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    navin_legend reacted to DerbyPower in F.C.Porto Youth Setup-Rivalizing with Sporting? Porto´s youth system extensive thread   
    Instead of the usual one-by-one player scouting, I decided to make a thread with all the hot prospects from Porto´s youth setup. I think none of the players in this thread were ever mentioned in the forum. And please note that Diogo Viana and Jakubov are not in this thread - I´ve made an exclusive one on them here: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35143 Off we go:

    As everybody knows, Sporting has by far the best youth academy in Portugal (not for much longer I foresee), and possibly one of the best in Europe along with that of Ajax and Arsenal. Talented players like Ronaldo, Quaresma, Nani, Moutinho, just to mention a few, don´t come up everyday in a youth system. Sporting´s supremacy in terms of facilities, staff etc. made every Portuguese kid to dream playing in Sporting and one day become the next "Ronaldo". With the world´s financial crisis, only bearable for rich clubs with rich owners, Portugal has no other choice than to invest in their youth setups instead of spending millions in utopic transfers. This is what Porto has done in the past few years, and now we have a youth setup with a brilliant future. This thread intends to target Porto´s youth players and analyse them.
    First I´ll start with Porto´s youth goalkeeper and then proceed with the rest of the starting XI:
    Name: Rui Pedro Correia Nunes
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1990-01-07 (19 years)
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Database status: Not on DB

    Rui Pedro Correia Nunes ,commonly known as Ruca, is Porto´s number 1 goalkeeper in the youth setup. He is 19 years old and began is career at the local club Tourizense. In the beginning he played as a midfielder, which improved his technical skills, making them higher than usual for a goalie. After his positional change, he became an undisputed starter in Tourizense, attracting the attention of the Portuguese high-flyer clubs, F.C. Porto, Sporting and the champion (at that time) Boavista. Due to his affinity with Porto during his childhood, he signed for them, beginning his (still) short career in the Portuguese giants. He sky-rocketed throughout the ranks and eventually made it to the senior team, where he is yet to make his first game with Porto´s shirt. His performances for Porto were so good that several clubs attempted to "steal" Ruca from Porto, including Benfica, possibly as a revenge for Christian Rodriguez. Ruca, however, rejected all the offers, claiming he wanted to stay at Porto.
    He has played several times for the under-16, 17, 18 and 19 national team, but he has always been in the shadows of Rui Patricio and Porto´s other goalkeeper Ventura, both throwing him out of the starting XI.
    Regarding his goalkeeper skills, aside from his good technique, he his also very good between the sticks, with agile reflexes, has a great communication in the area and apparently he is a penalty expert too, as when he was a kid and played for Porto´s lower youth setup, he managed to save 3 (!) penalty-kicks against Sporting, a record yet to be beaten.
    When he will play his first competitive match, is difficult to say, but with Nuno retiring at the end of this or the next season and with Ventura´s ascension to second choice in the main team, he will now play more games for the youth setup and may well be elected as the third choice next season. He has also trained several times with Porto´s senior team.
    Name: Ivo Daniel Ferreira Mendonça Pinto
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1990-01-07 (19 years)
    Position: Right-back
    Database status: Not on DB, but might be added soon

    Ivo Pinto is an 18 years old right back, a very important position in Portugal as the Portuguese teams tend to play with wingers and the wing-back area must provide enough attack and defence support, otherwise the tactic starts to crumble right there. So, as you can imagine, Ivo Pinto carries high hopes with him. He is basically regarded as the next Bosingwa.
    Ivo started his career with 9 years of age by joining his brother´s local club Lourosa. He displayed some amazing abilities for a 9 years old boy, and as such he began playing with older kids, increasing his development with it. Soon he began being watched by one of Boavista´s scouts who snatched him for the youth setup. He played at all sub-levels of the NT (under 16,17,18 and 19, just the 21 and the main NT are missing) just like Ruca. After Boavista´s relegation last year, Porto took over the opportunity and bought Ivo Pinto in an undisclosed fee. His favourites players are Bosingwa and Dani Alves (no surprise).
    Regarding his skills, he has a pretty decent technique and is very safe in defence. He is also fast and has a very high work rate according to Portugal´s under-19 coach. After he improves his attacking skills, he may be well watching the next Portuguese top right-back.
    He is not on the database, but may be added soon (Cup game).
    Name: Ramon Arcas Cardenas
    Nationality: Venezuelan/Spanish
    Date of Birth: 1991-01-25 (17 years)
    Position: Centre-back, defensive midfielder, centre midfielder or advanced midfielder
    Database status: Not on DB

    [Couldn´t find any decent image. He is the blond kid in the lower row of the first picture]

    Ramon Cardenas caused a big impact when he first came to Porto 3 years ago, with just 14 years of age. Coming from ACR Águilas de Múrcia, a Spanish club, he signed a 3 year deal, the maximum allowed by FIFA for under-18 players. Ramon was intensely disputed, as Porto wasn´t the only club interested. Valencia attempted to bring this kid to Mestalla, but their attempt failed as Porto made everything possible to get hold of him. And surely be crowned European champion (3-0 against Monaco, what a game) just a few months ago helped Ramon to decide.
    Synthesizing a lot of compliments, this kid is huge. First of all, it is important to notice his versatility. His excellent air play makes him suitable for a centre-back, his incredible positioning sense and tackling ability makes him a good defensive midfielder, while his teamwork and extremely intelligent play allows him to play as a centre or advanced midfielder. Personally I prefer him to play as a centre midfielder along with Josué and Sérgio Oliveira (read further for more information). He knows exactly when to decelerate and accelerate the game, fully controlling the tempo, his transition plays from defence to attack are amazing, and on top of this, he has a good goalscoring rate. Plus, he plays with both feet, a very appreciated feature in football. Rings a bell? Yes, he is very (to say the least) similar to Lucho, aside from the aerial ability.
    I hate Porto´s manager Jesualdo for the fact that he rarely plays with youngsters. Instead, we go and buy useless South-American players (Mariano, Bollati, Benitez, whatever) when we have such quality prospects in the youth system. I do hope that Ramon plays a competitive match soon.
    Name: Rafhael Oliveira de Jesus
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Date of Birth: 1990-03-22 (18 years)
    Position: Centre-back
    Database status: Not on DB

    [Couldn´t find any decent image. He is somewhere in the first picture]

    Rafhael is actually on loan from the Brazilian club Figueirense, but Porto has a buy clause on his contract, and with him performing so well, has been inclusively called up to an official Cup match, I strongly believe he will sign for Porto at the end of the season, so I figured I could include him on this thread.
    I couldn´t find out much about this player´s past, so I´ll head straight for his skills: He is very solid playing as a Centre-Back, has the typical Brazilian technique (in case you are wondering, yes, (almost) all of Porto´s youth players are very developed technically) and is always concentrated on the game, rarely committing a mistake. His aerial ability is only second to that of Jakubov (see this thread for more information on Jakubov:http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35143) He is the voice of command out in the pitch. Like I said early, his impressive displays earned him a call up to the senior team, but he didn´t make his debut unfortunately. Another thing to note is his similarities with Pepe: similar stature, solid defending skills, could play for the Portuguese NT in the next few years despite his Brazilian nationality (assuming he stays in Porto). Are we looking to the next Pepe? Who knows.
    Name: William Dias Massari
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Nationality: 1990-07-23 (18 years)
    Position: Left-back
    Database status: Not on DB

    Porto´s main Left-back, he came in the same package as Rafhael: on loan from Figueirense. And he is also playing well, so he has a high possibility of ending up in Porto.
    Like a lot of Brazilians, he started playing in the streets and was soon integrated in the local club Sport Clube Próspera. His good exhibitions led Figueirense to sign him, and eventually he played in a Cup named Taça São Paulo de Futebol Júnior, which is the most important competition for youth players in Brazil, or so I´ve heard. His displays impressed Porto, and after he completed 18 years of age (to avoid paperwork) he was shipped on a one year loan deal, with the possibility to stay here definitely.
    He plays well with both feet, but his strongest is the left one, which is very skilled, mainly because he played as a winger before adapting to a left midfielder and later to a left-back. As such his main strength is his attacking skill, although he has improved his defending abilities as well as the rigorous positioning sense, so important for a Wing-back, since he came to Portugal.
    A lot of fans consider him one of the best players in the youth squad, and that he should play more considering Porto´s senior team left side problems, but frankly speaking (writing), he doesn´t impress me as much as Ivo Pinto does, but the quality is all there, and with time he can be a lot more than just "another left-back".
    Name: Ricardo Jorge dos Santos Dias
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1991-02-25 (17 years)
    Position: Defensive midfielder/Centre midfielder
    Database status: Not on DB

    [Couldn´t find any decent image. Again, he is somewhere in the first picture]

    Porto´s tactic lies within a 4-3-3, and as such, the defensive midfielder position plays a primordial role in the game. Dias is one of the youth squad´s defensive midfielder, since Ramon and Sérgio Oliveira can play there as well.
    Dias draws some comparisons with Porto´s ex-defensive midfielder Paulo Assunção. If we don´t watch him, he goes just unnoticeable throughout the game, however he provides the team an enormous defensive stability. And he is aggressively better than Assunçao. And personally, I think he is 10 times better than Bollati.
    Dias is still young, so I couldn´t find much personal info.
    With Fernando and Pele playing in his position, I doubt he can play his first competitive match soon. Maybe he´ll be loaned out, and added to the DB then.
    Name: Josué Filipe Soares Pesqueira
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1990-09-17 (18 years)
    Position: Centre or advanced midfielder
    Database status: Currently on DB (72) rated

    Ah, like the French say: Créme de la créme. Josué is THE Porto´s hot prospect (obviously I´m not counting with Jakubov and Diogo Viana - again, view this thread for more info: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35143). Regular starter for the under-19 NT, Josué controls the time and space of the game, much like Ramon does. With them both plus Sérgio Oliveira (read further for more info on Oliveira and note that they don´t play together all the time as Dias is also there for the DM position) Porto´s midfield becomes dynamic and unpredictable. Josué is the best passer of the youth team and is the attack´s main "feeder", counting a high number of assists. The through balls that come out of his feet are simply magnificent. His incredibly developed technique, allied with an excellent vision and a powerful long shot ability, makes him a threat to any opposition. His class on the pitch would shame a lot of senior players. All in all, he is one of the reasons why someone would pay to see a youth match.
    Josué has already played his first match for Porto (just a couple of minutes though, he didn´t even touch the ball), but I was waiting until I published this thread to send a support ticket. He should be added in a couple of days. I´ll keep this updated.
    Name: Sérgio Miguel Relvas de Oliveira
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1992-06-02 (16 years)
    Position: Defensive midfielder
    Database status: Not on DB

