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  1. Re: Fantasy Euro 2008 I haven't been able to login to my team in ages so I'm probably doing pants. I'm using the correct login information but the website doesn't seem to like me..
  2. Re: Euro 2008 I'm glad Arshavin is in the starting line up for Russia. He is their best player by a country mile and he could well make the difference in tonights game. Hiddink said that he has a lack of game fitness and game rhythm so it will be interesting to see if he can put the gears in motion for Russia tonight. There is a place in the quarters at stake here so hopefully the game will be a cracker. I'll go for a Sweden win, with Ibrahimovic getting on the scoresheet.
  3. Re: Euro 2008 Saha is a crock. He wasn't included in the French squad because he hasn't played much for United this season. His recurring injuries this season probably just put Domenech off. Or maybe Domenech saw in the stars that having Saha whose star sign is Leo would affect the equilibrium of his team..
  4. Re: Serie A 2007/2008 Any of you Serie A guys know if there is truth in the rumours that Alex Silva (Sao Paulo) will be joining AC Milan this summer? Quite a few websites have said he has signed a pre-contract with Milan, although nothing official yet..
  5. Re: Euro 2008 I'd just like to hear your feelings on Italy. This is, after all a forum for opinions and debate so you can tell us what you truly think of Italy.
  6. Re: Euro 2008 What would those million reasons be?
  7. Re: Euro 2008 Once again Croatia show what a good side they are. Eduardo who? Can't wait for their match with Turkey now. I hope commentator David Pleat gets sent home before he ruins another match. He can't pronounce half of the player's names and just talks a load of drivel.
  8. Re: Transfer Cheating? It was cheating.. The manager lost his team and all the transfers were reversed. Thanks to Carl for doing that!
  9. Re: Euro 2008 Ahhh, it's all a lot clearer now! So do you think the legend Rüştü Reçber will be starting next game. I don't know anything about this other keeper Tolga Zengin?
  10. Re: Transfer Cheating? Most of the teams he did deals with are now unmanaged. It wouldn't be so suspicious if they became unmanaged half way through the season and they were stuck in mid table or whatever but not 2/3 games in. Unless they have absolutely no patience.
  11. Re: Transfer Cheating? Seems highly unlikely to me that only 2/3 days into a new World Championship he has managed to offload 13 of his players for hefty sums of money and has been able to obtain so many good players in that short time. Who would accept that for Mutu and Van Der Vaart?
  12. I have sent a ticket to SM regarding this manager, as the team he has assembled only 3 games into a recently created World Championship seems too good to be true. He manages Atlético Madrid. I have included a screenshot of the Players Transfers In and Out to get a second opinion from you guys. He has to be using another account to login to other clubs to bid high amounts for his players and also to obtain other teams best players.
  13. Re: Euro 2008 This Turkey v Czech match is absolutely amazing. The best match of the tournament for me so far. Fantastic match and a great comeback from Turkey.
  14. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED 'The new Francesco Totti' Davide Petrucci has joined Manchester United from Roma. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11667_3689446,00.html
  15. Re: Rate My Team Thread This is my Udinese team in a WC. I have been with them since the very start of the WC which was created around 5th April. I'm top of division 3 and into the World Champ Shield Quarter Final. It's not the best but I'm getting there. Thanks for looking at my team.
  16. Re: State of the Forum? I think SM should introduce a warning system for forumers. If you abuse the forum, you get a warning (up to a maximum of say three) and then after that you get banned. 3 warnings is more than enough for anyone and there is really no need for half of the stuff that is posted on these forums. Debate, discussion and rivalry is great and is a healthy thing but not when it gets completely out of hand as it all too often does on this forum. Some people on the forum are extremely critical of others for sometimes the most insignificant of things. Turning a molehill into a mountain is a phrase which springs to mind... The forum is full of lots of different members from different backgrounds, who support different clubs and who have different views. This varied group of people is great and is what makes the forum interesting, but there are individuals within this group that clearly have problems and need to be sorted. If a forumer continually disrupts the forums then give them these warnings and then if the final warning isn't heeded then it's adiós. This is fair because it will teach forumers to respect other forumers. Why can't we have more forumers like Widdy and Smartdoc? I hate it when people give their opinions and then get slated by someone else or told that "they are wrong".
  17. Re: Euro 08 Official Sticker Album. I love these. What is great though is that I have some old football sticker books from the 90's and I get them out every now and again and it's really interesting to see the players that were around in those days or see players who are still playing now, when they were younger and in some cases playing for different teams. Age doesn't matter, many adults love these sticker books too - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4978522.stm < That is really fantastic and looks like a lot of fun.
  18. Re: GC17 & SM Blog Yes I'll be interested but only if you let me create three custom setups for free. Only joking! If I don't get the "big" club I want then I'll go for a "non-glamour" club as you put it and I will PM you Ste if that happens.
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