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  1. Re: Amy Winehouse has Lung Disease !

    Sorry guys but no-one deserves to get a disease' date=' no matter what.

    Yes she is a bad influence

    Yes she has brought this on herself

    but to say she DESERVES it.

    My father died from lung cancer and he smoked, so you are telling me he DESERVED to die from lung cancer.

    Getting off drugs is something that, unless you have been there, you can't really comment, I know from a friend of mine how difficult it is and, because Amy Winehouse is in the limelight and has a circle of friends that dabble in drugs, it must be doubly difficult.

    I am in no way condoning her drug taking and smoking and wish she would take action and get herself sorted out, you only have to look at some pictures of her 2 or 3 years ago to see when she started going downhill, around the time she met Fielder Civil.

    Nobody DESERVES a potentially FATAL disease.


    I don't think people meant it like that. What people are trying to get at is that she has brought this on herself. She has the deadly lung disease emphysema, as well as an irregular heartbeat which has been brought on by smoking and drug taking. As a human being I obviously want her to sort herself out and get clean but she is abusing her body so whatever disease she gets is her own fault.

  2. Re: Arshavin a 93!!!

    I don't think United should go for arshavin because we would be overloaded with top quality players and Alex may be forced into accomodating for his best players rather than his best team-just as avram did for the CL final...and we all saw how that paid off:p . We do need a striker and also a replacement for the guy who has decided he is bigger than United themselves.I think anything above 25 million for arshavin is too much because we could snap up some younger talent with that money,i feel his age should be considered when totting up the price for him.Huntelaar for me is the player i sooo badly wish to see at old trafford because he is a different mould than Rooney,Tevez,Berbatov etc. He will give us some height and his poaching ability to revive the attacking prowess we desperately need to regain since Ruud's departure.

    Arshavin won't be going to United anyway...

    He said himself he doesn't want a move to the Premier League, but that he wants to go to Spain and join his favourite club Barcelona.

  3. Re: Euro 2008

    mmm yea that would be all good and well if our defenders could pass it along the back four for 15 minutes but we would just give it away :)

    and England are not the world champions nor will they be for a long time.

    I think we are all in agreement that if Northern Ireland had of made it into Euro 2008 then David Healy would be scoring goals for fun and Northern Ireland would probably have beat Spain 3-2 again..:P :p :P

  4. Re: Euro 2008

    :D in fairness they always bend the rules for teams which actually cross that thing called a half way line :P

    A certain team in this tourney everytime they reached that line was like woahhhhh is that!' date=' hey Gatusso look how small Buffon looks from here!!! man we better run back lets just launch it to Toni and run back to the safe box thing :D[/quote']

    Sounds like England...

    Hey let's just hit it long up to Crouch or any of our other "strikers" and then when it comes back we'll pass along the back four for 15 minutes..

  5. Re: Hi,all

    Hi all member of the this forum my name is fatih sylka im coming from Kosovo and i saw that the Soccer Manager game is the best in a worl i hope to enjoy with you in this forum thxxx Sorry for my english if i have any mistake

    Welcome to the SM forum. Your English is fine. :)

    Have a look around, get a feel for the forum and then jump right in and get posting. :)

  6. Re: Amy Winehouse has Lung Disease !

    I don't like anything about her. Hate her hair, her tattoos, her music. I wouldn't wish any disease or bodily problems on anyone but she smokes and takes drugs and this is what they do to your body. It's her own fault.

  7. Re: Euro 2008

    Firstly, I respect everyone's opinions. If you think Casillas is better than Buffon then so be it, but I think it's ridiculous to say he is better than Buffon on the basis of one match.

    I was on another forum and read a lot of comments along the lines of "wow, Casillas saved two penalties, he pawned Italy, he's far better than Buffon!!!"

    For some people, Casillas has suddenly stolen the title of world's best goalkeeper from Buffon because of what he has done in one match. If one match is how SM decide ratings then heck I may send them a ticket about upping Rüştü Reçber from an 88 to a 95 because he pawned Croatia by producing some good saves, one world class, and another in the shootout against Mladen Petric. Doesn't work like that though. By all means, think Casillas is the world's best if you want, but please don't base it on one game. Buffon is the world's best for me, for what he has done over the years.

    Marcos Senna was the man of the match for me. His energy is fantastic. He can speed the game up or slow it down. He has good vision, he can hit a lovely shot and he can tackle well. Plus, he never stops working. He doesn't get the credit he deserves. The Spanish are through to the semis now, which is obviously the main aim but they labored to a win over a very below par Italy. The Italians were missing Nesta, Totti, Pirlo, Gattuso and Cannavaro. Spain will need to play a lot better against Russia.