    Like I referred earlier, Sérgio Oliveira is one of Porto´s youth team midfield element, the defensive midfielder one. He is very young, but managed to cement his place in Porto´s under-19 squad, despite being only 16. This is also the main reason why he isn´t always a starter. He has a typical footballer history, started in a local club, rose through the ranks, Porto watched his development and eventually signed him (Sporting was interested too) for a thousand Euros. A complete bargain for the player he is today. Oliveira is also an assiduous presence in the youth teams of the NT and was even elected the Player of the Tournament in the VI Torneio de Futebol da Comunidade de Língua Portuguesa, which includes all official Portuguese speaking countries (yes, Brazil also took part). Another extraordinary detail is that unlike 95% of the Portuguese population, he doesn´t like Cristiano Ronaldo (!).
    Concerning his skills, Sérgio Oliveira is a rather different type of a defensive midfielder model. He has good defence and tackling skills (obviously, otherwise he wouldn´t be a DM) but unlike other common DM, he is a very attacking one, constantly going up in the pitch, but never getting careless with the defence. His unusual vision (for a DM) allows him to be considered one of the best passers of the team (still behind Josué though). He is definitely one for the future. And 20 times better than Bollati.
    Considering he is only 16, his first game for Porto might still be far from happening. Still, if he maintains his development curve, he might get it when he reaches an higher level of maturity. Note however that he has been called for ALL League Cups games Porto has done so far, but he never came out of the bench.
    Name: Jorge Miguel Feijoca Chula
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Date of Birth: 1990-02-13 (18 years)
    Position: Winger/Forward
    Database status: Not on DB

    [i found one image, but it was to big to put here:

    Chula completes Porto´s tactic, occupying the left wing side. Similar to Diogo Viana, Chula is very strong in the one-on-one challenges and he unbalances the matches with his high speed and great technique. His crossing ability is also very good and have led to a lot of goals (mainly from Jakubov´s head).
    There is not much else to say about him, he is indeed very similar to Diogo Viana.
    He has also played for the under-19 NT.
    I doubt he will play for Porto any time soon, but not long ago the Portuguese 2nd division side contenders Olhanense tried to secure a long term deal, but it was only speculation apparently.
    With all these players, Porto´s tactic would be something like this:
    Diogo Viana-----------------------------------J.Chula
    This is just one of them, there are a lot of variations such as Ramon playing as a DM or CM or Josue as an AM. And not all players of the youth setup are in this thread, and some of them play regularly like the forward Alex, the centre midfielder Lucas Taglialatela or the right/left back Bosingwa. I decided not to include them just because they play less minutes than the ones I refer. Maybe in of these days I´ll compile a report about them all.
    Other hot prospects in Porto that are not in this thread:
    Diogo Viana (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35143)
    Alexander Jakubov (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=35143)
    Ricardo Grey (http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=40900)
    Abdoulaye Ba
    Miguel Galeão
    Ukra is also mentioned in this thread (he is currently on loan), check a few posts below.
    Cheers and enjoy, comments would be appreciated as this took me some time to do
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    navin_legend reacted to Insider in CLEITON XAVIER, Ribeiro (89) - 9C   

    Relegation. Usually associated with heartbreak. However, when Figueirense went down last year, there was a silver lining for their shining 25 year old attacking midfielder. Just happens that a big club from Sao Paulo were looking to revamp, and needed a new #10. So Cleiton Xavier joined Edmilson, Keirrison, Marquinhos, Willians Santana, Mauricio, Pablo Armero and Danilo as the new additions on what has turned out to be, so far, a brilliant Palmeiras team.
    Despite featuring in more than 20 games in 4 seasons before last year, he never showed the flash that was in him until last year, where he scored 12 goals in 33 games for the sinking ship that was Figueirense. He plays mainly in the center of midfield, with an attacking flair. Which fits in perfectly with Palmeiras, who can be caught playing the ever-so-strange 3-3-3-1. Turns out there has been a lot of chemistry so far, Cleiton clicking fine with his wingers and attackers, no matter who they are, and Diego Souza. That's the thing about those two in the center, they are very easy to play with.
    So far, in 3 Campeonato Paulista matches (one as a sub to keep him fresh for the Copa Libertadores), Cleiton Xavier has scored one goal in each. In Copa Libertadores, 1 start and 1 goal. Besides that, he has provided excellent service to his teammates.
    If you want to have an idea how highly I rate him, I gave up a 28 year old 88 and a 27 year old 87 for Cleiton Xavier, a 25 year old 86, in Gold 1.

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    navin_legend got a reaction from flarefear in Help!   
    Re: Help!
    Diego godin (90) is in the first team of villareal, he has 13 appearances and is starts for Uruguay also..that says a lot about this guy;)
    Caceres (89) has to fight against puyol, marquez, millito(??) and even pique for a place in barcelona's first team, i think he got 4 appearances so far so he may well be for the longer term..
    Tasci (89) starts regularly for stuttgart with 16 appearances and 1 goal so far this season. He also has cemented his place in the first team.
    So if it were me, i'd go for diego godin ..
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    navin_legend reacted to BenReado in Ruslan KAMBOLOV - More HUGE Russian Talent   
    Firstly I will say he's been briefly mentioned on a thread by Sheva. However, there is no full report and no thread of his own. And believe me, this guy needs one.

    Ruslan Kambolov

    About him
    Ruslan Kambolov is an 18 year old, Right Full back, who plays for Lokomotiv Moskow in Russia. He was born 1 January 1990 and has a Russian nationality. He is 180cm tall and weighs in at 79kg. He is known for his trademark free-kicks.
    He is on the DB rated 63 () and available in most GC's
    He played his first competitive game for Loko in last years Russian Championship. The appearance came as a late substitute in their game against FC Rostov. After this he got added to the databse rated just 60. This game also got him a call up to the Under 19 National team, where he played in the Youth European Championship 2007 aged just 17. After these appearances he rose to 63.
    The next time he got a club appearance was in the RZHD Cup 2008, earlier this year. He played 4 games including 90 minutes against full strength Chelsea team. In that game he also scored a rocket of a goal and scored the winning penalty.
    Here is the goal:

    After that impressive performance and goal, the 18 year old was called up to the Russia Under 21 squad. He has since made 2 appearances for them.
    In this season's Russian League he has made a total of 3 appearances, managing to get sent off in one of them. He has also played two games in the cup for Loko.
    My View on Him
    This guy first came to my attention after his encounter with Chelsea in pre-season. Since then he is been on my list of Talents. I've seen a few highlights of him playing and he's really impressed me. He has great speed whilst pushing forward and can cross a ball well. His free-kicks are also top class. He reminds me of a right footed Roberto Carlos.
    I personally is future national team class for sure. He has enormous potential. I think next season he'll break into the first team of Loko and with that his rating will rise quickly. I personally see him as a much better player than Glushakov and almost in the same league as Dzagoev.
    Stats Season 08-09
    League: 3 starts, 170 minutes, 1 red card
    RZHD Cup: 4 starts, Unknown Minutes, 1 goal
    Russian Cup: 2 starts, 170 minutes
    Like I said Currently rated just 63. Likely to rise to between 70/72 this time, and then a lot more in the future.
    Still available in some GC's!

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    navin_legend reacted to TomOwen in TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes   
    Re: TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes


    Adrián Martínez-87-12-1101-0-0-87
    Omar Monjaraz-87-4-307-0-0-85
    Adrián García Arias-87-5-296-0-0-85
    Oscar Mascorro-87-8-687-0-0-86
    Israel Martínez-86-11-1004-4-2-88
    Alfredo González Tahuilán-86-11-1010-2-0-88
    Michael Orozco-86-3-277-0-0-85
    Eduardo Coudet-87-12-1101-1-0-88
    Braulio Luna-88-11-1008-1-0-88
    Luis Ignacio González-84-0-0-0-0-82
    Ignacio Torres-83-11-918-0-0-87
    Rodolfo Salinas-84-10-611-1-0-87
    Jairo Patiño-88-11-572-1-0-87
    Tressor Moreno-88-7-214-0-0-86
    Marco Antonio Gómez-73-1-11-0-0-73
    Victor Píriz-84-12-1008-4-2-87
    Marcelo Guererro-86-10-232-0-0-85
    Jose Rodolfo Reyes-74-1-46-0-0-76
    Big Riser
    Victor Piriz
    Ignacio Torres
    Rodolfo Salinas
    Future Investment
    Rodolfo Salinas
    Jose Rodolfo Reyes
    Don't Buy
    Tressor Moreno
    Jairo Patino
    Luis Ignacio Gonzalez
    Omar Monjaraz
    Adrian Garcia Arias
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    navin_legend got a reaction from WillC in The Situation Room Match Reports and transfer talks   
    Re: The Situation Room Match Reports and transfer talks

    Friendly Match Result:

    Borussia Monchengladbach 5 - 1 Benfica
    Emmanuel EBOUE (8)
    Michael OWEN (11)
    Florent MALOUDA (21)
    Emmanuel EBOUE (34)
    Emmanuel EBOUE (39)
    Tressor MORENO (70)
    The "Black Stars" emerged largely victorious last night as they put 5 past the defence of George's Benfica. The unquestioned Man of the Match was the ivory coast international Emmanuel Eboue who scored a hat trick on the night. This victory has largely lifted up the team's morale. The other goal scorers against a 10-men Benfica were highly rated Florent Malouda and latest signing Tressor Moreno, the columbian international.

    Man of the Match and Hat Trick Hero
    Transfer News:
    Peter Odemwingie is rumoured to be joining the "Black Stars" soon from Loskomotiv Moskva. He is said to be very eager to be part of Navin's plans for the future.
    The other player that Navin is rumoured to be after is a young Dutch starlet, but no other information is currently available the moment. But the manager has said he hopes a deal would be concluded by the end of the day.

