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  1. Hello to all old and new friends, an old timer master of customs is back.
  2. Re: Tell me what you want... hey, can i parcipate idea sounds really fun.
  3. Hello to all. had issues on RL, now im over it and tryin to stay at all cost as i really looove SM.com. greetings to all my old friends in here ( to new as well ), who remembers me
  4. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers hey craig, is Lyo0n still available?
  5. Re: Champion Of Champions! (Sign Up Here!) hi im back , if anyone remember me. is there any cluib free to get?
  6. Re: Hoping To Make BRAND NEW FORUMER FILLED GW!! is it full already or can i sign myself for it? thx
  7. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread Hey, does anyone have untouched schalke for grabs, would be nice, tho i doubt, so do you have one for me
  8. Hello all, if any1 have some barely started or have some decent GW, with no managers, id like to join, please let me know. PS. must be active one though
  9. im back and like to see, if anyone make new custom where to join. or any old, but extra active one
  10. Re: ...to say Hi! yeah m8, too way long, hope stick around for more now tuff times u see
  11. Hello to all, esp to ones remember me, Hello guys so whats new in here?
  12. Re: International League 2009 Match Reports/Transfer Activity Thread. lost to unmanaged as they were not intrnational line up, sry to say but this wont work, concidering leave
  13. Re: Great new setup being made today juve please
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