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  1. Re: Euro 2008 Well it's only 50/50... I'd brag if I predicted the tournament winner before it started but not one game, but by all means go ahead..
  2. Re: Euro 2008 Or maybe that was just our opinion? I thought Holland would win. Russia beat them. It's no big deal.
  3. Re: Euro 2008 Agree. Arshavin is absolutely amazing. He has done more in this Euro 2008 Tournament than Ronaldo has done in both Euros and a World Cup. He is special. He will be moving to Europe. I Guaran-dam-tee it.
  4. Re: Euro 2008 Well, it's official Arshavin deserves a 96... Only joking.. Fantastic match. Hiddink is a magician. He is amazing. I think I love him. Great football from Russia. Outplayed Holland.
  5. Re: Euro 2008 Props to the ref for changing the Kolodin yellow card decision. I reckon Kolodin and half his team-mates will end up in Europe after this tournament. I read they were all getting paid well in the Russian league but there are bound to be a few clubs interested in the likes of Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko and Zhirkov etc.
  6. Re: YOUR 5 FAVOURITE BANDS/ARTISTS 1. Rammstein 2. Rammstein 3. Rammstein 4. Rammstein 5. Rammstein
  7. Re: Euro 2008 I'm glad to see some long range shots in this game, especially from Kolodin. He's got a lovely strike. There hasn't been enough of it in this tournament. Take a shot and give the keeper something to do!
  8. Re: RIP Tim Carter Guy's I don't think he was meaning to be disrespectful... I think it's just the language barrier. He meant to say Rest In Peace.
  9. Re: Euro 2008 Aragones turns up the heat before Italy clash by saying that Gattuso is not a great player. "To say that Gattuso is a great player, I would not agree," he said. "Italy have several Gattusos but only one Pirlo. If Gattuso is a great player, then I'm a priest." http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/euro_2008/7371371.stm I can sort of see where he is coming from but there's no need for it really. I really dislike this racist and hope Italy teach Spain a lesson.
  10. Re: Ronaldo - "I do not need Ferguson" Wouldn't it just?! The manner in which he has conducted himself has been disrespectful to say the least. He has shown no loyalty to the club and especially the fans, who stood by him after the Rooney red card debacle, even when the rest of England hated him. Lots of players want to ply their trade at the Bernabéu, and for obvious reasons. I wouldn't knock him on that. It's just the way in which he has carried himself over the past few months, keeping the fans in limbo and playing United and Real off against eachother that irritates me. If Real are going to offer 80 Million then Manchester United would be foolish to reject that. That is a huge amount of money and added on top of the Glazer's transfer kitty would give them considerable funds to throw their weight around in the transfer market. Also, is it any wonder Scolari has been advising Ronaldo to move to Madrid? He doesn't want to be up against him when he takes over Chelsea!
  11. Re: Ronaldo - "I do not need Ferguson" Can they really do that though? If Ronaldo wants to go and Real pay the asking price, what can United do? We have seen it happen again and again, players signing big contract extensions and then leaving the next year. Real and Ronaldo would probably take it to the courts/Fifa if United refused to let him go.
  12. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/football/premier_league/manchester_united/article4183282.ece Dream Move Well United fans, say goodbye to Ronaldo.
  13. Re: Euro 2008 I believe I have to give credit where it's due tonight - to Turkey coach Fatih Terim. He was very smart tonight. Turkey set their stall out to defend most of the match and then he made the vital switch late on to go two up front and bring on the goalscorer Semih. Rüştü got a get out of jail free card tonight! Croatia will feel robbed after doing most of the attacking and they must have thought they had won it when Klasnić scored but they only have themselves to blame. Not being able to get two penalties on target from 12 yards out is terrible. At least test the keeper.
  14. Re: Euro 2008 Tell me about it. He is turning this into a non-contact game. This isn't a game of Badminton for goodness sake, allow some contact. If Turkey get any more yellow cards they will be fielding cardboard cutouts in the semis (if they make it through).
  15. Re: Euro 2008 Got this from an article I was reading today - "Domenech yesterday made a bizarre excuse that the cul-de-sac layout of the team's hotel next to Lake Geneva, Switzerland, forced his team into a "closed" style of play against Italy, the Netherhands and Romania." That man is truly crazy. As if I needed further proof though.. Now he is blaming the layout of his teams hotel for their shortcomings at Euro 2008. Men in white coats will be coming soon for this loon.
  16. Re: Stevan JOVETIC or Martins MARCELO MORENO Marcelo Moreno has already moved - to Shakhtar Donetsk, where he has potential to rise if he plays well. Try to keep up.
  17. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace Also, one reason I'm glad Ronaldo is out of the Euro tournament is because the Clive Tyldesley/David Pleat/Cristiano Ronaldo love triangle is now finished and we can concentrate on the football. Honestly, I know these guys commentate on the Premier League which Ronaldo obviously plays in but they think that gives them special dispensation to blab on about him even when Portugal aren't playing. Some of them have their heads permanently lodged up Ronaldo's derriere.
  18. Re: Euro 2008 I can't decide who I'd like to win this game because I like both teams. I respect both Bilić and Terim greatly and they both show real passion and enthusiasm. I think Croatia will win but in my mind I'm only 51% sure of that because after watching Turkey's fantastic comeback against the Czech Republic I know they are more than capable of beating Croatia. Some interesting trivia from BBC - Croatia are unbeaten in three previous matches against Turkey (one win and two draws). At Euro '96 Croatia beat Turkey 1-0 in the group stage' date=' through an 85th-minute goal by Goran Vlaovic. Fatih [b']Terim[/b] was also head coach of Turkey in that match, while Croatia's current head coach, Slaven Bilic, played in that game.
  19. Re: Ivica Olic's rating Never a 93 in a million years. His record for Croatia is too poor for that. Something like 56 appearances and only 10 goals. He did have a decent season for Hamburg though and scored 14 goals in the Bundesliga and made 3 assists. He reminds me of Dirk Kuyt for the brilliant commitment he shows and hard work he puts in. He does have a knack of scoring important goals like his equaliser in a game against Italy at the 2002 World Cup (which Croatia went on to win) and of course against Germany this Euro. Deserves a 91.
  20. Re: Deal of Cristiano Ronaldo Well said. For me, it's a bit vague what players above the early 90's are actually bringing to my team. I've got a Barcelona side packed with players with 95/96/97 ratings and they are in mid table. Based on my results, Messi and my other strikers Rooney and Drogba couldn't hit a cow's ar*e with a banjo. My other Barcelona team on the other hand, playing with exactly the same tactics but with a team full of early 90 players like Quagliarella, Roque Santa Cruz and Alex De Souza are scoring for fun and flying high at the top of the table.
  21. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace Also for those of you saying that he is targeted by defenders and tackled a lot - I agree, but he makes a meal out of the tackles. In the 60's and 70's when George Best was playing, footballers didn't get the same level of protection they get today. George Best was kicked off the field most days but it never stopped him from scoring and playing beautiful football, nor did it convince him that he needed to dive. He simply used his brain to outwit defenders. I have seen enough instances of Ronaldo using his brain to outwit opponents this season that I wonder why then he has to cheat so often. Add to that his blistering pace which many defenders can't cope with and there is just no need for his diving.
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