    And now presenting the team's mascot for the new season..(just following the trend, and i couldnt think of anyone in black except for him..lol:D )

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    navin_legend reacted to Seftinho in The Big Risers From All Over Europe   
    This thread is dedicated to players who have become regulars for their clubs, and are at a lower rating than the rest of their team, hence why they are big risers.
    I'll be going across all the big nations from Europe, apart from England as I'm sure there will be plenty of threads on those players. I will be looking at Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Portugal, and perhaps even more. I will look through each club and pick out the players who you should definitely buy.
    These are the players that you can buy now, then at the end of the season you can look back and say, "I got him when he was 75, and now he's 87!", or "He was 86 when I signed him, now he's 90!". It requires patience, as rises are usually gradual throughout the season, but by the end of the season, it is definitely worth the wait.
    I'd like to get it clear, that these are not all big risers at once. The big rise is from now to the end of the season. These aren't necessarily big risers at once, but are the ones that could be the next Susaeta's or the next Pjanic's.
    I'd also like to get it clear that I am not claiming credit for any of these players. Some of them have been mentioned before, some haven't. I am simply saying who the big risers are from across Europe. But I am NOT simply nicking these from other threads, I'm taking them all from my own scouting (which doesn't mean that I am the first to find them).
    These are provisional predictions. In other words, these are based on if the player in question continues to feature for his club. If he gets dropped, or is only filling in, then he will not reach his predicted end of season rating, but this should happen with few players.
    High rated players (>=85) are in dark blue.
    Low rated players (<85) are in royal blue
    The biggest risers are in Bold Green.
    Player surname in bold, so you know what to search, as well as Final Predicted Rating.
    The number in Red in (Brackets) is the number they rose to.
    Position, Name, Age-Rating, Team -> Prediction for Upcoming Changes -> End of Season Prediction


    23 Players

    GK Brito Renan 23-86 Valencia -> 87/88 (88) -> 89/90
    GK Andrés Sergio Asenjo 19-85 Valladolid -> 86 (87) -> 87/88
    GK Asier Riesgo 24-84 Recreativo de Huelva -> 85/86 (85) -> 87/88
    GK Espinosa Casto 26-83 Real Betis -> 85 (86) -> 88
    GK Francesc Arnau 33-81 Malaga -> 83/84 (84) -> 85/86
    GK Sanchez Sergio Sanchez 31-79 Sporting Gijon -> 82 (80) -> 84/85
    LB Vieira Marcelo 20-89 Real Madrid -> 90 (90) -> 91/92
    LB Salas Christian Fernandez 22-84 Racing Santander -> 85 (85) -> 87
    LB Sierra Ivan Marcano 20-77 Racing Santander -> 81/82 (84) -> 87
    LB Oruesagasti Mikel Balenziaga 20-74 Athletic Bilbao -> 79/80 (83) -> 87
    RB Rodríguez Javi Venta 32-89 Villareal -> 89/90 (89) -> 90/91
    RB Abdoulaye Konko 24-88 Sevilla -> 88/89 (89) -> 89/90
    CB Javier Gonzalo Rodriguez 24-89 Villareal -> 89/90 (90) -> 90/91
    CB Diego Godín 22-89 Villareal -> 89/90 (90) -> 90/91
    CB Gerard Pique 21-87 Barcelona -> 87/88 (88) -> 88/89
    CB Gálvez David Prieto 25-86 Sevilla -> 87/88 (87) -> 89/90
    CB Rodrigues Roversio 24-83 Osasuna -> 85 (85) -> 87
    CB José Manuel Chico 21-74 Almeria -> 80 (83) -> 86/87
    LM Diego Capel 20-89 Sevilla - 89/90 (90) -> 90/91
    W Juan Manuel Mata 20-87 Valencia -> 88/89 (89) -> 89/90
    CM Sebastián Eguren 27-88 Villareal -> 88/89 (89) -> 89/90
    CM Martínez Javi Fuego 24-85 Recreativo de Huelva -> 86 (85) -> 88
    CM Mata Mario Suarez 21-83 Mallorca -> 84/85 (84) -> 86
    CM Martínez Mario 23-80 Numancia -> 83 (83) -> 86
    CM Burgos Sergio Busquets 20-75 Barcelona -> 80 (85) -> 88/89
    AM Mosquera Julio Alvarez 27-84 Almeria -> 85/86 (86) -> 87
    F Gonzalo Higuain 20-89 Real Madrid -> 90 (90) -> 91/92
    F Pérez Bojan Krkic 17-89 Barcelona -> 89 (89) -> 90/91
    F Florent Sinama-Pongolle 23-88 Atlético Madrid -> 89 (89) -> 90
    F Pérez Adrián Colunga 23-82 Recreativo de Huelva -> 84 (84) -> 86/87
    CF Joseba Llorente 28-88 Villareal -> 89 (89) -> 89/90
    CF Rodríguez Jonathan Pereira 21-82 Racing Santander -> 84 (85) -> 86


    38 Players

    GK Pedro Rui Patricio 20-86 Sporting -> 87/88 (87) -> 89/90
    GK Wihby Rafael Bracali 27-80 Nacional -> 83/84 (83) -> 85/86
    GK Carlos Jorge Baptista 31-78 Naval -> 82 (80) -> 82
    LB Leandro Grimi 23-87 Sporting -> 88 (87) -> 89/90
    LB Silva Lucio Amaral 26-82 Vitória de Guimãraes -> 84 (83) -> 85/86
    LB Ferreira Manttuy Cleber 26-79 Academica -> 81/82 (80) -> 84
    LB Aly Cissokho 21-75 Vitória de Setúbal -> 79/80 (82) -> 85
    LB Miguel Casto Igor 24-73 Naval -> 77 (77) -> 83/84
    CB Jorge Rolando 23-87 Porto -> 87/88 (87) -> 89/90
    CB Cristian Sapunaru 24-86 Porto -> 87 (87) -> 89/90
    CB Rechel Sidnei 19-83 Benfica -> 84 (85) -> 86/87
    CB Moura Moises 29-82 Sporting Braga -> 83/84 (84) -> 86
    CB Daniel Mustafa 24-78 Estrela da Amadora -> 80 (80) -> 82/83
    CB Amorin Joao Guilherme 22-75 Maritimo -> 79/80 (82) -> 84/85
    CB Henrique Matheus 23-74 Belenenses -> 79/80 (78) -> 83/84
    CB Rafik Halliche 22-74 Nacional -> 79/80 (80) -> 84/85
    D André Hugo Gomes 28-77 Estrela da Amadora -> 79/80 (79) -> 82/83
    D Acácio Carciano 27-75 Belenenses -> 78 -> 83/84
    D Pereira Roque Maicon 20-72 Nacional -> 78 (80) -> 84/85
    RM Tomás Costa 23-84 Porto -> 85/86 (86) -> 87/88
    W Rui Correira Marinho 25-80 Naval -> 81/82 (82) -> 84
    W Batista Josa 24-77 Paços de Ferreira -> 79/80 -> 83
    DM João Moreno 27-81 Vitória de Guimãraes -> 83/84 (82) -> 86
    DM Ramires João Luiz 18-81 Maritimo -> 83 (82) -> 85
    CM Fabio Rochemback 26-87 Sporting -> 88 (87) -> 89/90
    CM Hassan Yebda 24-85 Benfica -> 86 (87) -> 88/89
    CM Francisco Fernando 21-84 Porto -> 85/86 (86) -> 87/88
    CM Silva Luis Alberto 24-80 Nacional -> 83 (82) -> 85
    CM Luis Celsinho 20-77 Estrela da Amadora -> 79/80 (80) -> 82/83
    CM Amorin Bruno Lazaroni 28-75 Naval -> 78/79 (80) -> 83/84
    AM Bastos Rafael 23-77 Nacional -> 80 (82) -> 84/85
    M Marcio Teti 29-75 Estrela da Amadora -> 78 (80) -> 82/83
    F Djab Yannick 22-86 Sporting -> 87 (87) -> 88/89
    F Daniel Candeias 20-77 Porto -> 80 (80) -> 82/83
    CF Albert Meyong Ze 27-83 Sporting Braga -> 84/85 (85) > 86/87
    CF Givanildo Vieira Hulk 22-82 -> 83/84 (85) -> 87
    CF Iorlando Marques 23-76 Leixoes -> 79 (80) -> 82/83
    CF de Oliveira Douglas 22-75 Vitória de Guimãraes -> 78/79 (83) -> 84


