngest hazard brother still floating about for 200k? killer investment.
  14. Re: De Gea or Courtois I'd try to keep both and keep them both happy doing some subbing. Unless you can sell de gea and get ter stegen (for sm reasons) before he supposedly goes to barca.
  15. Re: 87-89 defender problem depends on how cheap you want to be and how fast you want a return HINTEREGGER is a solid buy at 86 for both positions, but you could look even lower than 86 kurzawa the monaco lb is a 84 and a riser, jonathan tah an 82 will probably rise quick. contento is my go to cheap left back if he's at an external bayern, also look at niklas sule and erik durm
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