  8. Re: Remember The Flops

    thanks for the inciteful post ;) ! i didnt mean it literally' date=' i meant rarely, [b']was just trying to emphasise his lack of playing time. [/b]if were being precise according to one website he played 11 times in two years. thats just under 150k a game for shocking performances and im almost certain many of them were in the domestic cups and sub apperances

    Just checking..:)

  9. Re: Remember The Flops

    djemba djemba for villa aswelll' date=' bought for 1.5 mil, [b']never played at all lol[/b] ! shocking !

    villa have had to many to list.

    Bosko Balaban being up there, bought for around 6 milllion and loaned back the club we bought him off after a few months until the end of hs contract. shocking.

    Berson = awful

    many more, just thought id throw them in

    He did play.

  10. Re: Euro 2008

    Is anyone watching this on BBC1?

    How did Alan Shearer get a job as a pundit? He talks rubbish and half of what he says is just common sense, basic information. He doesn't give any insight or bring any knowledge whatsoever.

    I think I could get a job at the BBC, sitting on a chair in the studio talking nonsense. :)

  11. Re: Euro 2008

    What a snoozefest. I hope this livens up in the second half. Italy need another gameplan. Hitting a ball up to Toni and hoping he can hold onto it until options open up is not what is going to work. Get Del Piero on..

  12. Re: Fantasy Euro 2008

    Go to My Team. There is a little black triangle on the left under the shirts. Click on that and it will adjust the formation to fit in your sub.

    Your substitute is only used if one of your outfield players doesn't play in real life. For instance, I have Ambrosini in my Fantasy Squad but if he doesn't start tonight then my sub will replace him and hopefully score some points. ;)

  13. Re: Ronaldo - "I do not need Ferguson"

    I don't know why there is even talk of not playing him "in protest"' date=' [/b']if thats the way football is going then OMFG.....It is really going downhill....

    FIFA can't do anything, The Scum own the player, he works for them so as an employee he has to work to United's rules.....They wont "let him rot" anyway, they are just annoyed and hurt that he wants to leave....

    The reason there is talk about not playing him in protest is because Ferguson publicly stated that the Glazers would not back down on this and would rather put him in the stands to prove a point, rather than sell him to Madrid.

  14. Re: Ronaldo - "I do not need Ferguson"

    I strongly disagree with this' date=' United can play him when they want, if they want. He signed a contract, its not breaking any part of his contract and FIFA could do nothing.[/quote']

    Well we will have to agree to disagree. :)

    I firmly believe United wouldn't be able to not play Ronaldo for a full season, "in protest" of not wanting to sell him to Madrid. I really think there would be consequences.

  15. Re: Ronaldo - "I do not need Ferguson"

    yes but the fact man u will let him go for a price real arent prepared to offer means a deal cannot be done. so we keep ronaldo' date=' and he will have to play to a fairly decent level so madrids interest continues.[/quote']

    It doesn't work like that.

    Manchester United can't hold Madrid to ransom. Madrid are in the driving seat in the sense that Ronaldo wants to join them. If Ronaldo wants to leave then I can't see what United can do to stop that. After all, time and time again we have seen players sign big contracts and then move the folowing season. When they want to go, that's it. This means United have to sit down and work out a deal with Real. Or, they can "let him rot" in the stands as they said but as I've said before, I don't think they would do this and if they did there would be complications. Fifa would definately come calling.

  16. Re: Ronaldo - "I do not need Ferguson"

    man u should agree to sell him to madrid.

    in my opinion ronaldo doesnt play that well in big games united are involved in' date=' he tends to score the majority of his goals against the lesser teams in the prem.

    ronaldo insists real is his dream move and real say they would love to have him, so lets see how much real really want him... forget sums of 70 million, [b']demand 100 million +. OR sneijder, ramos + cash. Real probably wouldnt agree, that'll show ronaldo dont love him that much. then united shoud p.e ronaldo for messi. this would annoy madrid as their rivals have their star player, and also ronaldo as he hasnt got his dream move[/b].:)

    You've been playing too much FIFA 08, join the real world.

  17. Re: Pavlyuchenko

    After the Euros and his speculation of going to Celtic' date=' Barca, and Madrid do you think Pavlyuchenko will rise or stay the same?[/quote']

    He will only rise if he plays well. He's been fantastic in Russia and if he moves to Europe then he will need to show good form to rise.

  18. Re: Euro 2008


    Hi mate the Euro 2008 goal song is called Samba de Janeiro. The one they use in the Euros is a remix, a little faster like the one in the link. :)

  19. Re: Euro 2008

    Actually the odds were against Russia so it wasn't 50/50 lols. Leave me in my glory! :D

    Will do. :)

    All of my predictions so far have been garbage, so I'll change things tonight.

    I think Italy will win, but as all my gut feelings have been wrong I'll swap it around and say Spain will win. :)

    Guessing the score is a complete lottery in competitions like this but I'll say Spain 3 - 1 Italy.

    Again, I'm probably miles off.

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