    (Serie A &
    55 Players

    GK Christian Abbiati 31-90 Milan -> 90/91 (90) -> 91/92
    GK Albano Bizzarri 30-84 Catania -> 85/86 (86) -> 87/88
    GK Francesco Benussi 27-83 Lecce -> 85 (85) -> 86
    GK Alex Cordaz 25-76 Treviso -> 79 (80) -> 83
    GK Salavatore Sirigu 21-76 Ancona -> 78 (79) -> 81/82
    GK Salvatore Pinna 33-75 Salernitana -> 78 (78) -> 81/82
    LB John Arne Riise 28-89 Roma -> 89/90 (89) -> 91/92
    LB Salvatore Aronica 30-86 Napoli -> 87 (87) -> 88/89
    LB Daniele Ficagna 27-83 Siena -> 84/85 (85) -> 86/87
    LB Andrea Costa 22-83 Reggina -> 84/85 (84) -> 86
    LB Andrea Rossi 21-82 Siena 21-82 -> 83/84 (84) -> 86
    LB Matteo Rubin 21-80 Torino -> 83/84 (84) -> 86
    LB Nicola Donazzan 23-75 Sassuolo -> 77/78 (80) -> 81/82
    RB João Cicinho 28-90 Roma -> 90/91 (90) -> 91/92
    RB Zdenek Grygera 28-90 Juventus 90/91 (90) -> 91/92
    RB Tiziano Polenghi 30-83 Lecce -> 85 (85) -> 86
    RB Gaetano Berardi 20-77 Brescia -> 80 (80) -> 83/84
    CB Olof Mellberg 31-90 Juventus -> 90/91 (90) -> 91/92
    CB Leonardo Talamonti 26-85 Atalanta -> 86 (86) -> 88
    CB Nicholas Guidi 25-77 Frosinone -> 79/80 (79) -> 82/83
    CB Gianluca Nocentini 30-77 Frosinone -> 79/80 (79) -> 82/83
    CB Federico Viviani 26-78 Pisa -> 80 (80) -> 83/84
    CB Rodrigo Defendi 22-75 Avellino -> 77 (78) -> 81/82
    D Nicolás Burdisso 27-90 Inter -> 90/91 (90) -> 91/92
    LM Luigi Vitale 21-75 Napoli -> 83 (83) -> 87/88
    RM Carlos Carmona 21-83 Reggina -> 84/85 (85) -> 86
    RM Edoardo Catinali 26-74 Ancona -> 77/78 (78) -> 80/81
    RM Radja Nainggolan 20-75 Piacenza -> 78 (78) -> 82/83
    W Jeremy Menez 21-89 Roma -> 89/90 (89) -> 91/92
    W Giampoalo Ciarcia 28-76 Salernitana -> 78 (80) -> 83
    W Jonathan Biabany 20-75 Modena -> 78 (80) -> 82/83
    W Savio Nsereko 19-71 Brescia -> 78 (78) -> 83/84
    DM Mauricio Isla 20-82 Udinese -> 85 (86) -> 87/88
    DM Medina Fabiano 26-80 Lecce -> 83 (84) -> 86
    DM Davide Carteri 26-75 Cittadella -> 77/78 (78) -> 81
    CM Sulley Muntari 24-90 Inter -> 90/91 (91) -> 91/92
    CM Mohamad Sissoko 23/89 Juventus -> 90 (90) -> 91/92
    CM Marek Hamsik 21/89 Napoli -> 90/91 (90) -> 91/92
    CM Carvalho Felipe Melo 25-88 Fiorentina -> 89 (89) -> 90/91
    CM Claudio Marchisio 22-86 Juventus -> 87 (87) -> 89/90
    CM Danny Szeleta 21-78 Brescia -> 82 (82) -> 83/84
    AM Christian Pasquato 19-72 Empoli -> 78 (78) -> 83/84
    M Andea Tricarico 25-75 Salernitana -> 78 (75) -> 81/82
    M Andrea De Falco 22-74 Ancona -> 77/78 (77) -> 80/81
    F Alexandre Pato 19-89 Milan -> 89/90 (90) -> 91/92
    F Mauro Zarate 21-88 Lazio -> 89 (89) -> 90/91
    F Michele Paolucci 22-85 Catania -> 86 (86) -> 87/88
    F Inacio Pia 26-83 Napoli -> 84 (84) -> 86
    F Davide Di Gennaro 20-80 Reggina -> 82 (80) -> 84/85
    F Alberto Paloschi 18-80 Parma -> 82 (83) -> 83/84
    F Emilio Docente 24-78 Rimini -> 80 (78) -> 82/83
    F Willy Aubameyang 21-75 Avellino -> 76/77 (77) -> 80/81
    CF Edison Cavani 20-87 Palermo -> 87/88 (88) -> 88/89
    CF Stefano Okaka-Chuka 19-82 Roma -> 83/84 (84) -> 85/86
    CF Maurizo Nassi 31-74 Ancona -> 78 (80) -> 82


    19 Players

    GK Michael Rensing 24-88 Bayern Munchen -> 89/90 -> 90/91
    GK Christofer Heimroth 27-84 Borussia Monchengladbach -> 86 -> 87
    LB Arthur Boka 25-88 Stuttgart -> 89 -> 90
    LB Sebastian Boenisch 21-85 Werder Bremen -> 87 -> 88/89
    LB Marcel Schmelzer 20-80 Borussia Dortmund -> 86 -> 87
    LB Konstantin Rausch 18-78 Hannover -> 84/85 -> 87
    RB Christian Lell 24-89 Bayern Munchen -> 90 -> 91
    RB Miso Brecko 24-84 FC Koln -> 86 -> 87
    RB Stefano Celozzi 20-80 Karlsruher -> 84/85 -> 86
    CB Adriano Buss Henrique 22-86 Bayer Leverkusen -> 88 -> 89
    CB Sebastian Prodl 21-86 Werder Bremen -> 87 -> 88/89
    CB Neven Subotic 19-85 Borussia Dortmund -> 87 -> 88
    CB Mats Hummels 19-84 Borussia Dortmund -> 86 -> 87
    CB Filip Daems 30-84 Borussia Monchengladbach -> 86 -> 87
    LM Faton Toski 21-83 Eintracht Frankfurt -> 86 -> 87/88
    W Jonathan Pitroipa 22-85 Hamburger SV -> 86/87 -> 88
    W Maximilian Nicu 25-84 Hertha BSC -> 86 -> 87/88
    F Karim Matmour 23-83 Borussia Monchengladbach -> 86 -> 87
    CF Vedad Ibisevic 24-85 TSG Hoffenheim -> 87/88 -> 88/89
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    navin_legend reacted to Chris Legend in Canerio Keirrison   
    Canerio Keirrison is a 19yr old striker who curently plays for coritiba in brazil, Keirrison has scored 14 goals in his last 13 games, his over career stats for coritiba ate 100 games 54 goals.
    Keirrison has been in sparkling form sofar this season for Coritiba scoring 14 in his last 13 games, this form has led to him signing a pre contract with palmires(spelling mostlikely wrong) so for the near future it looks like this young tallent is staying in brazil, but i dont think it will be long before one of the european big boys snap him up, the likes of Valencia, Barce, Milan, atletico have all been scouting this lad, he is surely destined for great things, and is certainly one to look out for.
    Here is a video of some of his goals

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    navin_legend reacted to James C in Website may be useful to forumers   
    I just read about this site and it has the biggest database for football players in the world.
    I am not sure entirely of its services as I have only looked at it for a few seconds and am waiting for the e-mail to activate my account.
    I figured though it would help people get information on players though and that I would share it with u.
    *sorry if this is wrong section of the forum but i wasnt sure
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    navin_legend reacted to bestpay in New - Buy a team, 11 players who will rise at least 5!   
    Re: New - Buy a team, 11 players who will rise at least 5!
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    navin_legend reacted to AVFC 4 LIF3 in Money Spinner PETER ORRY LARSEN   
    Peter Orry Larsen seems to have started to earn his place in his side which is
    Aalesund in the Tippeligaen in Norway (div 1)
    He has started playing regulary for the team so far playing 6 games which he has started and 7 from the bench, in those games he has scored two goals from RM. All those games add up to 713 minutes on the pitch which is not bad.
    Name:Peter Orry Larsen
    DOB:17/01/90, 19 years old

    Here's the best bit he's 72 on the DB 70k and he's yours
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    navin_legend reacted to RDD11 in Improve bid!!!!   
    Since the new 24/7 transfers have been been implimented to the game it has prompted me to put forward the following suggestion.
    Previously, when a player became available that would be a good addition to your team you would make a bid which would notify any other managers that had shorlisted the player which would prompt them to put in an offer (which may or may not beat your offer). You then go onto withdraw your offer even though your not withdrawing your interest for the player as you will most likely improve your offer. So, aswell as having a "withdraw offer" tab on player profile my suggestion is to have an improve bid tab also.
    With the new transfer system in place, a deal goes through 24 hours after the first bid for the player was made. But when that 1st bid is withdrawn as you wish to improve your offer the time that deal takes has now extended from 24 hours from your initial bid which is why if you have an improve bid feature then the deal could go through 24 hours after your original bid was made as there is no need to withdraw your offer.
    what do you guys think about this?
    i hope this made sense.it did in my head as i was writing it anyways
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    navin_legend reacted to sheva20 in Rodrigo Marcos dos Santos- The Destroyer   
    Decided to get off my lazy bum and have a go at scouting once more:p. Yes im close to retirement:p

    Rodrigo Marcos dos Santos

    Rodrigo Marcos dos Santos or more simply Rodrigo Mancha is a 22 year old Defensive Midfielder currently playing for Coritiba in Brazil. He is a "destroyer" and specializes in breaking down attacks presented by opponents. His playing style is similar to that of Javier Mascherano of Liverpool, Alberto Zapater of Zaragoza and Angelo Palombo of Sampdoria. He was a player that had limited chances last season managing just 6 appearances for the club. This season he has been a regular fixture in the Coritiba team and a very influencial player. Not only does he have good passing abilities but he helps a lot in defence. Hes a hard tackler and is very strong aerially due to his great height. He, together with Carlinhos Paraiba form the heart of the midfield for the Brazilian side. Mancha has started 17 times for Coritiba this season and will continue to play until the end of the season.
    The newly promoted Coritiba have been the surprise package of the Campeonato Brasileiro with them ranked at 8th place just 9 points off the leaders Gremio. Their squad is underrated as it stands. Mancha is currently rated at 78 and is a bargain. The Brazilian ratings are a long way to go but if this man keeps up his performances and Coritba keep up their consitency, Mancha along with most of the team are looking at very good rises.

    Mancha alongside something looking rather scary
    I present to you, the amazing ROGRIGO MANCHA
    Recap:RODRIGO MANCHA, Santos| 22 years old| 78 rated| DM|17 starts|Enjoy:)

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    navin_legend reacted to ars4nal_4ever in Ars4nal_4ever's impressive list of cheap hot prospects/imminent risers...   
    I've been on this forum now for about 3months (ish) and answer a fair amount of queries in many of the different threads however i have always been reluctant to start a big thread, so here is my second major one and the one thats taken me the most time!
    Here goes my attempt for fame and success on these threads, lets hope it dosent fail
    The following are a list of young low rated prospects, they are all rated under 80 and easily available (with a few minor exceptions) in all non-gold setups. I have included their name, their club and the price at which one should be able to buy them.
    The good news is around 90% are under 50k so all teams can afford them.
    (Just to pre-empt any unnessecary slagging yes a decent number of these have been mentioned on the forum before and no i am not claiming to have discovered these players, b*tching not appreciated )
    Hope this helps
    Jérémy DE VRIENDT
    £90k Standard Liege
    Reason: Has replaced Jesse Soubry as no.2 keeper for the title winning Belgian side and played all of the team's last 3 games this season.
    Daniel OWUSU
    £10k Germinal Beerschot
    Reason: Made 7 appearances for 5th place Germinal Beerschot and is beginning to build himself a first team place.
    Brek SHEA
    £10k FC Dallas
    Reason: A 6ft 3inch beast of a RB. He was drafted 2nd overall by FC Dallas in the 2008 MLS SuperDraft (I think this means hes the MLS's second best new arrival). He immediately made an appearance for the side.
    Martín GALVAN
    £10k Cruz Azul
    Reason: Invited for trials at Barcelona two years ago but was unable to make the trip. Has since made an appearance for leading Mexican side Cruz Azul at the tender age of 15!
    Aaron RAMSEY
    £1.5M Cardiff City
    Reason: The Welsh wonder-kid, need we say more. Saw this guy in his debut for Arsenal vs Barnet. Impressed me although still needs time to gel with his new teammates. Will most likely rise to the mid 80s nxt English changes thanks to his performances with Cardiff and I can see him going far beyond that in the future...
    Tom HEATON
    £150k Manchester United
    Reason: An England U-21 international. Will be on loan to coventry city next season. With regular appearances he could reach 82 in the near future.
    £50k AaB
    Jesper BLICHER
    £10k Aarhus GF
    John BOSTOCK
    £325k Crystal Palace
    Reason: Known for his great passing and positioning. Has attracted the attention of Tottenham Hotspur for a summer transfer. Has now moved to Tottenham.
    Henri SAIVET
    £375k Bordeaux
    Reason: Made an impressive debut for 2nd placed side Bordeaux recently. May begin to make regular apperances if he impresses in the pre-season games.
    Angelo DRAGONE
    £40k Carmarthen Town
    Reason: Has been mentioned in the forums many times before, you are probably all sick of him by now!
    José FABIO
    £10k Botafogo
    Reason: Now a first teamer for Brazilian club Botafogo he has played 280 of a possible 450 minutes. Rose 5 to 75.
    £60k Atletico Mineiro
    Rose 3 to 75.
    £10k Santos
    Reason: Included this after a great starting game for Brazilian side Santos however, they have since struggled and return to using more experienced players. Still at 10k he may be worth a punt.
    Charlie SHERINGHAM
    £60k Crystal Palace/Cambridge City
    Reason: Has made 4 appearances, scoring 5(!) goals for Cambridge since his loan began recently. If he has even half of his father's talent then he could make a solid player.
    Cristian TITI
    £10k Internacional
    Reason: Made a full 90 minute appearance in Internacional's opening game, possibly many more to come.
    David GRAY
    £20k Manchester United (will be loaned for next season so buying will be easier)
    Reason: Was considered as a top young starlet when he signed for Manchester United aged 16. Since he has suffered from regular injuries however he appears to be fine at the moment. A success full loan spell could see a good rating increase and a Man Utd team spot when he returns.
    Aleksandr FEDOSEEV
    £40k Minsk
    Gonzalo LUDUEÑA
    £20k Emelec
    Reason: A River Plate prospect on loan to Ecuadorian side Emelec. He is currently top scorer in their league. Increased 11 to 80.
    Aleksei KOZLOV
    £30k Minsk
    Tomislav HAVOJIC
    £60k Dinamo Zagreb
    Radoslaw KURSA
    £10k Widzew Lodz
    Reason: LB for the Poland under-20 team which only conceded 2 goals in the under 20s Euros (which they won)
    Ruslan KAMBOLOV
    £20k Lokomotiv Moskva
    £80k Jagiellonia
    Reason: - 1st choice keeper for the Poland under-20 team which only conceded 2 goals in the under 20s Euros (which they won)
    Daniel UNAL
    £200k Roma
    Reason: Member of the Switzerland under-19 team. Is currently on a trial loan with AC Roma, if all goes well an easy 90+ for the future.
    Pál LAZAR
    £10k Fehérvár
    Botond BIRTALAN
    £30k Sopron
    Daniel PAREJO
    £10k Real Madrid Castilla
    Reason: Is considered by many as Real Madrids future , drawing comparision to Guti . Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger is a keep admirer of the youngster and a 10 million euro (roughly £6.5million?) move to the club is reported. Has made 33 apperances and scored 10 goals this season. MUST BUY.
    £50k Mallorca
    £20k Boyacá Chicó
    Reason: Son of Columbian legend Faustino Asprilla, he is now a first team regular at Boyacá Chicó with an expected rise of around 10 due. Increased 7 to 70.
    Juan FORLIN
    £10k Boca Juniors
    Jo Sondre AAS
    £20k Rosenborg BK
    Eugene SEPUYA
    £20k Vojvodina
    £30k Bidvest Wits
    Reason: Likely rise to 75 after assuring a first team spot. Rose to 75 .
    Imad ZATARA
    £10k Zalaegerszeg
    Oliver TOLEDO
    £900k Audax Italiano
    Reason: Currently playing for Chilean side Audax Italiano where he is beginning to establish himself, played in the Copa Libertadores although he may be one to avoid in the near future due to the 900k pricetag.
    Pavel ELSIK
    £10k FC Tescoma Zlín
    Sébastien WUTHRICH
    £70k Neuchâtel Xamax
    Christos XENOFONTOS
    £30k AEK Larnaca
    Lefteris MATSOUKAS
    £125k Aigaleo
    £10k AEK Athens
    £50k Internazionale
    Reason: Has made one appearance for the Serie A winners after succes playing for Montichiari.
    José Manuel RUDEA
    £40k Barcelona
    Reason: Made his first SPL appearance for the world famous Barca recently. Is likely to make the occasional appearance for the side within the next season before progressing to challenging for a first team place.
    Gilles SUNU
    £30k Arsenal
    Reason: France under-17 international. Has made a great impression at the Arsenal Reserves since he signed aged 16.
    Kingsley UMUNEGBU
    £50k Milan
    Reason: Good prospect from AC Milan. Has appeared in Coppa Italia matches for the champions league winning side but is yet to make a Serie A appearance.
    Aleksandar KIROV
    £10k Levski
    Anthony MOUNIER
    £10k Lyon
    Gudmundur KRISTJANSSON
    £40k Breiðablik
    Fabian DELPH
    10k Leeds United
    Reason: An England under-19 international. Has made two starting appearances for Leeds this year however is tipped to become a regular next seaosn. (This is debateable though, still for 10k you cant lose)
    £10k AZ Alkmaar
    Reason: An Icelandic senior team international. Has made irregular appearances for AZ Alkmaar. Great things are expected.
    Slavko PEROVIC
    £70k Crvena Zvezda
    Luke FREEMAN
    £30k Arsenal
    Reason: The youngest ever player to play in the FA Cup, drew the attention of Arsenal at the tender age of 16. One for the future. In older setups you can commonly find him playing for Gillingham.
    Nicolo BRIGHENTI
    £20k Chievo
    £20k Strasbourg
    Luis CACERES
    £475k Cerro Porteño. Rose 5 to 80
    £30k Leeds United
    Reason: Elliott was named in the England under-17 squad for the Algarve Tournament this year. He has made 3 appearances for the Division 1 side, the first being while he was only 16.
    Krystian PEARCE
    £10k Port Vale
    Reason: Regular starter for England at under 17 level. Has sinced progressed to under 19 where he is still enjoying regular games. Is even known to be handy in front of goal despite being a CB. On loan from Birmingham City.
    Vito MANNONE
    £10k Arsenal
    Reason: Has recently signed a long term contract with Arsenal. Recently back from injury and is expected to be loaned to SPL strugglers Gretna this summer. Has been on the team sheet for Arsenal in many Premiership and cup games although is yet to make an appearance for the senior squad. Made his first appearance today in Arsenals 2-1 win over Barnet. He played around 20 minutes after replacing Manuel Aluminia. I was at the match and he wasnt overly impressive, he had very little to do (it was vs Barnet ) and made one embarrasing fumble that almost lead to a goal. However, if Wenger sees something in him who am I doubt?
    £20k Crewe Alexandra
    Reason: Likely move to Premiership sides Bolton or Blackburn this summer.
    If you have a third or fourth division side in an English Championship then i hv just given you a gold mine
    If your a higher rated club this list will make for some excellent money spinners, hopefully reaching comfortably over £100 million from around a £7million investement
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    navin_legend reacted to TorresFTW in French players likely to rise!   
    Thought I would start a thread similar to that of gabor1981’s german hopefuls. This thread will be from French Ligue 1 and although I realise you cannot base rating predictions on 2 games, I will just note the players to look out for this season in France.
    I will complete this in alphabetical order of teams, starting with Auxerre.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 87/88
    Look out for;
    QUERCIA, Julien – F – 22 – 85
    Played all of Auxerre’s games so far bar 3 minutes, and scored in their first game against Nantes. Auxerre showed that they will need his goals this season after a 4-0 mauling against Marseille yesterday, and expect him to carry on playing as long as his goalscoring continues. Could reach 87 if his playing time/goalscoring continues.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 89
    Look out for;
    GOURCUFF, Yoann – AM/CM – 22 – 87
    On loan from AC Milan and regarded as one of France’s top prospects, Gourcuff has made a fantastic start to the season in Ligue 1 with a brilliant performance and a goal to cap that in the opening game against Caen. He still shone in his team’s loss to a newly revamped PSG side, however was unable to change the outcome. I expect Gourcuff to be on the fringe of the national side this year if he continues to perform well (he’s already been called up for this week’s friendlies), so expect an increase to 89 sooner rather than later if his performances continue.
    CAVENAGHI, Fernando – CF – 24 – 89
    Although he’s already highly rated, his form last season got him into Argentina squads, and he replaced Chamakh in the first game and has played every minute since, scoring once. If he can take last season’s form into this one, a 90 rating could be coming his way.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI - 87
    Look out for;
    BOUCANSAUD, Florian – CB – 27 – 80
    Boucansaud, previously of Troyes played every single minute of Caen’s first 2 games of the season, and produced solid performances in their 2-1 loss to Bordeaux and 3-1 win against Valenciennes.
    If he continues to play, could see a rise of 4/5 by the next ratings and possibly further if he carries on further into the season.
    ADNANE, Youssef – F – 23 – 74
    Adnane played 51 minutes in Caen’s first game but played no further part in their second game so I’m not too sure whether he was injured or not. If he continues to play, could be a potentially decent riser into the 80’s.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 84 (this is likely to rise)
    Look out for;
    FEGHOULI, Sofiane – AM – 18 – 77
    Grenoble have had a surprisingly good start to the season with wins against Rennes and Sochaux. The 18 year old Feghouli played 168 of 180 minutes so far this season, and if he continues with this, he could easily make low to mid 80’s by next rating change.
    Le Havre
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 84 (likely to rise)
    Look out for;
    YOUSSOUF, Mohamed – W – 20 – 72
    Played 54 minutes after starting in Le Havre’s opening game win against Nice. If he continues to get a chance to play, could rise to the high 70’s.
    Le Mans
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 86/87
    Look out for;
    BEN FREJ, Saber – RB – 29 – 81
    Played 114 of 180 minutes so far making 1 start, 1 sub appearance. Nearly scored a goal every other game for his previous club in Tunisia which is decent for a defender in any league. Whether or not he can show his quality on the big stage in France is a question that will be answered this season. If he continues to play, should make mid 80’s by next rating change
    PAULO ANDRE, Cren – CB – 24 – 82
    Played 92 minutes in one start out of the 180 available and the same as above, if he continues to play he should make mid 80’s.
    BAAL, Ludovic – LM/LB – 22 – 76
    Played 162 of 180 minutes so far in Le Mans’ Ligue 1 campaign, although this could all change once influential Gervinho returns from the Olympics. If he does continue to play, this could be a gem of a buy, and could reach low to mid 80’s by next ratings.
    GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi – RM/AM – 21 – 88
    Currently at the Olympic Games with the Ivory Coast squad so therefore hasn’t played any part of the games so far this season for Le Mans. However, Arsenal’s summer transfer target is still worth a shout. Absolutely fantastic player and absolutely outstanding performances for Le Mans last season and for Ivory Coast at the Olympics (of whom he captained) has made him well known across Europe and even gain the interest of young talent genius Arsene Wenger. Whether or not he was too old for Arsenal’s plans at 21 is yet to be seen, but watch out for him this season, in my opinion will hit 90 at some point and is an absolute gem of a player.
    MAIGA, Modibo – F/AM – 21 – 77
    May just have broken his way into Le Mans’ first team, and if so, could be in for a huge rise. Has played 104 of 180 minutes this season, making 1 start and 1 sub appearance, and also scoring one goal in Le Mans’ impressive 3-1 away win at Lille. If he continues to get a run in the team, should make low to mid 80’s by next rating change.
    ABOU KEITA, Alphousseyni – CM – 22 – 80
    1 start and 1 sub appearance totalling 64 minutes means he could see his fair share of action until the next ratings. This could mean a small rise for him.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 88
    Look out for;
    RAMI, Adil – CB – 22 – 85
    1 start however was sent off in the closing minutes of the first game leading to him being suspended for the second. Should play most of the games up until the ratings and should make 87 by this time if he continues to perform as he did last season.
    TOURE, Larsen – F – 23 – 82
    1 start and 1 sub appearance so far totalling 68 minutes. If he continues to get a run in the team and score goals, he could see a rise to 84/85 and possibly more.
    No decent risers to look out for really.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 91
    Look out for;
    PJANIC, Miralem – AM -18 – 85
    Brilliant performances last season made the Lyon scouts go watching and Lyon picked him up ahead of the new season. Has made 1 start and played the full 90 minutes so far out of the 2 games for Lyon and if given further chance, and if his performances live up to last season, he could easily make high 80’s by next rating change. Top prospect for the future if anybody didn’t know already.
    MENSAH, John – CB – 25 – 88
    Another top performer from last season for Rennes, transferred to Lyon to replace the outgoing Sebastien Squillaci, and although he hasn’t played any part of this season so far due to injury, once he gets back to fitness, if he plays and puts in the same type of performances as he did last season, he will easily keep his place in the Ghana national side and in my opinion should reach 90 rating by the end of the season.
    REVELLIERE, Antoine – RB/LB – 28 – 89
    Now that Francois Clerc is injured for 6 months, Revelliere will slot in at right back for the majority of the campaign. If he puts in good performances, he could find himself on the verge of a France recall and a 90 rating.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 89/90
    Look out for;
    BEN ARFA, Hatem – W/F – 21 – 89
    Pretty sure 99% of the players on the game know about this guy and his potential as he was once tipped to be the better out of him and Benzema. In my opinion he wasn’t given enough of a chance at Lyon and I believe the move to Marseille will be a terrific one for his career. He will play every game he’s available as he’s a prized asset to the club. He has recently turned down a place in the France national team due to fatigue and slight injury so that shows that he is breaking into the squad already. Played 160 of 180 minutes with 2 starts, 1 goal to his name so far, and some electric performances, especially in Marseille’s 4-0 drubbing of Auxerre. If he continues to put in good performances and get into the France setup, he will be 90 in at most 2 rating changes, if not the one coming up.
    M’BAMI, Modeste – CM/DM – 25 – 87
    Very experienced midfielder who has built up a fantastic partnership with team-mate Lorik Cana, and is a bit of an unsung hero in the Marseille team, as he was before with PSG. He could have signed for Wolves 5 years ago before moving to Paris and he has thrived ever since. Played every single minute of the campaign so far, however don’t expect wonders of him statistically, it is in his performances in which he stands out. 23 caps for Cameroon to his name far, scoring 7 goals. If he plays well this season and continues to play for his national setup, he could well reach 89/90.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 88
    Look out for;
    RUFFIER, Stephane – G – 21 – 80
    Replaced Flavio Roma (88) in goal for the opening 2 games of the season and has impressed conceding 1 goal and making some fine saves in the away draw against Nantes. If he keeps his place with Roma rumoured to be off to Italy, he could make mid to high 80’s and is young so has potential.
    MONGONGU, Cedric – DM/CB – 19 – 74
    The Democratic Republic of Congo international (yes international at the age of 19) who has 1 cap to his name already has started the season at the heart of defence, seemingly replacing the experienced Dario Simic easily. Surprisingly stable performances from the young man could mean he retains his place in the side for the season and if so, we could see a massive jump from his current 74 to low to mid 80’s. He really could be a star buy.
    GOSSO, Jean Jacques – DM – 25 – 83
    Recently signed for Monaco after a successful trial with the club, has played every minute of the campaign so far. If he continues to play and perform then he could well be looking at 86/87 range so a healthy rise.
    PINO, Juan Pablo – AM/F – 21 – 82
    Played 151 of 180 minutes in 2 starts up top for Monaco. Has impressed enough to break into the first team although there isn’t really a notable striker to challenge him. If he keeps his playing time and scores a few goals, you never know – a national call could come his way and he could be looking at high 80’s by the end of the season.
    NIMANI, Frederic – F/W – 19 – 77
    Everyone wondered at the start of the season who would be the striker to lead the line for Monaco and score them goals. The answer may well be in the form of Frederic Nimani. At 19 he is relatively inexperienced and Monaco will be hoping he can adapt to Ligue 1 quickly in order for them to succeed this season. If he does adapt and continues to score goals, he will be cheap as chips at 77 rating, and could easily make 85+ by the next 2 rating changes.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 87/88
    Look out for;
    Not really any very good buys in this team, however if Chris Malonga and Julien Feret get decent runs in the team I will update as they have a decent opportunity to rise!
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 85
    Look out for;
    Once again, not too many decent risers here, however as is the same for Nancy, if Djamel Abdoun or Claudiu Keseru get a decent run in the side and the latter gets a few goals to his name then I will update as they will have a decent opportunity to rise!
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 87
    Look out for;
    TRAORE, Mahamane – AM – 19 – 75
    Young attacking midfielder who was called up to Mali’s squad for the African Nations earlier this year. He is versatile and can play anywhere across the attacking midfield or up front. Looks set for a big future in the game and has played 1 start 1 sub for a total of 80 minutes this season, scoring 1 goal. He will need time to adapt, however and if he does carry on getting a chance and performing well, along with call ups to the national squad, could be hitting low to mid 80’s this season.
    REMY, Loic – W – 21 – 84
    Highly rated young forward (his position may well change) who is well known for his dribbling abilities. He has been playing up front this season so far for Nice and has played every minute scoring 1 goal. If he continue to perform well, he could hit 86/87 next rating change.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 89
    Look out for;
    SAKHO, Mamadou – LB/CB – 18 – 82
    Very highly rated youngster who played a big part of PSG’s last season playing 12 games, as well as captaining the side twice (on one occasion against Lyon). He has played every single minute of this season in what is a very experienced side and with expectations in Paris high, if the team do well, and he plays and performs well, he could easily be reaching high 80’s by the end of the season.
    Also there is a mention for Clement Chantome, who although has a fairly decent rating already at 86, was chased by Arsene Wenger in the summer and has a massive future ahead of him. Competing for a central midfield role with the likes of Claude Makelele will only help his progress and he could be one to watch out for this season.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 88
    FANNI, Rod – RB/CB – 26 – 88
    His name is hilarious to some (me included) and he is also a fantastic footballer. His performances last season and at the beginning of this have given him a call up to the France squad for their friendlies this week and he has played every minute so far in the league. If his top class performances continue, I see an 89 and possibly 90 rating coming his way.
    LEMOINE, Fabien – CM/DM – 21 – 82
    Not too sure about this guy’s potential, however if you wanna make a quick profit he is your man. Played every single minute of this season so far, as well as 18 games and 1 goal last season from January onwards. I reckon he’ll make 86/87 this ratings changes, so a nice jump of 4/5 there, and possibly further as he progresses into the season.
    EKOKO, Jires – F – 20 – 77
    1 start and 1 sub appearance totalling 58 minutes so far this season for Ekoko. A good start, and if he can continue to play and maybe chip in with a few goals, he could rise to low 80’s.
    St Etienne
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 88
    Look out for;
    VIVIANI, Jody – G – 26 – 85
    Has replaced the usual keeper Jeremie Janot in goal this season for one reason or another and if he keeps his place and the goals out then he could rise to 87/88.
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 87
    Look out for;
    CARLAO, Roberto – CM/DM – 22 – 80
    Has played every minute so far this season, and if he can continue to do so, could easily reach mid 80’s and a nice jump in ratings!
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 87
    Look out for;
    No one really special to look out for in this team, however mention will be given to Daniel Braaten, who if he can continue playing and playing well, as well as getting games for his national side Norway, could improve on his 84 rating, and I will update on his progress!
    Estimated Average Rating of Starting XI – 86
    Look out for;
    No one really in this team that can be looked on with potential to rise more than 1/2.
    STAR BUYS!!!!
    Here are my star buys, the pick of the bunch from the ones I have listed above, and my predicted rating for them in the next French Ratings.
    The French ratings are in 3/4 weeks time and that will make a downturn on the ratings however if you’re patient enough to wait for some of these players to rise, they could make you a lot of money;
    GOURCUFF, Yoann

    What can I say, outstanding player, my prediction for this ratings – 87 to 89
    End of the season prediction – 90
    FEGHOULI, Sofiane

    Young player playing for newly promoted team who are playing quite well.
    This ratings – 77 to 83
    End of season prediction – 85
    BAAL, Ludovic

    This ratings prediction – 76 to 82
    End of season prediction – 85
    MAIGA, Modibo

    This ratings prediction – 77 to 82
    End of season prediction – 84
    RUFFIER, Stephane

    This ratings prediction – 80 to 84
    End of season prediction – 87
    MONGONGU, Cedric

    This ratings prediction – 74 to 82
    End of season prediction – 85
    NIMANI, Frederic

    This ratings prediction – 77 to 82
    End of season prediction – 84
    SAKHO, Mamadou

    This ratings prediction – 82 to 86
    End of season prediction – 88
    LEMOINE, Fabien

    This ratings prediction – 82 to 86
    End of season prediction – 87/88
    I hope this thread is useful to you all and any feedback negative or positive would be appreciated. I’ll update every so often to let you know how the players are doing and whether or not their rating prediction is being fulfilled.
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    navin_legend reacted to tj h in Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A - Risers   
    Thank you also for everyone that has voted in my poll however it is still not very clear who is the best prospect. Keep Voting Please!
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    Re: A Guide To The Americas Part 2
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    Re: World Football Talent Thread!
    Murat Akça

    Murat Akça is a 17 year old defender currently playing for Turkish giants: Galatasaray. Murat has played for every single one of Turkey's national youth teams: U15's, U16's, U17's and now: the U18's. For every single team he has made many apps, being an influential part in the team's success. He has very recently been called up for the U21's becoming one of the youngest to join the squad.
    Not on DB

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    Ok he may have had a mentioned on the last brazil rating thread, but he dosent have his own thread that I know of,,and at the time of the last ratings he had only made 3 starts,,so,,,,,

    DOB 16/2/87
    AGE 21
    CLUB Gremio
    SM RATING 80
    LAST RISE +3
    He has now made 11 starts for first placed Gremio, and has also scored twice and been credited with 2 assits. He only got 4 apps last year, but now seems to be establishing a place in first team this season,along with Carioca,, at under 2mil and with Gremio doing so well I think he could be a bargain buy. Should get nice rise (pos 85) if keeps his place come next rating review
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    Re: 08-09 Season, Statistical Analysis
    Round 5 had just been completed in Austria. Not as many risers as I would've liked.
    Sturm Graz and Austria Karnten had a match delayed, so they have only 4 matches.
    Rank : 6
    Most common starting 11 :
    Gebauer G 26 80
    Kujabi LB 21 83- Glasner CB 33 83- Stocklasas CB 29 78- Ulmer LB 22 78
    Kovacevic DM 28 82
    Brenner RM 33 83 - Toth CM 21 82 - Lexa RM 31 78
    Dreschel AM 34 85
    Salihi F 34 85
    Players of note :
    Ulmer LB 22 78 - 450 mins
    Lexa RM 31 78 - 368 mins, 2 goals
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
    Rank : 8
    Most Common Starting 11 :
    Krassnitzer G 21 83
    Stuckler ??- Sereinig CB 26 79 - Guem D 31 83 - Pfister LB 26 82 - Kling LB 27 82
    Mimm RM 25 84 - Rajic ??
    Pamminger AM 30 81 - Mattle AM 29 82
    Konrad CF 25 80
    Players of note :
    Sereinig CB 26 79 - 450 mins
    Players missing from real life clubs :
    Ze Elias
    Rank : 10
    Most common starting 11 :
    Susko G 33 80
    Osoinik RB 23 80 - Schonberger CB 21 80 - Taboga D 25 80 - Rauscher CB 30 79 - Schellander LB 25 78
    Lienhard CM 22 78 - Siegl CM 32 83 - Liendl CM 22 82
    Sencar AM 24 80 - Felfernig W 25 77
    Players of note :
    Lienhart CB 22 78 - 450 mins
    Players missing from real life clubs :
    Rank : 4
    Most common starting 11 :
    Cavlina G 31 84
    Gansterer RB 25 80 - Hoheneder CB 21 84 - Baur CB 39 85 - Wisio LB 26 84
    Panis DM 33 84
    Klein RM 21 83 - Saurer LM 22 83 - Salmutter W 27 85
    Mayrleb CF 36 86 - Vastic F 28 84
    Players of note :
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
    Rank : 1
    Most Common Starting 11 :
    Ochs G 26 86
    Boussaidi RB 27 84 - Sekagya CB 27 86 - Obster ?? - Gercaliu LB 22 85
    Kovac CM 36 90 - Tchoyi CM 25 86 - Aufhauser CM 32 88
    Leitgeb AM 23 86
    Nelisse CF 30 88 - Janko CF 25 83
    Players of note :
    Janko CF 25 83 - 206 minutes, 6 goals
    Players missing from Real life Clubs :
    Rank : 7
    Most common starting 11 :
    Borenitsch G 27 84
    Salamon ??? - Sedloski 34 87 CB - Mravac 26 85 CB - Pollhuber 23 83 CB
    Lindstrom 28 84 RM - Atan 23 86 RM - Seidl ???
    Morz 28 88 AM
    Jancker 33 85 CF - Naumoski 24 85 F
    Players of note :
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
    Rank : 3
    Most common starting 11 :
    Safar G 33 83
    Standfest RB 28 86-Bak CB 35 87 - Schiemer CB 22 85 - Sun LB 26 85 - Majstorovic LB 31 83
    Krammer RM 25 85 - Hattenberger CM 29 83
    Bazina AM 32 86 - Acimovic AM 21 87
    Okotie CF 21 82
    Players of note :
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
    Austria Karnten
    Rank : 9 (Only 4 matches played)
    Most Common Starting 11 :
    Schranz G 29 85
    Chaile CB 33 83 - Prawda CB 25 82 - Ortlechner LB 28 85
    Riedl DM 32 81
    Mair W 28 84 -Wolf RM 27 83 - Hinum CM 20 78 - Bubenik W 27 84
    Junozovic AM 20 84 - Weber AM 22 82
    Players of note :
    Hinum CM 20 78 - 360 mins
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
    S. da Silva
    A. da Silva
    Rank : 5 (4 matches played)
    Most common starting 11 :
    Schicklgruber G 41 80
    Sonnleinter CB 21 84 - Feldhofer CB 28 85 - Shashiashvili CB 28 85 - Kandelaki LB 24 84
    Jantscher RM 19 78 - Hlinka CM 29 82 - Muratovic CM 32 86 - Holzl W 23 84
    Kienzl AM 24 84
    Haas CF 33 87
    Players of note :
    Jantscher RM 19 78 - 188 mins
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
    Rank : 2
    Most common starting 11 :
    Koch G 36 88
    Dober RB 22 84 - Patocka CB 30 86 - Tokic CB 32 86 - Katzer LB 28 85
    Heikkinen DM 29 85
    Kavlak CM 19 85
    Hofmann AM 27 87 - Boskovic AM 28 86
    Hoffer F 21 85 - Maierhofer CF 26 82
    Players of note :
    Maierhofer CF 26 82 - 405 mins, 3 goals
    Players missing from Real Life Clubs :
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    Abdusalam Ibrahim - American 16 Year Old Playing Regularly!

    I have searched for this player and I'm pretty sure that he has not been mentioned, but if he has, forgive me.

    Abdusalam Ibrahim (Also known as 'Abbe' or 'Ibby') is an American footballer who plays for Toronto FC. He was born in Ethiopia, but was brought up in America and has chosen them as his nation, should he get called up to the national squad in the future. He plays as a CF, and is one of few good young CF's coming through at the moment.
    He played in the 2007 U17 World Cup for USA at the age of 15, where USA were knocked out by Germany in the Last Sixteen. He was drafted in by FC Dallas in the second round of drafting, but never played for their first team and was traded to Toronto FC in exchange for a conditional draft pick in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft in June 2008 (god knows how this drafting works).
    He made his debut on July 12, and scored in the win over Chicago Fire. To date he has featured in all 3 of Toronto's matches (2 starts), scoring one goal and receiving 3 yellow cards (starting to sound like Wayne Rooney now) since being 'traded'. If he continues to play (which it looks like he could), he could be in for a massive rise, as Toronto's starters are rated between 78-84.
    On the DB he is rated 72.

    Edit: After searching more profusely, it turns out that there is already a topic on him, posted just 2 weeks ago. I guess I didn't search hard enough.
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    navin_legend reacted in Swiss League talents to keep an eye on.   
    Two of these players i have already mentioned in seperate threads but they didnt get great popularity so i thought i should but them into a thread full of multiple players. These two are Jacopo Ravasi and Senad Lulic but i will but these posts into this thread anyway.
    1. Jacopo RAVASI

    Jacopo RAVASI is a 21 year old Italian striker who currently plays in the Swiss league for FC Luzern (sometimes spelt FC Lucerne), who, at the moment, are bottom of the table after three games. Although they did come 6th out of 10 last year so they are obviously good enough to progress up the league.
    Before joining FC Luzern this year, Jacopo RAVASI played for FC Wil in the Swiss Challenge League (2nd Division) and his statistics were brilliant. In 15 games he managed to score 6 goals which is probably why FC Luzern wanted him. FC Luzern needed a good striker to replace the big loss of their last seasons best striker Lustrinelli who transfered to rivals AC Bellinzona. They thought that RAVASI would be the best replacement and therefore they bought him.
    This year the manager of FC Luzern has decided to play a 4-5-1 formation meaning only one striker out of the 5 strikers in his squad can play. And the player he chose was Jacopo RAVASI. In the 3 games so far played in the league, RAVASI has played every single minute and there is no surprise he scored the only goal FC Luzern have scored this year.
    Lusrinelli who i have mentioned played all but 6 games last year totally 29 appearences and scoring 14 goals for FC Luzern and is rated at 84 on the database. So this means if RAVASI is going to play most games this season and score as regulary as he has done in the past he should rightfully be rated around 82/83. Recently i sent a ticket and he has been added on to the database at a rating of 75.
    He will be a great long-term buy or even a short-term buy.
    2. Senad LULIC

    Senad LULIC is a Bosnian 22 year old midfielder who can also play as a striker. This season he is playing for Grasshoppers, in the Swiss League. This is his first season at Grasshoppers as for the the last two season he has played for other Swiss league side AC Bellinzona. At Belinzona, over the two years, Senad LULIC appeared 63 times and in these appearences scored an amazing 13 goals his is absolutely brilliant. It the stats you would expect from a striker.
    He made his debut for Grasshoppers last month on the 4th of July in the UEFA Intertoto Cup against KS Besa. The score at the end of the match was 2-1 to Grasshoppers and both goals were scored by Senad LULIC. Scoring 2 goals on you debut is beyond belief. With this he has clearly made himself a secure spot in the squad, as every game since he has started. This includes the 2nd leg of their Intertoto Cup face off with Besa which they won 5-1 on aggregate, their 4-0 win on aggregate in the next round against Chernomorets Burgas and Grasshoppers 2 league games played so far. And in the 2 league games so far LULIC managed to add another goal to his total. Written as a stat, 3 goals in 6 games so far.
    He has been described as a very fast player who is a big threat to the opposing team. Also is has been said that he has strengthened the attacking side to Grasshoppers squad which is probably why they are scoring alot at the moment. This guy doesnt lack in height either as he is 6ft (183cm).
    LULIC is on the database, again because of a recent ticket i sent. He is rated 83, put down as a W/F which i think is wrong and his SM Value is 3,442,000.
    Have a look at this video below. It is a goal he scored for AC Bellinzona last season. It is absolutely amazing.

    3. Felix BASTIANS

    Felix BASTIANS is a German 20 year old who can play anywhere in midfield but more often plays on the wing, usually on the left side.
    Although Felix BASTIANS statistics of which i am about to show dont show promise, he is definitely someone to look into. As a talent he has been talked about alot since chosing to join Swiss Side "Young Boys".
    BASTIANS has spent most of his footballing life in the English leagues. This is because in the 2005-2006 season he was bought by Nottingham Forest from Borussia Dortmands youth team as they saw potential in the player. Bastians played 14 games at Nottingham Forest before being loaned out to 6 seperate English clubs over the next 2 seasons. This included Northwich Victoria, Halifax Town, Gillingham, Chesterfield, Notts County and Milton Keynes Dons. Over this spell of loans Felix Bastians recieved 35 appearecnes and scored 7 goals. After his loans spells he then participated in Nottingham Forests reserve team where he was a vital member, scoring many goals and playing very well. It was a real disappointment to the fans when Felix was released on May, 21st 2008 as they seemed to all of noticed his talent.
    After Felix release clubs were immediately interested in him. This included FC Schalke 04, Leeds United and Young Boys but Felix finally decided to join Young Boys.
    BASTIANS talent hasnt gone unnoticed in his country either as he has represented Germany internationally at U-15,16,17 and 19s. He has yet to be capped at under 21 level though.
    Felix has a very powerful left foot but can use his right foot well. He has been well known for his pace and his ability to hold the ball up allowing his teammates to make runs causing space in the defence.
    If Felix BASTIANS was to become a regular at Young Boys his rating could fly up to around the regions of low 80's or even higher. On the database atm Felix is rated at 75, put down as LM/W which is right and he is cheap as his SM VAlue is only 547,000 but he can be bought for less. He is a great future buy but atm i wouldnt bid for him as in the 4 games played so far he has only recieved 1 sub appearence that only lasted 20 minutes. I would definitely keep an eye on the kid though.
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    navin_legend reacted to BenReado in Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners   
    Re: Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners
    Malaury MARTIN is a Guaranteed riser and has long term potential. He played 7 games for French club Monaco towards the end of the season. He is only rated 72 so very underrated now. Great buy for only 50K... Will be very interesting to see if he starts next season.
    Just had a quick scan through the French Div 2 which started this weekend. There are lots of 60-75 rated players who started there first game... If they keep it up I will report on them nearer the time.
    Taken from my Russian Risers thread:
    Sergey NARUBIN, 26 years old, G, Currently rated 78
    Amkar, First XI rated - 86/87
    454 minutes, 5 starts, ****Only Keeper in the first team****
    Rise from 78 ---> 84
    Denis GLUSHAKOV, 21 years old, CM, Currently rated 72
    Lokomotiv Moskva, First XI rated - 87-90
    362 minutes, 4 starts, 4 subs
    Rise from 72 ---> 79/80
    *****My tip*****
    Alan DZAGOEV, 18 years old, CM/AM, Currently rated 75
    CSKA Moskva, First XI rated - 89-92
    410 minutes, 6 starts, 2 subs
    Rise from 75 ---> 82
    ****Super Buy****
    Aleksandr MARENICH, 19 years old, CF, Currently rated 67
    FK Moskva, First X1 rated - 87/87
    206 Minutes, 2 starts, 6 subs
    Rise from 67 ---> 77
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    navin_legend reacted to ScOuT in Nikon Jevtic- Serbian Wonderkid!!!   
    Nikon Jevtic- Serbian Wonderkid!!!

    Nikon Jevtic Life -His parents left war-torn Yugoslavia at an early time where they moved to England. There Nikon was born, and his footballing talent got spotted quickly. Even Arsene Wenger was impressed when he had seen him juggle with a ball at the Arsenal Stadium and wenger is believed to be 1st person to spot him!! :eek: . Niko's dad works allot around the world, so they didn't live for that long in England before they moved to Spain, Austria and now Germany. Nikon has played for Valencia, Austria Vienna, and plays now for Schalke. he is 14 yo
    He is rated highly all over the world ! And is know in serbia as ” The Miracle Child”,
    his nickname is :'El Maestro'
    He once scored 6 goals when he was 10 against VFB Stuttgart under 15's which is just madness and just shows his talent
    Definaltly one for the future
    Not on DB!!
    Me Bening half serb ive seen and heard alot about him so watch out for him!!!
    some videos of his talent!!! (3 years old) imagine what he is like now!!

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    navin_legend reacted in Uros Palibrk (15 Year Old)   
    Uros Palibrk

    Name: Uros Palibrk
    Club: Milan
    Nationality: Slovenian
    Age: 16
    DOB: 22/03/1992
    Position: CF
    Number: 9
    Club Career
    ND Triglav 2000 Kranj
    - The prodigious hitman is currently owned by Slovenian outfit Triglav Kranj, but the club are ready to cash in their prized asset. (March 2008)
    - “We believe in Uros – he is a natural born goalscorer,” director Miran Subic stated.
    - “The fact that he scored in an important game for Milan is just further proof of his abilities and we all want the best for him.”
    - Uros has a phenomenal goal scoring record at youth level after scoring 55 goals in 26 matches last season and finished the season in the U-14 category as top striker, hitting nearly 20 goals more than his closest rival.
    - He has 15 goals in the Slovenian Under-17 championship this term - Despite only being 15 years old.
    - Triglav Kranj are not surprised that he is being coveted by the likes of Milan and Chelsea, and have hinted they would be willing to let him go. (March 2008)
    - Palibrk joins Milan from Triglav, whose director Miran Subic admits the deal is ‘the biggest in our club’s history’. The player was equally excited by the prospect of joining The Rossoneri. (June 2008)
    Uros began his career in the youth team of Slovenian club Triglav Kranj where he had a phenomenal scoring record netting over 70 goals for the club.
    In 2007 he finished the season with 55 goals in 26 matches in the U-14 category, a record.
    His move to Milan was described as ‘the biggest in the club’s history’ by Miran Subic.
    Appearances [Goals]
    2006-2007 = U'14 Slovenian Championship - 26 [55]
    2007-2008 = U'17 Slovenian Championship - ? [15]
    - The 15-year-old is being tracked by a host of top European clubs and recently impressed on a successful trial with Chelsea. (August 2007)
    - “At Chelsea I trained for a week and played against Fulham and Swindon managing to score three goals,” Palibrk explained. (August 2007)
    - Chelsea Invitation
    Palibrk had a brief spell at Chelsea where he scored 3 goals in two games whilst on trial with the club.
    Appearances [Goals]
    2007-2008 = Friendly - 2 [3]
    - But despite the Blues’ attempts to make his presence permanent, Palibrk is playing with Milan’s youth side and seemed settled after scoring the only goal in a friendly against Sampdoria.
    - “But Milan wanted to see me in action and I must admit that Italy, besides Spain, has my favourite League.” (March 2008)
    - Palibrk enjoyed his stint in Milan and it would appear as though the feeling is mutual. (March 2008)
    - The Rossoneri are ready to begin talks over a transfer that would be completed in the summer. (March 2008)
    - “It’s a dream come true,” he said. “Everybody wants to play for such a great club. I know there is still a long way to go but I’m extremely happy.” (June 2008)
    Uros officially signed for Milan in June 2008 and is a part of their youth team, he described his move to Milan as 'A dream come true'.
    He made his debut for the club in a friendly against Sampdoria in 2008 where he managed to get himself on the score sheet whilst on trial with the club.
    Appearances [Goals]
    2007-2008 = Friendly - 1 [1]
    Other News
    - Palibrk was reportedly targeted by several other European clubs such as Tottenham, Lecce and Inter before signing for Milan.
    - Uros Palibrk has been described as a 'wonderkid' by various sources.
    - It is said he has a very similar style to Slovenian legend Zlatko Zahovič.
    Palibrk is currently not on the DB as he is yet to make a competitive first team appearance.
    The average rating for a player in the Milan senior squad is 87.


    Celebrating for Milan - http://uploads.forumfree.it/av-2948957.jpg

    [Please do not quote this post as I will be constantly editing it.]
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